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The California Promise Program

Matadors Rise and Take the Pledge!

In the spirit of student success, CSUN is excited to offer a two-year degree pledge program designed for entering students who hold a verified Associate's Degree for Transfer (ADT) to complete their remaining requirements for a baccalaureate degree.

Students who take the two-year pledge will be given a priority registration appointment for each state-supported enrollment period and will be provided with routine and thorough academic advisement. In order to remain in the program, students must meet with their advisors as prescribed, develop a graduation plan, complete 30 semester units each academic year and maintain a minimum 2.10 grade point average.

Important Note: The California Promise Program at CSUN does not provide participants with additional grants or scholarships. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid regarding opportunities to fund your education. For more details, please see “What Are My Obligations” below.

Spring 2024 Pledge Form and Transcript Deadline: Friday, February 9, 2024

Fall 2024 Pledge Form and Transcript Deadline: Friday, September 13, 2024

Do I Qualify?

In order to participate students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Interested AND able to complete a baccalaureate degree in two years.
  • A California resident.
  • Have a declared ADT major and have completed 50% of the units required for your degree.
  • Entering CSUN Fall 2017 or later.
  • Verified ADT status through CSUN’s Admission and Records Office.
  • You may enroll in the program prior to the start of your first semester by completing the pledge form.
  • Once you have signed and submitted the pledge form, a designated advisor will review your submission and provide further instruction.

What Are My Obligations?

Students are expected to:

  • Complete a minimum of 30 academic units in a college year based on term of entry (enrollment can include summer and/or winter sessions).
  • Maintain at least a 2.10 cumulative and campus grade point average in all academic work completed.
  • Establish and submit an educational plan to complete a declared major program within the specified limit to the designated academic advisor.
  • Review and modify the academic plan as needed with the designated academic advisor at least once each semester.
  • Register for classes during assigned registration period and pay fees by the required deadlines.
  • Comply with CSUN academic, including ADT, policies and procedures.
  • Attend student orientation at entrance to the University.

Academic Advisement

Entering students who take the two-year degree pledge and are verified in an ADT major will be assigned to a designated advisor from their college:

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication
Sevet Pirjan
(818) 677-2024
Office NH 135

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics
Michelle Street
(818) 677-3537
Office: JH 2113

Engineering and Computer Science
Maria Valiton
(818) 677-2191
Office: JD 1501

Health and Human Development
Mario Lopez
(818) 677-2883
Office: SQ 111

Marvin Villanueva
(818) 677-4767
JR 240

Science and Mathematics
Elizabeth Riegos-Olmos
(818) 677-4558
Office: EH 2126

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Ani Harutyunyan
(818) 677-2658
Office: SH 204

Pledge Form

Entering students in the two-year degree program are required to sign and submit the following pledge form which contains student obligations.

Please complete and submit the pledge form ASAP!

For transfer students admitted to CSUN for Fall 2023, the deadline to submit your online CA Promise Pledge form and your official transcripts verifying your ADT is Friday, September 15, 2023.

For transfer students admitted to CSUN for Spring 2024, the deadline to submit your online CA Promise Pledge form and your official transcripts verifying your ADT is Friday, February 9, 2024.

Degree Road Maps

Students who have earned a verified Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) from a California Community College, and who have been admitted to a CSUN major that is deemed similar, will be able to complete the baccalaureate degree within 60 additional semester units.

View the Degree Road Map for your major.