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  • Registration for the February 24th exam is now open and will close on Friday, February 16th at 5:00 pm OR SOONER if capacity is met.
  • If you are an undergraduate and you have a registration hold because you have not yet completed the WPE, you can file a request for more time to satisfy the requirement if you have never done so. Please click the red button on the right "Time Extension," complete and submit the form. Any further questions about that process should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Studies - they make all decisions regarding registration holds. Their number is 818.677.2969.
  • You need a score of 8 or higher to pass the WPE. (Each exam is read by two faculty readers, each of whom give a score - the scores are combined and must total at least 8 to pass.) If you did not pass and need help, please see "What if I fail?"
  • The Learning Resource Center offers free prep sessions and workshops to help you prepare for the exam. You can find more information at the link, including how to sign up.

CSU seal with wording -The Trustees of the California State University have directed that “all students entering the  CSU System . . . be required to demonstrate their proficiency with regard to writing skills as a requirement for graduation.”

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