Academic First Year Experiences

  • Four smiling students hold copies of THE POSTMORTAL

Who chose THE POSTMORTAL as CSUN's 2014-2015 Common Read?

Who Chose The Postmortal? Selection Committee Members (2013-2014)

The following opinionated and lively readers spent time during fall 2013 and January 2014 debating whether to choose The Postmortal: A Novelas CSUN's Freshman Common Reading for 2014-2015. Names marked with an asterisk (*) belong to CSUN undergraduate students.

Care to join next year's committee? The Freshman Common Reading Selection Committee members volunteer their service each year. CSUN students, staff, and faculty who would like to join next year's committee are welcome to contact Cheryl Spector on campus at x3932 or via email at before June 1. CSUN freshmen have offered crucial advice in recent years and are warmly welcome to help us select next year's book; new freshmen may join during their first CSUN semester.

The Committee typically meets twice: once in October to choose a short list of four to six finalists from the list of nominated titles; and a second time in January to select from the short list the winning title for the upcoming academic year.


List of  2013-2014 Selection Committee Members
  • Karen Abramowitz

  • Jada Augustine

  • Sister Rita Basta

  • Stacey Bieber

  • Erin Delaney

  • Nicole Dickson*

  • Alexa Dimakos

  • Kimberly Embleton

  • Susanna Eng-Ziskin

  • Natasha Feldman*

  • Breanne Foster*

  • Kate Gurewitz

  • Lindsay Hansen

  • Nicol Jensen*

  • Jamie Johnson 

  • Brennis Lucero-Wagoner

  • Melissa Cardini-Marcussen*

  • Debbi Mercado

  • Harmanpreet Kaur Panesar*

  • Marlene Pearson

  • Sabrina Peck

  • Jocelyn Sandoval*

  • Ronit Sarig

  • Heidi Schumacher

  • Terri Silverberg

  • Cheryl Spector

  • Sylvia Stoker*

  • Lizeth Villanueva*

  • Cira Winarto*

  • Louise Xu*