Academic Program Changes

Information Regarding Change in Program or Schedule

Approval of your request to withdraw or add classes, either during the current semester or retroactively, may have consequences in other areas of the University. Reducing the number of enrolled units may affect the student’s fees and/or eligibility for Campus Housing, International Student Status, and/or Financial Aid.

The Office of Undergraduate Studies and individual Colleges make only academic decisions. When these are made, documents are submitted to Admissions and Records (A&R) for processing. A & R may alert additional University programs about your change, causing potential adjustments in the areas listed below. Neither the Office of Undergraduate Studies nor individual Colleges are responsible for refunds nor any of the areas listed below. Before withdrawing, students should contact any relevant programs directly for additional information.

Cash Services: Schedule changes can result in tuition adjustments, causing a possible increase or decrease in the student’s balance. Students may contact University Cash Services for an appointment to review their account and related financial obligations. Please contact University Cash Services at (818) 677-8000 and choose option #3.

Financial Aid: Withdrawal from all of some classes may cause reductions in a student’s financial aid and may create a balance due on Financial Aid accounts. Student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may also be affected and future aid eligibility may be jeopardized. Students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid for clarification before completing this application at (818) 677-4085 to speak to a Financial Aid Representative, or email

Health Insurance: Associated Students offers a low-cost health insurance policy, designed especially for California State University students. For more information, call CSU HealthLink at (800) 853-5899.

Housing: Undergraduate students must be continuously enrolled in 12 or more units, and graduate students in 8 or more units, to remain in Student Housing. Students who completely withdraw from the University must cancel housing contracts and contact the Housing Office for information about additional charges or credits. Please call (818) 677-2160 for details.

Insurance: Some health, automobile or auxiliary insurance policies require that you be a full-time undergraduate student (i.e., enrolled a minimum of 12 units) in order to have coverage. Check your policies, or those of your parent or guardian, to learn if you are covered under their insurance.

International Students: Please check with the International Students Office before completing this application to learn how changes in academic program or schedule may affect student visas and/or eligibility to remain in the United States. International Programs is at (818) 677-3053.

Loans: Repayment of student loans must begin immediately if students remain in less than half time status when their grace periods expire. For more information, contact Financial Aid at (818) 677-4085 to speak to a Financial Aid Representative about student loans, or email

Meal Plan: If students withdraw from the University, meal plan contracts should be cancelled. The student should contact the Meal Plan Office at (818) 677-2655 to learn about additional charges or credits.

Open University/Tseng College Students: Please refer to our website, for the policies and procedures that apply to changes to your academic schedule and financial matters at The Tseng College or call (818) 677-2504.

Veterans: Program or schedule changes may affect Veteran’s benefits. Veterans should call (818) 677-5928.