Administrative Graduation (Undergraduate)

CSUN has two policies governing administrative graduation:

  1. Upon review by the Office of Undergraduate Studies, students who accumulate more than 140 units may be graduated administratively if they have completed any major, whether or not they have declared that major. Enrollment beyond the 140 units will be restricted to courses required to graduate in the major for which the student has accomplished the highest percentage of requirements.
  2. The president of each campus may preclude any student from enrolling in any additional state-supported courses when that student has met all necessary requirements for the degree for which that student is matriculated, and may take the actions necessary to confer the degree (Title V, Section 40411 of the California Code of Regulations).

    The decision on administrative graduation under either of these policies will be made in consultation with the associate dean, department chair or designee, and the student.

    Students identified as candidates for administrative graduation will be notified in writing of their status and will be given an opportunity to appeal to the associate vice president of Undergraduate Studies.  Students will be provided with an appeal form along with the notification letter. Appeals must be submitted directly to the Office of Undergraduate Studies (UN 215) by the deadline set forth in the notification letter along with relevant supporting documentation. Students will receive a response to their appeal of administrative graduation via their CSUN email account within twenty (20) business days from the date of submission.  

    Students with approved appeals will be closely monitored to ensure they continue to make progress toward timely degree completion and enrollment will be strictly limited to courses required for graduation.

    Should the student’s appeal be denied, the degree will be conferred and the student will have the choice of administrative withdrawal or conversion to non-matriculated enrollment through Tseng College Open University from any course(s) in which they have enrolled for the upcoming term; either of which may have financial implications.

    Lack of response on the part of the student will be construed as consent and the university will proceed with administrative graduation and, if applicable, administrative withdrawal from courses.