Academic Internships

California State University, Northridge has adopted the CSU S4 database for managing approved field trip sites, service learning activities, and academic internships, including tracking a student’s placement at approved community organization’s sites, approved field trip sites and to collect students risk management forms and evaluations.

Beginning Spring 2017 faculty from the English department will begin piloting the use of the S4 system. Faculty interested in becoming a participant in our pilot program please contact Candice Liu at

CSUN encourages students to participate in meaningful internships in the community that are directly related to their course of study. While these student placements come with associated risks, campus departments can help ensure students enjoy safe and rewarding off-campus learning experiences by following certain risk management procedures.

An effective internship plan is designed to enhance the student’s fieldwork experience and provide best practices that minimize risk and liability. To achieve such a plan, departments should:

  • Ensure that faculty and students understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Select and contract with the best fieldwork sites available.
  • Understand and apply risk reduction techniques. Credit bearing internships taking place at approved sites allow for Student Professional Liability Insurance to be included in the package.


  • Login to S4 to view your placements/options/forms to complete. Use your CSUN user name and password.