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Pre-Enrollment Schedule Change Process

CSUN F-1 Undergraduate International Enrollment and Schedule Change Request Process

International F-1 undergraduate students, who complete Pre-Enrollment Steps #1-3 will be enrolled into classes for their first semester. This process is followed to ensure students are registered in courses that meet major and/or general education requirements and are enrolled into at least 12 units for visa requirements. 

Priority is given to students who complete the Response Questionnaire by the recommended deadlines; late May/early-November for first-time freshmen and mid-June/ late-November for first-time transfer students.

Students who do not complete Pre-Enrollment Steps #1-3 by the recommended deadline, or do not indicate important schedule accommodation needs/restrictions on their Response Questionnaire forfeit a chance for a specialized schedule. 

Schedule Change Process:

  • Students may request a change in their schedule no later than the Friday of the first week of classes. For a schedule change to be approved the class must be open and the student must be eligible for the course. The international schedule change deadline is before the university week 3 deadline, to better guarantee the academic success of our international students and to decrease the stressors of searching for a class late
  • For the best chance of obtaining a schedule change please make sure to meet the following requirements:
    • All placement/exam scores have been submitted to the university and are reflected in our system.
    • All final official transcripts have been submitted to the university and are reflected in our system with a grade. 
    • Any prerequisite coursework under substitution review has been approved and is reflected on the Degree Progress Report (DPR).


  • Schedule change requests beyond Friday of week 1 (during week 2 and 3) are not encouraged and generally not permitted unless the student has an extenuating circumstance. Excuses like "I don’t want to go to class so early," "I want to be placed into the same classes as a friend" or "I want a different instructor" are NOT examples of extenuating circumstances. These concerns should be brought to the attention of an advisor before Friday of week 1. Extenuating circumstances typically DO include:
    • Transfer/exam work previously in progress is now reflected in our system making you eligible for additional major courses.
    • Transfer/exam work previously in progress is now reflected in our system making you exempt from a course you are enrolled in.
    • A change of major which results in new degree requirements.
    • You are requesting a drop only and will still meet the minimum 12 unit requirement for your visa (drops okay through Friday of week 3).
    • Recruitment to an official CSUN NCAA sports team (clubs/external extra curriculars do not qualify)
  •  If approved by an advisor for a schedule change, all adds in week 2 and 3 also require instructor consent. Students are responsible for contacting the instructor themselves and obtaining a permission number, which can be given to their academic advisor to complete the add. 
Special Notes:
  • Adds after the semester has begun may require additional late fees.
  • Freshman writing and math are mandatory in the first semester (unless exempt via transfer/exam work) and therefore are not eligible to be changed/dropped.
  • Instructors are not obligated to provide permission numbers.
  • Adds/drops past Friday of week 3 are typically not approved and are not eligible for a refund unless fully withdrawing.