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How do I get into the eTravel Reimbursement Module?

Use the Travel Request and Reimbursement link from the CSUN eTravel pagelet in the campus portal.

How do I change eTravel requests after they have been submitted?

The next approver has to “Send Back” the document to the traveler for modifications.

My Travel Authorization has been approved but my travel dates are changing, what do I do?

Domestics Travel dates can be different from what is listed on an approved Travel Authorization.

Foreign/High Risk Travel dates must match the exact dates of travel. Traveler must contact Risk Management & the Provost/VP Office or Division VP or delegate for further information.

Dates on Expense Reports must match actual travel dates and all backup documentation/receipts.

How do I change eTravel requests after they have been approved at every applicable level?

The documents cannot be modified once the approvals are complete. It would have to be canceled and re-created.

I need to get rid of a travel request; do I cancel or delete it?

Travel Authorizations that are fully approved can be cancelled, if they are not copied to an expense report. Travel Authorizations can be deleted in pending status only.

Cash Advances and Expense Reports cannot be cancelled and cannot be deleted once approved.

What do I do if I did not create a travel authorization before my travel?

If the traveler does not complete an eTravel Authorization prior to travel, the Dean/Dept. Chair/Management must be consulted for further instruction prior to completing the eTravel Expense Report. The Travel Desk will not reimburse for travel without an approval from the Provost/VP Office. 

If a trip is out of state, but I drive to an airport in California, what billing type should I use?

The billing type should be the same for the entire trip, therefore, even though the drive to the airport is within California, if the destination of the trip is out of state, the “Out of State” billing type should be used. 

What billing type should I use if travelling to multiple destinations (in state/out of state)?

The ending destination should be used for the billing type.

I am travelling to multiple destinations; do I need to create a Travel Authorization for each one?

Not necessarily, as long as the travel dates are consecutive you may use one Travel Authorization.

Do I need a Travel Authorization for mileage and parking?

Expense Reports for mileage, including parking do not require a Travel Authorization.

My travel authorization was approved, when can I expect to see the encumbrance in my financial reports?

All travel authorizations approved before 3:00 pm on any business day will be available in the data warehouse the next business day. 

Is a link to the MapQuest sufficient justification for a mileage claim?

No the document should be saved as a PDF and attached.

How do I access My Wallet on my mobile device?

Android users can access the CSUN Mobile App through any mobile browser at

iOS users can download the CSUN Mobile App through the iTunes App Store.

See the My Wallet guide for more detailed instructions.

I added items from my Wallet what do I do with the duplicate expense lines?

Please delete the lines copied from the Travel Authorization that are related to the lines imported from my Wallet.

What happens if I forget to attach a receipt?

The Expense Report will be “Sent Back”.  The receipts can be attached and the report will go through the approval cycle again.

What happens if I lost my receipt(s)?

If you don’t have a receipt for an expense $75 and over, select the No Receipt check box. After you select Save for Later or Summary and Submit, you will need to provide a justification by clicking on the comments icon, then select OK.

I entered my expense report. When can I expect to see the encumbrance liquidated?

The encumbrance will be liquidated only after final approval. The journal to liquidate the encumbrance is created at 3:00 pm every business day, any items which have final approval prior to this time, will be liquidated in the financial reports by the next business day.   

Can anyone attach receipts or modify an Expense Report?

No.  Any changes to the document may only be made by the traveler or their delegate.  Then it must go through the approval cycle. If receipts or documentation are missing from the Expense Report, it will be sent back to the traveler for modification.