• Undergraduate Studies on the Roof

About Undergraduate Studies on the Roof (formerly CIELO)

Undergraduate Studies on the Roof (formerly CIELO) supports a wide variety of activities, including:

  • sharing knowledge, skills and values through seminars, workshops, conversations and publications;
  • engaging in and sharing original research on student learning;
  • building faculty learning communities that are cohort based (such as new faculty, senior faculty for teaching excellence, faculty teaching first-time freshmen, part-time faculty, and teaching assistants); course or discipline-based; and topic based (e.g. teaching and learning with technology, community service-learning, problem-based learning, linked courses).
  • encouraging students to become independent, self-reliant learners and responsible members of their communities;
  • exploring alternate modes of learning (e.g. modules, self-paced learning, on-line instruction, limited seat time);
  • involving students in conversations with faculty regarding teaching-learning issues; and
  • investigating transition issues for new students to help them get the most from their college experience.

We are committed to supporting excellence in teaching, learning, and community engagement for CSUN faculty, staff, and students. We are a program of Undergraduate Studies at CSUN.

Finding Undergraduate Studies on the Roof: directions for first-time visitors

  • We are located on the Sierra Hall 4th floor “rooftop” corridor. Climb the stairs or take the Sierra Hall freight elevator, which is located in the southwest corner of Sierra Hall just around the corner from the large Geography Department globe. Our suite includes these SH rooms: 422, 433-443.
  • Our suite shares a corridor with the Whitsett Room, the offices of the Dean of Humanities, and the offices of the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • CSUN campus map:
  • Call us at 818-677-6535 (x6535 from campus phones)