CSUN Dining Unveiled Eco-Friendly Cups for Green Day

March 20, 2015

On Tuesday, March 17th  as part of The University Corporation’s increased focus on the Sustainability 2.0 PUCCs (plate, utensils, cups, and containers) initiative, CSUN Dining rolled out eco-friendly compostable coffee cups, fountain beverage cups, and cold cups at all their campus dining locations.

The milestone was celebrated by unveiling the reusable Freudian Sip coffee cups made by Sustain and offering free Drip Coffee at all Freudian Sip locations, as well as free 16oz fountain drinks with $2 purchase at all convenience stores. The event was a huge success for TUC, drawing crowds of students, faculty and staff alike to all 5 Freudian Sip locations and serving over 1800 cups of drip coffee!



Green Day