The University Corporation

CSUN 900-04 Commercially Oriented Activity

POLICY NO:  900-04
ISSUED:   3/14/2005
EFFECTIVE:   3/14/2005


On-campus commercial events or activities involving solicitation may not be authorized except under circumstances hereinafter noted. This prohibition is in deference to the fact that the University, as a publicly owned, nonprofit, tax-exempt entity, may authorize the use of its facilities only for purposes, which facilitate execution of the educational function of the institution.


The purpose of this policy is to minimize risk and liability and provide an opportunity and an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning by establishing time, place and manner requirements for commercially oriented activities occurring on campus.



Events or activities, although commercial in nature, may be authorized as follows.

1. Events for which admission is charged, or any other type of revenue producing activity sponsored or     conducted as part of or in connection with an academic program, may be approved provided a business     arrangement is negotiated through The University Corporation (TUC), or another CSU Northridge auxiliary     organization.

2. The sale or offering for sale of food products, wares, paintings, ceramics and the like, produced or hand     made may occur on campus if:

a. All proceeds directly benefit an educational program; or

b. The sale or solicitation is authorized through a business arrangement with TUC; or

c. Sponsorship of the event at which the sale or solicitation for sale occurs is under the auspices     of a CSU Northridge auxiliary organization or Residential Life.

3. CSU Northridge auxiliary organizations may conduct or sponsor events utilizing campus facilities and     charge admission for entry, provided appropriate leases or contracts have been executed.

4. Advertisements offering for sale property owned by members of the campus community may be approved     for posting on Associated Students' bulletin boards and kiosks provided regulations issued by the     Associated Students are followed. For information on the applicable procedures please contact the     Matador Involvement Center. Advertisements or informational postings on University Student Union, Inc.     (USU) bulletin boards and/or information kiosks/desks shall be approved by the USU per USU policies.     Advertisements or informational postings on Residential Life bulletin boards and/or information     kiosks/desks shall be approved by Residential Life.

5. Unauthorized Events: Certain events or activities utilizing campus facilities are not authorized without a     contract or licensing arrangement through University Licensing because they are primarily commercial in     nature. Companies, groups or organizations not recognized, as Cal State Northridge employee or student     groups, clubs and organizations that wish to apply for an exception to this policy must apply through     University Licensing. All events in USU facilities are subject to USU policies.


The University Corporation (TUC), by agreement with the University, is the designated provider of food services to the campus. TUC coordinates and manages all food sales within campus buildings and facilities. All business arrangements for food sales and food vending within campus facilities must be negotiated through TUC.

1. Recognized employee groups and recognized student organizations that wish to conduct fundraising     bake/food sales on campus must obtain permission through the Matador Involvement Center. The "food"     section of the Field Space Reservation Form, and the Permit to Solicit Funds, must be completed and     then signed by the Environmental Health and Safety Director.

2. Companies, groups or organizations that are not recognized Cal State Northridge employee groups, clubs     or organizations, are prohibited from holding temporary bake/food sales on campus, with the exception of     USU programming and event clients that enter into a contract with the USU. To pursue an exception to     this policy, application must be made to TUC.

3. Temporary on-campus bake/food sales that are permitted by the Matador Involvement Center will be     limited to designated outdoor areas. Temporary bake/food sales are not permitted within University      buildings and facilities.

4. Violators will be advised of this policy. Deans, directors, department chairs and heads of other     administrative units are responsible for the administration of this policy. Problems or violations of this     policy should be brought to the attention of the appropriate supervisor and handled through the existing     administrative structure.


1. Authorization: The University Corporation (TUC), through the Matador Bookstore, is the University's     authorized commercial provider of published materials. This includes responsibility for the issuance,     monitoring, and enforcement of definitive regulations governing the time, place and manner of sale or     offering for sale of published material on campus.

2. Definitions: Any printed material larger than a single sheet flyer or poster is considered published     material. Published material may include advertising, but its content may not be solely advertising.

3. Published materials not available for sale in the campus bookstore may be sold on campus by recognized     employee or student groups for the purpose of fundraising at authorized events (see section A of this     policy) or on a temporary basis at locations permitted by the Matador Involvement Center or University     Student Union, provided:

a. Such published materials are not already available for sale at the campus bookstore;

b. The published materials displayed or offered for sale are not in violation of the provisions of     the Penal Code (relating to the sale and distribution of obscene matter), or the Education     Code (relating to the preparation, sale and distribution of term papers, theses and other     materials to be submitted for academic credit).

c. The seller is a recognized employee or student group. Companies, groups or organizations not     recognized as CSUN employee groups, clubs and organizations, are prohibited from selling     published materials on campus. To apply for an exception to this policy, a group must apply     through The University Corporation.


Any violations of the regulations governing solicitation shall cause an immediate rescission of the "Permit to Solicit" as issued to the representative/agency and may result in suspension of the privilege of personal solicitation of that published material on campus for a period of time commensurate with the seriousness of the violation.



University Policy on Food Sales (Office of Environmental Health and Safety)
University Policy on Solicitation on Campus

Applicable Codes: California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Chapter 1,Subchapter 5, Article 9 [Section 42350]Section 42350.1 (b) of the California Code of Regulations.USU Meeting Services Policies



For policy clarification and to obtain the appropriate forms, contact Matador Involvement Center at ext 5111. For additional policy clarification contact The University Corporation at Ext. 2906.