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R.I.S.E. Scholars

Recognizing International Students’ Excellence  

The R.I.S.E. certificate is awarded to F-1 international students who have risen to the challenge and maintained excellent academic progress throughout their first year by receiving a 3.75 GPA or higher. We recognize the amazing contribution international students make to our campus and we believe in their ability to continue to rise towards greatness. R.I.S.E. recipients serve as an inspiration to future international students by encouraging them to rise to any challenge.

Spring 2018-Spring 2019 Cohort

No Photo AvailableName: Su Hyeon Kang

Major: Psychology

Interest/Hobbies: Hiking and Camping

Favorite Location to visit: Utah and Sedona, Arizona

Advice for new international student: Got to meet with an academic advisor at least once in a semester. Choose a class that you can be interested in and have fun with.

Sandra Dahlgren

Name: Sandra Dahlgren 

Major: FCS-Textiles and Apparels

Interest/Hobbies: Studying social identities in the context of fashion, hanging out with friends, and exploring new things.

Favorite Location to visit: Malibu

Advice for new international student: Be you and everything else will unfold in your benefit. Never underestimate the value of your background! Get to know yourself, what you want in life and go for it!

Pinshui Zhang

Name: Pinshui Zhang

Major: CTVA- Provisional Film

Interest/Hobbies: Watching movies and dramas with my boyfriend (S.B).

Favorite Location to visit: Beijing & Los Angeles

Advice for new international student: Dream bigger. Practice harder.


No Photo Available

Name: Yamin Zhang

Major: Economics

Interest/Hobbies: Travel

Favorite Location to visit: The Getty Center

Advice for new international student: Have a plan. Take your time. Enjoy.


No Photo Available

Name: Xinyu Cao

Major: Art

Interest/Hobbies: Drawing and Sports

Favorite Location to visit: Yellow Stone National Park

Advice for new international student: Don’t be shy to communicate with others. Be tough and outgoing! Trust yourself and you can make it!


No Photo Available

Name:  Naoko Kishimizu

Major: Marketing

Interest/Hobbies: Yoga

Favorite Location to visit: Malibu

Advice for new international student: Make friends as much as possible. You might want to join a club, then you can find friends who have the same interests as you. Set a goal that you want to achieve. Enjoy your life!!

R.I.S.E. Scholars Fall 2017 Cohort

Shahed Salehian, Major: Computer Information Technology

Dorsa Hassankhani, Major: Finance- Financial Planning

Jessica Puzon, Major: Marketing

Ingmar Prinz, Major: Music- Media Composition

Tabea Wurst, Major: CTVA- Electronic/Entertainment Media Management

Khanh Tran, Major: Electrical Engineering

Alabbas Al Issa, Major: Global Supply Chain Management

Arrah Enaw, Major: Computer Engineering

Bibinur Zhursinbek, Major: Computer Science

Lukas Wallner, Major: Finance

Eric Chow, Major: CTVA- V Production

Alexandra Satarova, Major: Political Science

Bronte Eather, Major: CTVA- TV Production

Nyan Htet Lin, Major: Systems and Operation Management/ Business Honors

Linh Lam, Major: Medical Technology

Vittoria Tuttobello, Major: Communication Studies

Vattanak Keo, Major: Computer Science

Manae Deguchi, Major:Music- Music Industry Studies

Bomi Kim, Major: Art

Caylee Ng, Major: Finance

Adwitiya Singh, Major: Computer Science

Yisi Luo, Major: Accountancy

Shruchi Shrestha, Major: Information Systems

R.I.S.E. Scholars Spring 2017 Cohort

Adelyn Soetyono, Major: CTVA- Multimedia Production

Humaid Al Tawqi, Major: Construction Management

Athena Beldja Sjoeblom, Major: Marketing, Business Honors

Jakob Askjer, Major: Cultural Anthropology

Hrithik Das, Major: Computer Engineering 

Claudia Abrami, Major: CTVA- Electronic Media Management

Shahab Sefat, Major: Electrical Engineering

Rina Yanagita, Major: Art

R.I.S.E Scholars Fall 2016 Cohort

Alicia Puzon, Major: Journalism- Public Relations

Chakameh Mallah Zadeh, Major: CTVA Fil Production

Chieko Takeuchi, Major: Child and Adolescent Development

Juan Martinez, Major: Computer Science/Computer Information Technology

Hawa Coulibaly, Major: Communication Studies

Jeniffer Costa, Major: Political Science

Oliver Arany, Major: Finance and Management

Noelle Naing, Major: Management

Jessica Adao, Major: FCS- Family Studies and Interior Design

Krina Gajjar, Major: CTVA-Film Production

Veronika Oleynik, Major: CTVA – Film Production

Yunsub So, Major: Accountancy

Phung Nguyen, Major: Accountancy

Rizza Cayanan Buan, Major: Kinesiology

Yu Si, Major: Computer Science

Elisa Elhadj, Major: Political Science

Rio Sato, Major: Music- Media Compostion

Johanna Lindhult, Major: Marketing

Wei Shen, Major: CTVA - Film Production

Elvira Mukhametova, Major: CTVA- Film Production

Maria Verna Aquino, Major: Computer Science

Phuong Truong, Major: Finance

R.I.S.E. Scholars Spring 2016 Cohort

Jade Lim, Major: Computer Information Technology

Jing Xie, Major: Finance

Yang Liu, Major: Art

Kazumi Kato, Major: Communication Studies

Kamilla Baisheva, Major: Communication Studies

Jing Heng Chin, Major: FCS- Food and Science Administration

R.I.S.E. Scholars Fall 2015 Cohort

Betty Fusman Nickowitz, Major: Kinesiology 

Cati Mayer, Major: Journalism, Minor English

Hagay Jalon, Major: Psychology 

Levina Soetyono, Major: FCS- Nutrition and Dietetics

Claudine Lazaridisz, Major: Political Science

Rene Gonzalez- Slizewski, Major: Music- Media Composition

Waddah AlMutairi, Major: Political Science 

Marlen Gronewold, Major: Management

Soud Ben- Awadh, Major Mechanical Engineering

Liyuan Li, Major: Finance and Business Honors

Debora Hermele, Major: Communication Studies

Yin Fung Khong, Major: Computer Engineering

Ghazal Jain, Major: Computer Science

Liony Suciawan, Major: Nursing

Sofia Castillo, Major: Music- Vocal Performance

Weijie Sun, Major: CTVA-Film Production and Theater Acting/Directing