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Department International Liaisons


Department International Liaisons for 2017/2018

(renewable one-year term for a maximum of five consecutive terms)

The departmental international liaison brings ideas, information, and the co-creative conversations to the departmental level where specific ideas, and options can be put into practice – this is an essential role to moving from possibility to reality. 

Role and Structure of Departmental International Liasons (pdf)

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of ArtMagdy Rizkmagdy.rizk@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Cinema & TV ArtsKaren Carpenterkaren.carpenter@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Communication StudiesSakile Camarasakile.camara@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of JournalismJessica Retisjessica.retis@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of MusicAndrew Surmani (Year 2)
Dept. of TheatreChristine Menzieschristine.menzies@csun.edu(Year 3)

College of Business and Economics

Daniel Degravel
Appointment: Year 5 (exp. 08/17)

Monica Hussein
Appointment: Year 1 (exp. 08/22)

Note: COBE choose not to have international liaisons at the department level.

Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Deaf Studies
Flavia Fleischerflavia.fleischer@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Jody Dunlapjody.dunlap@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Educational Psych and Counseling
Jan Fishjanet.fish@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Elementary Education
Sandra Chongsandra.b.chong@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Secondary Education
Clara Parkclara.park@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Special Education
Tamarah Ashtontamarah.ashton@csun.edu(Year 4)

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Sami Maaloufsami.maalouf@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Computer Science
Vahab Pournaghshband (Year 3)
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jack Oujack.ou@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Vibhav Durgeshvibhav.durgesh@csun.edu(Year 5)
Dept. of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
Maryam Tabibzadehmaryam.tabibzadeh@csun.edu(Year 1)

College of Health and Human Development

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Child & Adolescent Development
Nancy Miodragnancy.miodrag@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Communication Disorders & Sciences
Patricia Seymourpatricia.seymour@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Environmental & Occupational Health
Gretchen L Boria-Perezgretchen.boriaperez@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Family & Consumer Sciences
Wei Caowei.cao@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Health Sciences
Stephan Chungstephan.chung@csun.edu(Year 5)
Dept. of Kinesiology
Ovande Furtadoovande.furtado@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Recreation & Tourism ManagementJoong-won Leejoongwon.lee@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Physical TherapyJanna Belingjanna.beling@csun.edu(Year 3)
Dept. of NursingSamira Moughrabisamira.moughrabi@csun.edu(Year 3)

College of Humanities

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Asian American Studies
Khanum Shaikhkhanum.shaikh@csun.edu(Year 3)
Dept. of Central American StudiesJoseph Wiltberger (Year 3)
Dept. of Chicano/a Studies
Melisa Galvanmgalvan@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of English
Santosh KhadkaSantosh.khadka@csun.edu(Year 3)
Dept. of Gender and Women’s Studies
Khanum Shaikhkhanum.shaikh@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Linguistics
Stephanie Kimstephanie.kim@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Modern & Classical Lang. & Lit.
Drake Langforddrake.langford@csun.edu(Year 5)
Dept. of PhilosophyWeimin Sunweimin.sun@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Religious StudiesMutombo Nkuku-Nsenghamutombo.nkulu-nsengha@csun.edu(Year 5)

College of Science and Mathematics

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Biology
Jonathan Kelberjonathan.kelber@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jheem Medhjheem.medh@csun.edu(Year 4)
Dept. of Geological Sciences
Josh Schwartzjoshua.schwartz@csun.edu(Year 1)
Dept. of Mathematics
Carol Shubincarol.shubin@csun.edu(Year 5)
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
Sattar Taherisattar.taheri@csun.edu(Year 1)

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department International Liaisons Appointment
Dept. of Anthropology Chin-hsin Liu chinhsin.liu@csun.edu
(Year 1)
Dept. of Africana Studies Theresa White theresa.white@csun.edu (Year 2)
Dept. of Criminology and Justice Studies Bruze Zucker (Fall) bruce.zucker@csun.edu (Year 1)
James Ballard (Spring) james.ballard@csun.edu (Year 1)
Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies
Sanchayeeta Adhikari sanchayeeta.adhikari@csun.edu (Year 2)
Dept. of History Rachel Howes rachel.howes@csun.edu (Year 3)
Dept. of Political Science Keiko Hirata keiko.hirata@csun.edu (Year 5)
Dept. of Psychology Ellie Kazemi ellie.kazemi@csun.edu (Year 4)
Debra Berry Malmberg debra.berry.malmberg@csun.edu (Year 1)
Dept. of Social Work Jim Decker james.decker@csun.edu (Year 4)
Dept. of Sociology Ellis Godard ellis.godard@csun.edu (Year 3)
Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning Alessandro Rigolon alessandro.rigolon@csun.edu (Year 2)

Tseng College of Extended Learning

College Representative

Vanessa Andrade
Appointment: Year 2 (exp. 08/18)

Note: The Tseng College has no departments.

Oviatt Library Representatives

Department International LiaisonsAppointment
Dept. of Collection Access and Management Services
Kimberly Embletonkimberly.embleton@csun.edu(Year 2)
Dept. of Reference & Instructional Services
Ahmed Alwanahmed.alwan@csun.edu(Year 3)