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8/4/21: As constraints due to COVID-19 persist,  the UDWPE remains temporarily suspended. CSUN uses the UDWPE to meet the GWAR requirement. The CSUN GWAR Policy has been amended: 

All students must demonstrate competency in writing skills as a requirement for graduation. At CSUN, all students who have met the lower division writing requirement, completed 56 units or more, and intend to graduate with a baccalaureate or master’s degree are required to demonstrate their writing proficiency in one of two ways.

  1.  Students may pass an essay examination as a demonstration of their proficiency in writing. The Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam will be offered throughout the academic year. See the Testing Center website for test dates, test fee and registration.
  2. Students may meet the GWAR requirement by receiving a grade of “C” or better in a minimum of 6 units of coursework in the upper division portion of the General Education curriculum.

 Undergraduate students are required to meet the Graduation Writing Requirement no later than the semester in which they complete 90 units. Students who have not met this requirement by the completion of 90 units may have a registration hold placed on their subsequent registration.

Update on 8/4/21: 

  •  CSUN has suspended the GWAR requirement for degree recipients who graduate in the Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 terms, as well as for students graduating in Spring, Summer, and Fall 2021. Until the University is able to offer the UDWPE for a minimum of four administrations during the academic year, the requirement will be waived for students graduating who have not met the requirement and who are entitled to 2020-2021 catalog rights or earlier. You do not need to do anything; your Degree Progress Report will be updated accordingly.
  • If you have already taken the exam and want to find your score, see the red button in the right column titled "Check Score" for instructions.
  • Graduate students who need to take the WPE for classified status should contact Graduate Studies or their graduate program coordinator for details.

Main page updated 8/4/21