Who We Are

The Sustainability Program at CSUN is comprised of various departments, working groups, academic centers and individuals dedicated to achieving the campus' immediate, mid-term and long-term sustainability and climate goals.

Campus Structure

Institute for Sustainability

The Institute for Sustainability spearheads educational engagement efforts through curriculum development, events, tabling, social media and digital newsletters. The Institute operates the campus food garden, which serves as a tool to educate campus and community members on the benefits of gardening, composting and healthy dietary habits. In addition, The Institute for Sustainability also developed the minor in sustainability practices, and works to connect students with faculty members to provide hands-on internship opportunities relating to sustainability. 

Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

FPDC houses the Director of Energy and Sustainability, the Energy and Sustainability Coordinator and the Campus Energy Manager. These roles are charged with implementing the Sustainability and Climate Action Plans, making facility efficiency upgrades, growing renewable energy projects and improving the sustainable attributes of the campus' physical infrastructure. 

Associated Students Sustainability and Recycling

ASSR coordinates the Sustainable Office Program, as well as campus recycling programs for bottles and cans, paper, cardboard, pallets, electronics, toner cartridges and more. Associated Students also houses the Associated Students Sustainability Committee charged with engaging and educating the campus on issues related to sustainability.

Working Groups

There are ten working groups, comprised of faculty and staff, charged with implementing the initiatives outlined in the ten sections of CSUN's Sustainability Plan. Group members come from a variety of divisions and departments and have a wide range of backgrounds, giving each working group a diverse skill set and broad area of expertise.


Campus Partners

Physical Plant Management

The University Corporation

University Student Union

Student Housing and Conference Services

The Marilyn Magaram Center


Community Partners

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

Northridge East Neighborhood Council

Valley Green

Pando Populus