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Community Based (Service) Learning Archive

Community-Based (Service) Learning Archive


In an annual culmination of the work that is done in Community Based (Service) Learning courses, our annual symposium allows students in Community Based (Service) Learning to present their work in projects, which are submitted to our panel of judges, who then decide the winners. At the annual symposium, all projects are presented, alongside the winners, who are awarded a cash prize. We are immensely proud of the work done in our Community-Based (Service) Learning Courses, and the annual symposium allows us to not only reflect on that work, but present it to other faculty, staff, students, and members of the CSUN community to show this wonderful work. At our database of symposium projects dating back to 2020, we are able to appreciate this work, the students that make it, and the professors that facilitate it.

Please find this archive at this link: Community-Based (Service) Learning Symposium Archive | California State University, Northridge (

Other CBL Projects

 In addition to the annual Community-Based (Service) Learning Symposium, our Community-Based (Service) Learning students work on projects throughout the year which promote Community-Based (Service) Learning and civic engagement. These projects range from class projects to projects for pedagogical grants. Below we have highlighted these projects to be viewed & appreciated. Similarly to the symposium projects, these projects are vital to our mission to promote civic and community engagement across our campus and the surrounding communities. 

Please find an archive of these projects at this link: Community-Based (Service) Learning Projects Archive | California State University, Northridge (