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  • Tutor helping a student read

Yes, I CAN Learn to Read!

"From day one of the program, my son Dylan felt welcome and comfortable. He is a reluctant reader, and I wasn't sure how things would transpire. I feared he might stand stubbornly outside the building doors and refuse to go in. But my fears were unfounded. He practically skipped out of his first session and immediately said, "This was so much fun, and so much better than school when you sit at a desk all day." I know that's one of the goals—to make reading fun, and it certainly was for Dylan.

…And then last night, after we finished reading together at bedtime—with me doing most of the reading—I turned off the lights, said good night, and left the room. And then I heard talking coming from Dylan's room. I went back in and discovered that he had turned the lamp back on in his room and had picked up a new book and was reading to himself out loud. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. May this be a new beginning."

The Special Education Literacy Clinic offers fun, interactive reading instruction for students ages 5 to 20 who are identified with special needs. Each student is assessed to identify specific areas of reading strength and weakness, and individualized goals are created to meet their reading challenges. Based on these goals, our tutors design active, hands-on activities each week that help the students to realize that yes, they CAN learn to read!

Because reading and writing are so challenging for some youngsters, our tutors are encouraged to create age-appropriate game-based activities to engage students fully and actively. We believe learning should be fun! Our aim is to create a reading clinic where the students are anxious to return, and where the learning engages them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Our tutors also use technology to help students access text in new ways. Tools such as iPads, Kindles, recording pens, computers and websites help make reading tasks relevant and entertaining for young readers.

We have two different programs available to families with struggling readers. The Special Education Reading Clinic offers once-a-week individualized tutoring, focusing specifically on the development of reading skills. The Educational Therapy Program offers more intensive, twice-weekly services that include educational and therapeutic approaches to tutoring in a variety of subjects. For more information on these programs, please click below.