Community Engagement

Contact Your College SOLAR Coordinator to Identify Your Course as Community-based Learning (Service Learning)

Are you teaching a course with a Service Learning component this academic year?

Please contact your College SOLAR Coordinator to request your course be identified as Service Learning.

In order for your students to have access to your course in the (S4) Service Learning Database and submit the required risk management forms, your course must first be identified as Service Learning in SOLAR.  

Please provide your College SOLAR Coordinator the following course information:

  • Term:
  • Instructors Name:
  • Subject/Number & Section (ex. KIN 478 Sec 2):
  • 5 Digit Class Number (ex. 13527) :


             College SOLAR Coordinators

AMC (26) Rachel Valiensi

CJS Larry Oconnor larry.oconnor@

DNCBE (42) Carissa Rhoads 

ECS (52) Alex Head

EDU (50) Maria King maria.king@

HHD (92) Arpine Khacheryan

HUM (47) Evelyn S. Garcia

SBS (31) Justine Cramsey

SCM (76) Sonia Martinez