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Academic Technology Newsletter

Academic Technology Newsletter

February 2024

   We hope the semester is proving to be engaging and enriching! This month, we’re excited to share some news, events, and resources.

   Be sure to spread the word among your students about the AI Jam 2024 kickoff on March 6th, from 12pm to 1pm, both in-person at the University Library Jack & Florence Ferman Presentation Room and live on Zoom. This year’s challenge is designed for teams of up to three students to apply Artificial Intelligence in addressing real-world challenges on our campus.

   Are you curious about Artificial Intelligence but not sure where to begin your AI journey? We've got you covered! Dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence with us for the Leap Into AI event on February 29th, from 10 to 11am and discover how AI-driven tools are revolutionizing academia and everyday life, right here at your fingertips.

    Did you know that CSUN Academic Technology and the University Library, along with six other universities nation-wide, partnered with Ithaka S+R for the 2024 Instructional Support Assessment Institute? The goal is to gather evidence that will allow institutions to create a coordinated, cross-campus strategy for instructional support.

   And last but certainly not least, don't miss our Faculty Coffee Hour on Wednesday, February 28th, from 12 to 1pm. We'll be delving into AI as a brainstorming tool for creating your course materials. We can't wait to see you there!


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Academic Technology News

AI Jam

Tell Your Students about AI Jam 2024


We're excited to announce CSUN AI Jam 2024, a student competition for teams of up to three students to apply AI in addressing real-world challenges on our campus.

a synthetic figure leaping off a digital precipice

Leap Into AI With Us on Feb 29th


If you've been curious about AI, this leap year, we invite you to join us in an exploration of how the higher education community is using AI-driven tools in academia and everyday life.

Shopping cart and boxes on a laptop keyboard

UDC: Do You Buy Tech?


The way the campus purchases technology is changing, and you are invited to come to one of our live question-and-answer sessions to learn more about the new online ATI ICT form.

Ithaka SR logo

CSUN Partnering with Ithaka S+R


Academic Technology and the University Library partnered with Ithaka S+R on a project to create a research-based cross-campus strategy for instructional support.

Mitchell Nagy

New Team Member Mitchell Nagy


Academic Technology is excited to announce our new Lecture Capture Coordinator, Mitchell Nagy! Mitchell is a CSUN alum passionate about helping faculty.

Canva vs. Powerpoint Accessible flyer and infographic design march 7, 10 am to 11:30 am

UDC: Canva vs. PowerPoint


This session demonstrates the difference between Canva vs. Microsoft PowerPoint on creating accessible flyers and infographics content.


Camtasia Workshops March 19th and 20th

Did you miss out on the two-part Camtasia workshops in February? If you're new to Camtasia or want to improve your skills, these workshops will bring faculty up to pace with Camtasia to enhance their video content. Learn how to record and edit your own video files!

two people standing next to a laptop with documents

Featured UDC Workshop: Word Document Accessibility

This training highlights the fundamentals of creating accessible documents using Microsoft Word 2019 or 365. Participants will identify principles of accessibility and universal design, and learn the key structural elements for creating accessible documents.

Faculty Coffee Hour Est 2023

Faculty Coffee Hour: Using AI as a Brainstorming Tool



Be sure to join us on Wednesday, February 28th for our Faculty Coffee Hour where we’ll explore how you can partner with Generative AI for brainstorming class content and course materials. Let's blend technology and creativity for a session that promises to infuse your teaching journey with newfound inspiration!

If there are topics you would like to see covered in a future newsletter, if you'd like to give us feedback on your experience with instructional technology, or if there are training topics you are interested in, let us know with the Academic Technology Feedback Form.