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  • Scores from the November exam have been uploaded to your portal. You need a score of 8 or higher to pass the WPE. If you did not pass and need help, please see "What if I fail?" 
  • Registration for the January exam is now open and will close on January 6th, or sooner if capacity has been met.
  • The Learning Resource Center offers free prep sessions and workshops to prepare for the exam. You can find more information at the link, including how to sign up.
  • Last spring, we piloted a new format for the WPE. All computer-based tests in January will use that new format and a different scoring guide (see Sample Essays and Scoring Guide).
  • If you sign up for a computer-based exam and you wish to take one of our free workshops, make sure to register for the "Computer/Pilot UDWPE Boot Camp." 

CSU seal with wording -The Trustees of the California State University have directed that “all students entering the  CSU System . . . be required to demonstrate their proficiency with regard to writing skills as a requirement for graduation.”

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