Grading Basis FAQs

The following FAQs relate to the temporary suspension of the Basis of Grading policy for Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 only.

What courses can I change the grading basis for?

Any undergraduate student may change the basis of grading for the Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 semester for any undergraduate class except courses meeting the freshman writing requirement (General Education area A2), speech communication (General Education area A1), critical thinking (General Education area A3), and Mathematics and Quantitative reasoning (General Education area B4).

What are my grading basis choices?

Course may be taken for a letter grade (A-F or graded), Credit/no Credit (CR/NC), or letter grade/no Credit (A-C/NC or hybrid).

Can I change the grading basis for graduate level courses?

No. Courses at the 100, 200, 300, and 400 level may be changed. Courses at the 500, 600, and 700 level may not be.

If I’m a graduate student taking a 400-level course may I change the grading basis?

No. Only undergraduate students may change the basis of grading.

When can I do this?

Spring 2020: You can change the basis of grading from April 8 through May 1, 2020.

Summer 2020: You can change the basis for Session 2 classes until 11:59 PM on 7/1/2020 and Session 1 and Session 3 classes until 11:59 PM on 8/10/2020.

How do I know if it’s done?

After you’ve edited the basis of grading, check your portal for the courses you changed.  Courses taken A-F will show up as “graded”; courses taken CR/NC will show up as “Credit”; and courses taken for a letter grade/no Credit will show up as “hybrid.”

I heard there were some student groups who can’t take courses Credit/no Credit. Am I in one of those groups?

Yes, there are some student groups that are precluded from take courses Credit/no Credit.  Student athletes, veterans, and some international students may not take courses Credit/no Credit.

Can these groups take courses A-C/NC? 

In some cases, yes.  Please consult your advisor in the Matador Achievement Center (student athletes), Veteran Services in Admissions and Records (veterans); or your sponsoring agency (international students) for guidelines.

What about courses that are prerequisites for other courses?

If a course you are taking has a grade-letter requirement as a prerequisite for a subsequent course (for example, needing to earn a C or better to take the next course in a sequence), the Credit grade will not meet that prerequisite and you should leave that course as A-F or change it to A-C/NC.

What is the equivalent to a Credit grade in a letter grade class?

You must earn the equivalent of a C or better in order to receive a Credit grade. Please note the policy explicitly requires that the grade of C- be reported as No Credit in a CR/NC basis. Courses that are letter graded do count as earned units with grades from D- to C-.

I’m thinking about graduate school/medical school/pharmacy school, etc. Does the grading basis matter for that?

In some cases, yes. Be sure you know what the graduate programs you are interested in require in terms of letter grades in undergraduate coursework.

I’m in a program that is leading to a license or has clinical requirements. Can I change to CR/NC?

It depends on the course. Contact your advisor for guidance.

I’m in a blended or integrated teacher education program (Liberal Studies ITEP/English FYI and JYI/Math FYI and JYI). Can I take courses CR/NC?

Usually not. Contact your advisor or the credential office for more information.

I’m in a subject matter waiver program leading to a credential. Can I take courses CR/NC?

Again, usually not if it’s part of the waiver course sequence. Contact your advisor or the credential office for more information.

What about if I have financial aid?

Taking courses CR/NC can have an impact on both Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Pace of completion measures (Pace). Courses taken CR/NC do not earn letter grades and therefore have no impact on GPA. Any NC grades will have the same impact on SAP and Pace calculations as an F or WU. Any Credit grades will count as units earned in these calculations, but will not help any GPA concerns.

I’m on academic probation. Can I change grading status?

Yes, but be aware that grades of Credit will not improve your GPA. The better choice for students on academic probation is probably A-C/NC.

I’m a previously disqualified student on an APA contract? Can I change grading status?

Students readmitted on contract (APA) must still meet the terms of the contract and may not take courses CR/NC unless specified. Students on contract may take courses A-C/NC. You do still have to earn a 2.0 term GPA and so at least one course needs to earn a letter grade of C or higher.

Can I ask for a grade of Incomplete?

Yes, you can if you meet the criteria. The incomplete policy may be found in the University Catalog. You may receive an incomplete only if you request it and your faculty member agrees. Faculty may not assign incompletes without a student request. Please be sure to set up a clear timeline with your faculty member for completing the work. If you do not meet the terms of your incomplete contract, you will receive an “IC” grade which is equivalent to an F.

I’m a faculty member and I’d like to know what basis of grading my students have chosen. How do I do that?

Grading basis information is available to faculty members on your class rosters in SOLAR. The rosters are also sortable by clicking on the column headings, so you can group all the students with like basis together and print it out. This field stays active, so students may change the basis after you look.

Here is a view of the class roster:

  • Graded=A-F
  • ANC=A-C/NC