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Special Education Reading Clinic

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The Special Education Reading Clinic is supervised by experienced CSUN faculty members who are highly knowledgeable about best practices for teaching reading to students with disabilities. Tutors are taught the latest brain research related to reading problems, and the most effective, proven strategies for teaching reading to students with significant reading challenges. All tutors receive weekly feedback and guidance on their activities from the supervising faculty.


Our tutors are CSUN students enrolled in the Special Education Credential program, the Special Education Masters program, or the Reading Specialist program. All have previously done some teaching in authentic school settings, and many have years of experience as teachers or paraeducators.

Included Services

The tutoring begins with informal reading assessments, designed to tease out students’ specific areas of strength and needs related to reading. Tutors then create individualized, focused reading goals based on the results of those assessments. Using their goals to guide them, the tutors design eight weeks of fun, interactive reading/writing activities that engage students in the process of learning to read without making it painful or frustrating. At the end of the semester, tutors write a report of their students’ progress and present it to the parents in the final session.




 Dates of TutoringDays AvailableFrequency
Fall SemesterEarly October through early DecemberMonday, Tuesday, or ThursdayOnce a week
Spring SemesterLate February through early MayMonday or ThursdayOnce a week