Most importantly, if you fail the WPE, seek help as soon as possible and be diligent about re-taking the exam until you pass. We offer many support services to help you:

If you have failed the UDWPE once: We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with a writing consultant in the Learning Resource Center to go over your failed exam. The consultant can help you to understand why your essay did not receive a passing score, discuss strategies for doing better on your next attempt, and give you a practice topic to write about and bring back for their feedback.

Also, consider enrolling in one of the free workshops or prep sessions offered by the LRC before every exam. You can reach the Learning Resource Center at 818.677.2033 or visit their webpage Learning Resource Center for more information.

If you would like to work on sentence-level issues to strengthen your essays, we encourage you to see a grammar consultant in The Grammar Lab (Learning Resource Center). Appointments and walk-ins are available Monday through Friday. See full schedule on the LRC website.

If you have failed the UDWPE at least two times: We recommend taking English 90, a 3-unit, credit/no credit course designed for students preparing to retake the UDWPE; it provides intensive practice in writing effective expository prose under test conditions. If you enroll in the class, you are allowed three hours for the exam instead of two hours. In addition, if you pass the exam during the course of the semester, you are no longer required to attend class and you will receive credit for the course.

If you are interested in enrolling in English 90, please check the Schedule of Classes for the coming semester, select a class that fits your schedule, and email the UDWPE office for a permission number:

If you have failed the exam four or more times, or you are a graduating senior who has not passed the exam: Please contact the UDWPE office at to discuss your situation and explore the many support services we offer to help you pass this graduation requirement. We want to help you succeed!