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Faculty and Staff

Undergraduate Studies on the Roof: People

  • Kim Henige, University 100 Course Director
  • Kelly Kroeker, Administrative Analyst/Specialist
  • Jeanine Mingé, Director, Community Engagement and Service Learning
  • Pamela Palacios, Community Engagement Analyst
  • Cheryl Spector, Director, Academic First Year Experiences
  • Danielle Spratt, Director of Faculty Engagement and Service Learning
  • Svetlana Tyutina, Director if Student Engagement and Service Learning
  • Beth Wightman, Director, GE Honors

And our student assistants and interns:  Alice, Azita, Belen, Carol, and Christian.

More about the faculty and staff:

Kim Henige, Course Director, University 100

Kim Henige, U100 Course DirectorKim Henige is the course director for University 100: Freshman Seminar.

She is a Professor in the Department of Kinesiology.

Kelly Kroeker, Administrative Analyst/Specialist

Kelly KroekerKelly Kroeker, Administrative Analyst/Specialist, Undergraduate Studies on the Roof.  

Kelly has been a mainstay on the roof for many years. She provides essential staff support to all of our programs.

Jeanine Minge, Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning

Jeanine Minge, interim director of Community EngagementJeanine Mingé, Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning.

Jeanine is the Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning. She is a professor of Communication Studies in the  Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication.

Cheryl Spector, Director of Academic First Year Experiences

Cheryl Spector, director, Academic First Year ExperiencesCheryl Spector is the director of Academic First Year Experiences, including University 100, the Freshman Common Reading, the Freshman Connection, and the Freshman Faculty Series.

She is a professor in the English Department.

Svetlana Tyutina, Director of Student Engagement and Service Learning

Svetlana Tyutina is the interim director of Service LearningSvetlana Tyutina works with faculty and staff, as well as with community partners, to enhance Service Learning projects developed for CSUN courses and programs.

She is a faculty member in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures where she teaches Latin American Literature and Translation / Interpreting.