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Approval Process for Student Traveling Without Faculty

Graduate & Undergraduate Students Traveling Internationally for a Credit-Bearing Academic Experience without Faculty

Before planning any international travel, the traveler must determine if the planned travel destination has an active travel alert or warning. Several resources to assist in identifying which countries/destinations are considered high risk can be found on the U.S. State Department Travel Warning List and the CSUN Insurance and Risk Management website.

Planned international field trips or international internships or international service learning to locations listed by U.S. State Department and/or the CSURMA as a high hazardous or war risk destination require additional approvals, longer review times, and higher levels of insurance in keeping with CSU international travel risk requirements.

The first step for approval of international travel is to purchase insurance through CSUN’s Office of Insurance and Risk Management. The following documentation will be required as part of the overall application for approval:

Record Retention: The Office of the Senior International Officer will keep a copy of the documents listed above.

To comply with Academic Affairs University Policy 100-02: Existing Academic Credit Course with International Field Trips or International Internships or International Service Learning, international activities as part of an existing CSUN academic credit course shall also be reviewed and approved by the campus Purchasing and Contracts Office (if university agreements are required, e.g., internships), risk management officer, department chair or program director (following procedures approved by the academic unit), college dean, dean of the CSUN Tseng College (where appropriate), and the provost. The routing form is available from the office of the Senior International Officer, which will initiate the review process after the application has been submitted. The completed (signed and dated) routing form will be retained by the office of the Senior International Officer.