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New F-1 International Student Academic Advisement

Welcome to Hub-International!

Hub-International is happy to offer a combination of virtual and on campus service hours. Please see the "Contact" information and business hours posted on the side bar. Before visiting campus, please see Matadors Forward - Health and Safety

Mission Statement

The Hub-International Academic Advisement Center provides comprehensive support and advisement services to all new F-1 international undergraduate students. Individualized services include early outreach, academic advisement, first-semester enrollment into degree applicable courses, university orientation and second-semester referrals. The foundational services we offer provide students with the tools and resources needed to be academically successful and have a positive transition into CSUN.

New F-1 Undergraduate International Student Academic Advisement Process

All new international students must complete Pre-Enrollment Steps 1-2, listed under "1st Semester Academic Advisement Instructions", to be enrolled into classes for the first semester. Students are also encouraged to explore the New International Student Advising Checklist, FAQ, and Important Dates and Deadlines for more information about their first semester.

1st Semester Academic Advisement Instructions

Complete Pre-Enrollment Steps to begin the process for academic advisement and enrollment.

Note: Students who have deferred their admission application from a previous semester will need to complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps again.

  1. Not Anymore- Title IX Training- To maintain a safe environment all CSUN staff and students are required to complete Not Anymore(PDF), an online, violence prevention program, before enrolling in classes. For help, visit How to Access "Not Anymore" Training.
  2. Response QuestionnaireAll new international students are required to complete the New International Student Response Questionnaire, to informs us of your intent to attend CSUN and schedule preferences/restrictions.
  3. Health Insurance Requirement - All new International Students (F-1 and J-1 status) are required to maintain health insurance coverage during their F-1 students status. Purchasing health insurance is mandatory prior to becoming eligible for course enrollment. Please purchase insurance coverage through California State University, Northridge (CSUN) International Student Health Insurance group. For additional information, including purchase instructions, please visit the Health Insurance Requirement page. 

New International Student Advisement Workshop: Once the Title IX Training and the Response Questionnaire are completed, within 5-7 business days students will be sent an invitation to their CSUN email, with a link to schedule an appointment to attend the academic advisement workshop. Once the Health Insurance Requirement is completed, students will also receive a tentative class schedule, which they can discuss with their academic advisor during the workshop.

Health Insurance Requirement

All international students who are studying in the U.S. are required to purchase or submit proof of health insurance.

CSUN International Students are required to purchase Health Insurance. To purchase the CSUN Health Insurance policy group, please click here. Type CSUN in the search box and select current academic year plan and your student category (i.e. International Students). This policy meets the Health Insurance Requirements as mandated by the California State University Chancellor's Office.

International New Student Orientation

All new international students are required to sign up for the New Student Orientation.

Orientation provides useful information about what to expect at CSUN, allows you to tour the campus, and helps you meet fellow international students. Go to NSO International to register (Registration may not be available until July/August). International freshman and transfer students are only required to attend the International Orientation. 

First-Time International Student Advising Checklist

New F-1 Undergraduate International Students

Welcome to California State University, Northridge (CSUN)! The International Student Advising Checklist will guide you through the necessary steps toward a successful first semester at CSUN. Be sure to read this checklist for important details about how to successfully transition to CSUN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Class Enrollment

1-How do I enroll in classes for the first semester?

An advisor will enroll new F-1 international students into courses once Pre-Enrollment Steps 1 and 2 are complete. Once enrolled students will have the opportunity to review the schedule and request changes. To begin this process please click the drop down box labeled “1st Semester Academic Advisement Instructions”. New international students will be able to enroll themselves into courses beginning their second semester.

2-Am I required to make an academic advisement appointment for the first semester?

New students are highly encouraged to attend the New International Student Academic Advisement Workshop (virtual), to meet with their academic advisor and review their class schedule. An invitation to attend the academic advisement workshop will be sent once all pre-enrollment steps are complete. 

3-Can I choose my own classes?

No, new international students do not self-enroll into classes.  Your International Advisor will pre-enroll you into your first semester courses.  However, students are encouraged to review their Degree Progress Report (DPR) and the CSUN catalog to help them understand their degree requirements. Students who would like to select specific classes are welcome to discuss their preferences with an academic advisor, who will review them for degree applicability, student eligibility, and course availability. All students should plan to incorporate general education courses into their schedule, including transfer students who must take 9 units of upper division general education at CSUN. 

4-What happens if I complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps late?

Students who complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps late may be enrolled into courses that do not meet during their ideal schedule preference and/or may risk important major classes closing. Late is considered July/August for fall and December/January for spring. Students who wait until after the semester begins to let us know they plan to attend may have to obtain permission numbers to be enrolled into classes. Late enrollment via permission numbers is not guaranteed to be approved.

5-How are hybrid/fully online classes conducted/How do I attend a fully online class?

CSUN offers a variety of fully online, hybrid, and fully on campus courses. For full details please review the Online Course Designations. Online meetings for most courses will be conducted virtually via Zoom. Information on Zoom (video call) links, assignments, and quizzes will be sent out by the instructor via the students CSUN gmail and/or Canvas account. If a student has not received course information from their instructor via email or canvas by the time the semester begins they should email their instructor. Instructors contact information can be found by typing their name into the CSUN Directory.

7-When will my tuition be due once I am enrolled?

Tuition and other fees are due at the time of registration, but may be paid according to the Fee Payment Schedule. Please review instructions on How to Pay Your Fees.

8-If I drop a class will I receive a refund?

Students are entitled to a refund only if there is a decrease in the number of units in which they are enrolled. Refunds are prorated after the start of the semester up until Friday of week 3. After week 3 students are not eligible for refunds due to partial schedule changes. More information on refunds can be found on the Student Refund webpage.

9-I have decided to withdraw or defer my admission to a future semester. What do I do?

Students who decide to completely withdraw after enrollment should notify their Hub-International Advisor at as soon as possible, so that we can drop you from classes and so that enrollment fees can be removed from your account.  To defer admission to the following semester, students must submit a request via email to International Admissions.


1-I have an International Advisement Required hold on my portal. What do I do?

The advisement hold for new international students will stay on for the first semester only. You DO NOT need to get this hold removed. This process is followed so that new international students consult with an academic advisor before adjusting their schedule; this guarantees that students maintain proper enrollment status. The International Advisement hold will be removed when it is time for students to register themselves for the 2nd semester.

2-I have a Title 9 hold on my portal. What do I do?

To maintain a safe environment, CSUN staff and students are required to complete "Not Anymore" an online, video- based, violence prevention program. Once you complete the training, your hold should be lifted within 24 hours. For help, view the How to Access the Title IX Training

3-I have a Foreign hold on my portal. What do I do?

The International & Exchange Student Center (IESC) places the Foreign or “F” hold. The foreign hold is placed for proof of health insurance. Insurance is not included in your tuition. For more information on how to remove the foreign hold, please visit the Health Insurance Requirement website.

4-I have an Immunization hold on my portal. What do I do?

The Klotz Student Health Center places the Immunization hold. The immunization hold is placed for proof of immunization for Rubella/Rubeola, German Measles and/or Hepatitis B. For information on how to submit proof of immunization or to obtain any screenings visit the Klotz Student Health Center.  


1-Am I required to take a math placement exam?

All freshman are recommended to take the Math Selection Assessment (MSA). The MSA determines placement into pre-college math up to Calculus I. Students who do not take the MSA or are not exempt via transfer work or an external exams (AP, IB, GCE A-levels, etc.) may be placed into the lowest level math course. Some transfer students may also be recommended to take the MSA based on their major. Students will be notified by an academic advisor if they are recommended to take the MSA, which will be offered during the two weeks before school begins.

2-Am I required to take a writing/English placement exam?

CSUN currently does not offer a writing/English placement test. Freshman students are encouraged to take the SAT or ACT to determine placement into freshman writing. Transfer students should transfer in with a freshman writing course. Students who do not transfer in with a writing course or are not exempt via an external exam (AP, IB, GCE, A-levels, etc.) will be placed into the two semester writing sequence. Please note the TOFEL and/or IELTS exam is not a writing placement test.

3-What is the Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) and when am I required to take it?

All CSU undergraduate students with catalog years 2023 and beyond must demonstrate competency in writing skills as a requirement for graduation. At CSUN, students who have met the lower division writing requirement, completed 56 units or more, and intend to graduate with a baccalaureate degree are required to demonstrate their writing proficiency in one of two ways:

  1. Students may meet the GWAR by receiving a grade of "C" or better in a minimum of 6 units of coursework in designated Writing Intensive upper division curriculum; or
  2. Students may meet the GWAR by receiving a grade of "C" or better in ENGL 345 Recursive Writing.

For more information, please visit the Testing Center website.


1-How do I obtain my I-20?

The office of International Admissions distributes the initial I-20, once you transfer your sevis records. For questions regarding your initial I-20 please contact International Admissions.

2-Who do I contact regarding immigration issues (visa concerns, work request, concurrent enrollment, etc.)

Your foreign student advisor in the International and Exchange Student Center (IESC) is responsible for enforcing immigration requirements. To contact your foreign student advisor, visit IESC About Us.

3-My sponsor/embassy/cultural mission requires that I submit a study plan before paying my tuition. How can I obtain a study plan?

You should obtain a Study Plan form (if required) from your sponsor and fill it out to the best of your ability, you can use the Degree Road Maps as a guide to help you plan your courses for graduation. You can then request a letter from Admissions & Records to confirm the accuracy of your plan and add any additional information you may need. To request this letter please fill out the Letter Request Form and submit it (with your study plan if applicable) to International Admissions in Bayramian Hall (BH 160) or email it to Once submitted, the Letter Request process takes approximately 10 business days to complete.


1-I cannot access my CSUN Portal or CSUN Gmail account. What do I do?

CSUN uses multi-factor authentication when accessing services, like Portal, Canvas, Gmail, and Box.  Ensure you have registered for Duo Multi-Factor Authentication. If you still experience technology issues related to your Portal or email access, contact the IT Help Center, or call 818-677-1400.

2-I have been enrolled in classes, but do not see my instructors course on Canvas. What do I do?

Canvas must be activate/published by your instructor. If by the first day of class you still do not see your course on Canvas please email your instructor. Instructor emails can be found by searching for their name in the CSUN Directory. For classes added after the semester has begun you will also need to request that the instructor add you to their canvas page.

3-I requested to drop a class, however the class still shows in Canvas. What do I do?

Canvas is a tool that instructors can use to upload course materials, however Canvas does not reflect your official schedule. Your official schedule can be found in your CSUN Portal on the "Academics" tab. As long as you have confirmed with your academic advisor that the class(es) have been dropped and are no longer listed in your portal, you can disregard the old course(s) on Canvas.

4-I am having issues accessing Zoom from my country what should I do?

If you are having trouble accessing Zoom, please visit the Zoom Video and Web Conferencing website for support. 

Important Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2023 Semester

  • August 23, 2023 – Fall 2023 Officially Begins
  • August 26, 2003 – Saturday Classes Begin
  • August 28, 2003 –Weekday Classes Begin
  • September 4, 2003 – Labor Day Holiday; Campus Closed
  • November 10, 2003 – Veterans’ Day Holiday; Campus Closed
  • November 23-24, 2003 – Thursday & Friday, Thanksgiving Recess; Campus Closed
  • November 25-26, 2003 – Saturday & Sunday, No Instruction
  • December 11, 2003 –Last day of formal instruction
  • December 12-18, 2003 – Tuesday-Monday, Final examinations
  • December 23 - January 1, 2024 – Saturday-Monday Campus Closed

Spring 2024 Semester 

  • January 15, 2024 –Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Campus Closed
  • January 20, 2024 – Saturday Classes Begin
  • January 22, 2024 –Weekday Classes Begin
  • March 18-24, 2024 – Monday-Sunday, Spring Recess; No instruction
  • April 1, 2024 – César Chávez Holiday; Campus Closed
  • May 10, 2024 – Last day of formal instruction
  • May 11-17, 2024 – Saturday-Friday, Final examinations
  • May 27, 2024 – Memorial Day Holiday; Campus Closed

For additional Academic Calendar dates, please link to Student Academic Calendar.

2nd Semester Academic Advisement Instructions

International students will be able to enroll themselves for the second semester, however before enrolling students must meet with an academic advisor.

Freshman Students (0-29 units)

First-time freshmen will schedule their 2nd semester advisement appointment with their Hub-International Academic Advisor in the Matador Advising Hub. Beginning week 5 students will be sent an email invitation to their CSUN email (ending in requesting that they schedule their appointment. Currently, the Hub is offering both in person and virtual appointments.

In preparation for their advisement appointment 2nd semester freshmen are encouraged to review the The Hub-International Canvas page. 

Transfer Students (30-90+ units)

First-time transfers will be asked to attend a virtual Pre-Second Semester Success (PreSSS) workshop during weeks 5-7, which will help prepare them to meet with their college or major department advisor. Students will be sent an email with instructions and tips for 2nd semester registration. 


Special Populations

The Hub International Academic Advisement Center advises all new undergraduate international students on F1 visas. We do not advise: