Community Engagement

Community Organizations

Establishing a Service Learning Partnership

Community organizations must have a completed and signed Service Learning Campus-Community Partnership Agreement on file with the office of Community Engagement before any students are assigned to the organization for a service learning project. Community organizations that enter into partnerships with the university for service learning projects are responsible for working with the office of Community Engagement, faculty, and students to mitigate potential risks at the learning site.

Learning site supervisors should work with faculty to ensure that students are aware of their learning opportunities, the nature of their service learning placement, their specific service opportunities and goals, and the risks that are associated with the placement; a good tool for this is the Service Learning Project Planning Checklist.

Find out if your organization has a Service Learning Campus-Community Partnership Agreement with CSUN in our Service Learning Database.

Need More than Service Learning Students?

Volunteers: The Matador Involvement Center (MIC) involves students, clubs, and organizations in a wide array of community activities: volunteerism, philanthropy, and special projects. Not-for-profit organizations should contact the MIC to post volunteer opportunities for students. Contact Program Director of Unified We Serve, Maria Elizondo.

Internships: CSUN offers two types of internships, non-academic (or not-for-credit) and academic. Resources for non-academic internship opportunities are available at the CSUN Career Center, while academic internships are coordinated through department that will be evauating the student's academic assignment.

Here is a listing of the Internship Coordinators (.pdf) from the campus, sorted by college and department.  Please contact the appropriate coordinator directly.

Spotlight on Volunteer Opportunities:

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