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Academic Technology Newsletter

April 2021


Welcome to the Accessibility and Universal Design Issue!


One way CSUN demonstrates “our commitment to educational opportunity, inclusion and excellence” is through our longstanding efforts around accessibility for course materials, communications, websites, and other information resources and technologies. In this issue, we'll highlight resources, training and support for faculty centered around accessibility and universal design.


We also have some Technology Spring Cleaning Tips, and keep an eye out for our Summer Programming coming soon!

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Academic Technology News

icon of video player showing captions with CC underneath

Captioning Course Content


Captioning is part of the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) because videos have become an integral way to share information with students, faculty, staff...

Just One Thing

Just One Thing: Descriptive Text


Have time for just one accessibility step? Add descriptive text! Descriptions for images, links, and more can help all of your students navigate and access your content...

stressed person thinking about technology

Overwhelmed By Technology?


Over the last year of teaching during the global pandemic, faculty have been asked to move from a face-to-face classroom to a virtual online classroom teaching...

“Global Accessibility Awareness Day (G A A D)” (with the spaces)

Global Accessibility Awareness Day:
May 20, 2021


Thursday, May 20, 2021, help us celebrate the tenth Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)! The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning...

icons showing the alternative formats in Ally

Canvas Ally For Students Too


Canvas Ally provides students with accessible alternative formats for course content such as formats that are optimized for audio or BeeLine Reader...

Handwritten equation in the EquatIO mobile app translated into an accessible digital format in the desktop or browser version

Using EquatIO for STEM Accessibility


EquatIO is software (also available in Canvas) to help both faculty and students create, share, and study accessible equations and formulas. EquatIO can generate images...

Zoom logo with camera icon at the top

Deleting Zoom Cloud Recordings and Panopto Videos


The ability to delete your Zoom Cloud recordings and Panopto recordings has been restored. We highly recommend that you review your recordings to decide what to save and what to delete. Be sure to download a backup copy of any recordings you would like to keep before you...

cleaning gloves, sponges, and baking soda

Technology Spring Cleaning Articles and Resources


Now that you are able to delete files in Zoom and Panopto, you may be curious about what other steps you can take to manage the growing number of files you have developed teaching online. We have some resources that cover how to optimize your existing videos for search...

canvas tips and tricks

Save Course Space By Moving Video From Canvas to Panopto


Do you upload the videos you use in your courses to the Files area of Canvas? Do you have multiple copies of the same videos in several different courses? Do your course imports take forever because of all the videos you have? You can make your course video file management a breeze by using...

Laptop with a shopping cart on the screen

Purchasing Information and Communication Technology


Another way CSUN incorporates accessibility is through our purchasing process. Per CSU policy, all of our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) purchases undergo the Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Procurement Procedure to measure the impact on accessibility.

film camera with a play button and the Panopto logo shape and "U-D-C"

New UDC Training Videos and Resources


Curious how to create accessible course materials that reach more students? The UDC offers Accessibility Training Videos and Resources, and virtual training throughout the year. Our Accessibility Training Events are open to all faculty, staff, and student assistants. Email us at

Computer keyboard headphones and coffee on wood table

Academic Technology Spring Workshop Calendar


Even though we're reaching the end of the semester, it's not too late to check out our Workshop Calendar where you'll find virtual workshops offered by the Faculty Technology Center (FTC), and the Universal Design Center (UDC) to help you leverage technology for teaching.

If there are topics you would like to see covered in a future edition, or if you'd like to give us feedback on your experience with instructional technology, let us know with the Academic Technology Feedback Form.
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