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Matador Forward

Matador Forward

Dear CSUN Students,


CSUN faculty and staff look forward to welcoming you to the start of the fall semester later this month. Across the university, faculty and staff are busily preparing to support you and your fellow students on your academic journeys. This message follows up on the MATADORS FORWARD message sent to all students on July 27 and includes important vaccination and testing information as we approach the start of the fall classes on August 30.




Per the CSU COVID-19 Vaccination Interim Policy, students, faculty, staff and student employees learning or working on campus will need to provide certification of full vaccination status or request a medical or religious exemption. With the start of classes around the corner, now is the time to get your COVID-19 vaccination. Appointments are free and available through

  • All students must complete the certification process as soon as possible. Students still in the process of becoming fully vaccinated will complete the certification once full vaccination is achieved, but not later than September 30, 2021. Students who are not planning to access campus or CSUN programs off campus this fall will be able to make that declaration as discussed below.


Using a simple online “point and click” tool at the Student Health Center MyHealth portal, CSUN will collect from every student a certification declaring one of the following:

  • Declaration of full vaccination against COVID-19 (Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine, the last required dose of which having been administered at least 14 calendar days prior to the date of declaration), or
  • Declaration of (request for) medical exemption, including documentation from a certified or licensed healthcare professional, or
  • Declaration of (request for) religious exemption, or
  • Declaration that the student does not intend to access the CSUN campus or CSUN programs off campus; and that if the student’s plans change, they will submit a revised Certification in advance of any such access.


Each student submitting a declaration of COVID-19 vaccination must attest that the information provided is accurate and truthful and verify that at CSUN’s request, proof of vaccination will be promptly provided. Each week, CSUN will request proof of vaccination from at least 50 randomly selected students. All students are encouraged to voluntarily upload proof of vaccination when submitting the declaration of full vaccination.


Students who are still in the process of being fully vaccinated will have until September 30, 2021 to complete the certification process. Students who must come to campus for academic or non-academic activities or employment before being fully vaccinated or who have an exemption from vaccination, must follow the testing process described below.


Students who do not qualify for exemption and who choose to remain unvaccinated are not permitted access to campus programs, facilities and buildings.


All information submitted through the MyHealth portal is confidential and accessible to Student Health Center and university personnel with a required need to know.


To begin the certification process, please log into the MyHealth Patient Portal following the directions to complete the instructions. To review the student COVID-19 certification process, described with helpful step-by-step screen shots, please visit COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements. If you have questions, please email




Enrolled students for fall 2021 who are exempted from vaccination and plan to come on campus at any time, including for a class, appointment, service, or who will participate in an on- or off-campus CSUN coordinated program or activity, will be required to participate in free weekly COVID-19 PCR testing.


Entry Testing

  • Students must take an entry PCR test during the seven (7) days before coming onto campus for a class, appointment, service, or to participate in an on- or off-campus program or activity. However, students can come to campus to take the entry PCR test.
  • Testing will be coordinated by the Student Health Center and Fulgent, a CSUN testing vendor, which will provide two kiosks on the CSUN campus to be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, for PCR COVID testing. Students will make a testing appointment and should wear a face covering and distance 6 feet or more from others, and only go to the Fulgent testing kiosk.
  • Students who need entry testing and are unable to come to campus for testing should call the Student Health Center at 818-677-3666, Option 1, for alternatives, such as approved off-campus testing at a local pharmacy or via special arrangements with Fulgent, the CSUN testing vendor.


On-going testing

  • A negative PCR test will be required each week that the student will be coming to campus beyond the first entry test.
  • Students receiving a negative PCR test result will be authorized to access campus but will be required to continue weekly testing with a negative PCR result until the student is fully vaccinated. Students who are exempted from vaccination must continue weekly testing while coming to campus.
  • Students receiving a positive test result will be contacted by the Student Health Center and provided with appropriate health care guidance, which may include a referral to a student’s own physician or care at the Student Health Center.


Directions for on-campus testing, including locations and appointment scheduling, will be available on the MATADORS FORWARD and Student Health Center websites starting later this week.


A student solely engaged in virtual learning who will not come to campus at all and who will not participate in an off-campus program or activity will be exempt from testing. If the student decides to come to campus or needs to do so or decides to participate in an off-campus program or activity, the student will need to re-certify indicating full vaccination and/or participate in an entry PCR test as noted above.




Students who come to campus are required to complete the online daily health screening for students through the CSUN app or student portal before coming to campus for any purpose including entry and on-going testing, to attend a class, appointment, service, or to participate in an on- or off-campus program or activity. This applies to all students whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.




Students working at CSUN, including students employed by the Associated Students, University Student Union or the University Corporation need only comply with the vaccination and testing policies for employees. They do not have to follow the procedures for students discussed above. Student employees who have not been contacted directly by their employer should check with their supervisor to confirm the proper procedures to be followed.




Continue to visit the MATADORS FORWARD website for the latest guidance and information, including the updated student FAQs.


This fall holds tremendous promise for our entire university community. Thank you for all you are doing to move Matadors Forward.


Thank you,


Fall 2021 Tactical Repopulation Team Chairs:
Mary Beth Walker, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Colin Donahue, Vice President for Administration and Finance & CFO