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Test Preparation

Since the UDWPE measures a skill that takes time to develop, there is no quick and easy way to prepare for it. The best preparation is to have done a considerable amount of reading and writing, and to have taken writing seriously throughout your high school and college years. For students who are uncertain of their writing skills, CSUN provides several writing courses, as well as tutorial services and writing workshops which focus on WPE preparation.

LRC Workshops, Boot Camps, Consultations

The Learning Resource Center offers free workshops and boot camps before each exam date. You can sign up by visiting the LRC or by calling 818.677.2033. In addition, you can make a weekly appointment with a trained writing consultant in the LRC to go over a past failed exam, to write and receive feedback on practice exams, and to strengthen your writing skills. 

Preparatory Class

English 90 is reserved for those students who have attempted the WPE two or more times and who need intensive writing instruction. The course is designed to focus on timed-writing strategies. If you are interested in taking English 90, see the Schedule of Classes and request a permission number EARLY as classes are in demand and fill quickly. Permission numbers will be issued via email only - please do not call the office. Send an email to , and include your name, CSUN ID#, and the class number of the class you which to take.