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Transit Priorities

CSUN Transit Priorities

With nearly 50,000 students, faculty, and staff, CSUN is a leading destination in the greater San Fernando Valley. In addition, CSUN is in the underserved central portion of the San Fernando Valley, making it a strategic location for a transit hub connecting major rail and bus systems from the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Simi Valley and Ventura County.  Each week, over 200,000 single-occupant car trips are made to and from campus due to the lack of adequate transportation options. Maximizing public transportation options by establishing CSUN as a major transit hub in the heart of the San Fernando Valley is essential to effectively serving the entire region, the central San Fernando Valley, and the campus community.

Key Priorities:

  1. Establish dedicated Bus Rapid Transit service from CSUN Transit Center to the proposed East Valley Transit Corridor rail system via Nordhoff St.This will ensure efficient service for the substantial number of CSUN students living in the east valley. It will also connect the Sylmar and Northridge Metrolink Stations, providing a vital missing link in rail viability for the region. Currently, the MetroLink Antelope Valley and Ventura County Lines converge in Burbank, making rail use for those traveling between Antelope/Santa Clarita and Ventura County infeasible.
  2. Provide Rapid Line service connecting the CSUN Transit Center to Warner Center.When combined with the East Valley Transit Corridor/Sylmar MetroLink station service described in item 1, this will complete a cross-valley link between the north-east and south-west.
  3. Provide Bus Rapid Transit service between the Metro Orange Line and the CSUN Transit Center along Reseda Blvd.
  4. Substantially enhance local bus service to serve the approx. 25,000 faculty, staff and students living within a 10 mile radius of CSUN.In addition, align bus schedules with late evening classes to ensure viability of mass transit as an option for students.
  5. Provide physical improvements to expand the capacity of the CSUN Transit Center and allow it to serve as a regional transit hub.In addition, improve adjacent intersections to facilitate efficient bus access. The necessary improvements can be accomplished with a relatively minor budget (<$10M).
  6. Relocate the Northridge MetroLink Station to Reseda Blvd. at Parthenia StThis will place the station directly on the Reseda Blvd. BRT route described in item 3, which is vital to developing a fully integrated transit system that supports future transit-oriented development.


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