• Prospective Freshman

Prospective Freshmen

NCAA Eligibility

In order to determine your initial eligibility, all first time Freshmen must register with the Eligibility Center . You will also need to submit your high school transcripts and SAT or ACT test scores to your Athletic Coach[es] for evaluation by our compliance office.

Admissions Process

Admissions applications are available through CSU Mentor

Applications are currently closed for the Fall 2015 school year. However, you still may contact your Athletics Coach[es] for information. Admissions and Records are still in the process of reviewing and admitting students for the Fall 2015 term. Your Coach[es] will notify you once you are admitted and you will then be able to schedule an appointment with your Major Advisor.


All First Time Freshmen must take the CSU Entry level Math [ELM] and English Placement Test [EPT] exams unless otherwise exempt (via SAT/ACT scores or EAP placement). The last test for Fall Admissions was administered in May. For more information, please visit the CSU Placement Test website or contact your Athletic Coach[es] if you were only recently recruited.

Registration Information 

As a First Time Freshmen you must meet with both your Major and Athletic Advisor. To get started on your academic career at Cal State Northridge, please look over the First-Time Freshman Advising Checklist. Please make sure your My Northridge Portal is active and you have access to your CSUN GMAIL account. The University will send you important emails containing registration and other vital information on your CSUN GMAIL account. If you have declared your major, please contact your Major Advisor for a registration appointment. Once you have your appointment, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with your Athletic Advisor for the same day. If you are undecided, please call our office directly.

Student Athlete Summer Success Program

As part of the accelerating Academic Success Program established by the NCAA, CSUN is now able to offer a brand new summer program called the Student Athlete Summer Success Program for selected Freshmen athletes. The program will consist of a combination of remedial and general education coursework. Students participating in the program will participate in mentoring and tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend evening dinner workshops and take part in community service projects as part of the Matador 2000 initiative. We had 24 student athletes participate in our inaugural cohort.  For more information, please contact Freshmen Specialist Coordinator Lindsey Schantz at 818-677-4781.