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Academic Technology Newsletter

Academic Technology Newsletter

February 2023

     We hope you're having a great semester so far! As always, we have an exciting lineup of news, events, and resources to share with you.

     First, we are happy to share that Academic Technology, in partnership with the Office of Student Success, has been awarded a Diversity, Equity and Innovation Grant for the second year. This time, the project is about training students in technology so that they can train students in the Early Start Program.

      And don't miss out on the Institutional Research report on the CSUCCESS program, which provided Apple iPads and accessories to first-time freshman and first-time transfer students. The report examines the association between CSUCCESS students and their academic outcomes in the first year.

      We are also excited to announce CSUN App Jam 2023, a student competition to redesign the CSUN mobile app. We can't wait to see the creative and innovative ideas that our students come up with to improve our mobile app experience. So make sure to share this opportunity with your students!


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Academic Technology News

Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant

New 2023 DEIG Grant Awarded to AT


Academic Technology, in partnership with the Office of Student Success, is thrilled to announce that we have been awarded another Diversity, Equity and Innovation Grant...

csun ir inside counts CSUCCESS and student academic outcomes IR report

Read the IR CSUCCESS Report


In this report, Institutional Research (IR) examines the association between student participation in the CSUCCESS program and students' academic outcomes in their first...

accessibility symbol the word accessible under it numbers 1 through 10 and a11y

What Does a11y Mean?


“a11y” stands for “accessibility.” A numeronym is a number-based word with 11 for the number of letters between the letters a and y. A11y often appears on...

a robotic hand pressing the enter key on a computer keyboard

ChatGPT: AI Writing in Higher Ed


In the fast-paced world of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly significant role in all areas of life, including higher education. AI technologies are...

Canvas Insights new feature

New Canvas Insights Filter for Spring 2023


A new filter has been added to Canvas Insights that provides instructors with a quick and easy way to identify students who have not logged into the platform for the past two weeks.

csun app jam 2023 reimagine redesign refresh

Tell Students About App Jam 2023!


CSUN App Jam 2023 is an exciting competition for students to reimagine, redesign, and refresh the CSUN Mobile app. This competition provides a platform where...

Feature module csun student technology resources undergraduate and graduate

New Student Tech Resource Available in Canvas Commons

Did you know that many CSUN students are not aware that they have access to free Microsoft Word? Or that 50% are not aware of myCSUNbox cloud storage? The 2022 IT Student Survey found that students are not aware of the many technology resources available to them, many of...

Faculty Coffee Hour a coffee cup established 2023

Join Academic Technology for Faculty Coffee Hour in March

Join us on March 29, 2023 from 12pm to 1pm for our Faculty Coffee Hour and chat about ChatGPT and other AI technologies. Ask questions about Canvas and other learning technologies on campus. Meet with experts and connect with colleagues over coffee. You can RSVP or just drop in!

powerpoint accessibility essentials tuesday february 28 2023 2 to 4 pm

UDC Workshop - PowerPoint Accessibility Essentials

This training demonstrates how to use the tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 or 365 to add visual interest to presentations without creating accessibility barriers. How to convert your presentation to a tagged PDF or create an alternate format of Braille or large print. Participants will learn key...

CalState Crunch Apple Professional Learning Series

Join the CalState "Crunch" Apple Training Series

Join Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Dr. Laura Good, for hands-on virtual learning sessions with your colleagues from across the CSU. During each one-hour session, you will explore resources and practice new skills. You can also find the dates on our Workshop Calendar.

If there are topics you would like to see covered in a future newsletter, if you'd like to give us feedback on your experience with instructional technology, or if there are training topics you are interested in, let us know with the Academic Technology Feedback Form.