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Special Education Literacy Clinic FAQs

How do I know if my child is a good fit for this program?

  • The Clinic generally serves students with mild to moderate disabilities. These may include learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADD, autism, and mild intellectual disabilities.
  • Students in the Clinic need to be verbal, and have the ability to participate in hour-long tutoring sessions with guidance and support from their tutors.
  • Clinic faculty will speak to each family individually to determine fit with the program before enrollment in the program.

How is this program different from the Los Angeles Times Literacy Center?

  • Our program is specifically focused on teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities, and our tutors are trained in methods that have been validated for this population. Most of our readers are one to four grades below grade level, and have identified disabilities. The Los Angeles Times Literacy Center works with struggling readers who are generally six months to two years behind in reading. They do not specifically focus on students with disabilities, although students with mild disabilities may be served by their program.

Will the tutoring only be for one semester?

  • Families are asked to commit to one semester of tutoring. At the end of the semester, if both the family and the clinic supervisor agree that the tutoring is benefiting the student, students may be invited to return for another semester.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of four semesters of tutoring in the clinic.

Is there financial help available?

  • Unfortunately, at this time we do not have scholarships available. However, our tutoring programs are generally a fraction of the cost of other similar programs, and we will work with families to create a payment schedule if needed.

What other programs are available for my child and family?

  • Please check-out the TLCC homepage for an overview of other services available. These include:
    • The Los Angeles Times Literacy Center

      Reading and writing tutoring for struggling learners

    • The Berke Assessment Clinic

      Assessment services for families seeking information about their children’s learning strengths

    • The Family Focus Resource Center

      Information and assistance for families of children with disabilities

    • The Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic

      Counseling services for adults, children and families