• Fall 2015 Academic Report-CSUN

    Fall 2015 Academic Report

Prospective Transfers

NCAA Eligibility

In order to determine your NCAA eligibility, you must first contact your Athletics Coach[es].  Your Athletics Coach[es] will ask you to submit official transcripts from all Colleges and Universities you have attended.   If you have less than 60 transferable units, the University will also need to review your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT test scores.  Once the Athletic Coach[es] has all of your transcripts, they can submit them to compliance who will then turn them into Admissions and Records for evaluation.  The Advisors will then review your academic information to determine progress toward degree and the compliance office will then determine your athletic eligibility. 

Admissions Process

Admissions applications are available through CSU Mentor.

Applications are currently closed for the Fall 2015 school year.  However, you still may contact your Athletics Coach[es] for information.  Admissions and Records are still in the process of reviewing and admitting students for the Fall 2015 term.  Your Athletics Coach[es] will notify you once you are admitted and you will then be able to schedule an appointment with your Athletic Academic Advisor. 

Registration Information 

If you are admitted to the University, please make sure you have set up your student account called My Northridge Portal. To get started on your academic career at Cal State Northridge, look over the First-Time Transfer Advising Checklist. Please make sure your My Northridge Portal is active and you have access to your CSUN GMAIL account.  The University will send you important emails containing registration and other vital information through your CSUN GMAIL account. You will be responsible for signing into your portal and reading pertinent information.  You must click on the intent to register button within 2 weeks of admission.  Once you have set up your student portal, you may call your Athletic Academic Advisor for enrollment information.