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Tree Campus USA

CSUN received recognition for the first time as a Tree Campus USA in February 2015. This is a program that was developed by the Arbor Day Foundation and Toyota. These two organizations came together to recognized Universities that properly care for and maintain their Urban Forest. These organizations developed 5 standards that each university must meet in order to be considered for recognition as a Tree Campus USA.


Standard 1 - Campus Tree Advisory Committee

A Campus Tree Advisory Committee comprised of members representing the diverse audience of those with a stake in campus trees is established and meets regularly. While responsibility of the campus trees often ultimately lies with the campus forester, arborist, landscape architect, or designated facilities department, the Campus Tree Advisory Committee can assist in providing guidance for future planning, approval of a comprehensive campus tree plan, education of the campus population as to the benefits of the campus trees, and development of connectivity to the community.


Standard 2 - Campus Tree Care Plan

A Campus Tree Care Plan should be flexible enough to fit the needs and circumstances of the particular campus. The Tree Care Plan should be goal oriented and provide the opportunity to set good policy and clear guidance for planting, maintaining, and removing trees. It also provides education to the campus community, citizens, contractors, and consultants about the importance of the campus forest and the protection and maintenance of trees as part of the growth and land development process.

  • CSUN Urban Forest Management Plan


Standard 3 - Campus Tree Program with Dedicated Annual Expenditures

A college campus, to be designated a Tree Campus USA, must allocate finances for its annual campus tree program. Evidence should be shown that an annual work plan has been established and expenditures dedicated towards that work plan.

It is suggested, but not mandatory, that campuses work towards an annual expenditure of $3 per full-time enrolled student.

  • 2014/15 Annual Expenditures
    • Tree Planting and Initial Care Costs: $116,250
    • Campus Tree Management Costs: $280,000
    • Volunteer Time from Students and Civic Organizations: 2,835
    • Total Calculated Costs: $460,179


Standard 4 - Arbor Day Observance

An Arbor Day observance provides a golden opportunity to educate the campus community to the benefits of the trees on their campus property and in the community. The Arbor Day observance can be on the campus or held in conjunction with the community where the campus is located. Your event may be held at an appropriate time for your campus.

  • 2014/15 Arbor Day Event Pictures


Standard 5 - Service Learning Project

The Service Learning Project should be an outreach of the spirit of the Tree Campus USA initiative. This project should provide an opportunity to engage the student population with projects related to trees and can be part of a campus or community initiative. The project must be done within the course of the year application is submitted.

  • 2014/15 Service Learning Pictures


Review & Confirm Details of General Information

General Information

Your Contact Information

College or University Name: California State University Northridge

Name: Austin Eriksson

Title: Sustainability Program Manager



18111 Nordhoff Street Mail Drop # 8219

Northridge CA 91330

Phone: 8186772561


Communications Office Contact

Name: Jeffery Noblitt

Title: Associate VP, Marketing &

Phone: 818-677-2130

Email: jeffrey.noblitt@csun.edu


President/Chancellor’s Office

Name: Dianne Harrison

Title: CSUN President



18111 Nordhoff Street Office of the President

Northridge CA 91330

Email: dianne.harrison@csun.edu



How did you hear about the Tree Campus USA program?:

Arbor Day Foundation


Recognition Event Date

Recognition Event: March 7, 2015

Standard 1

Committee Dates

Date Committee Was Established: Oct 1, 2014


Meeting Dates for Application Year:

Nov 15, 2014


Committee Members


Claudia Hasenhuttl



Mario Giraldo



Jim Logsdon
Austin Eriksson



Craig Crotty

Standard 2

Campus Tree Care Plan Establishment

Date the Campus Tree Care Plan Was Established: Oct 17, 2014

Campus Tree Care Plan:

Campus Tree Care Plan 1

Standard 3

Expenditures Calculation

Tree Planting and Initial Care Costs: $116,250

CampusTree Management Costs: $280,000

Volunteer Time from Students and Civic Organizations: 2,835

Other Costs: $0

Other Cost Description: n/a

Total Calculated Costs: $460,179


Additional Campus Details

Number of Trees Planted: 125

Number of Trees Removed: 95

Reason for Tree Removal: These trees were removed because of disease and age. It is important that these trees were removed because of safety concerns, being a heavily populated campus we can not afford to have the potential of a tree falling on our campus community.

Number of Trees Pruned: 750

Tree Canopy Cover Percent: 0%

Campus Population: 32,516

Standard 4

Observance Details

Date of the Event: Apr 28, 2014


Short Summary of the Event:

This event was held to recognize Arbor Day and Earth Day. It consisted of various environmental vendors and clubs supporting the event. They set up booths to discus and advertise what they were doing and y as well as how to get involved. The event also had games and events to attract interested parties. We also provided giveaways, crafts as well as music and live entertainment. One of the major companies that participated in this event was the Aquarium of the Pacific, who brought their display "on wheels". This event was sponsored by the Institute for Sustainability and our Associated Students.



Arbor Day Observance 1

Arbor Day Observance 2

Arbor Day Observance 3

Arbor Day Observance 4

Standard 5

Service Learning Project Details

Date of Service Learning Project: Apr 13, 2014


Short Summary of the Event:

The Institute for Sustainability at CSUN held two orange picks this past academic year. One was in September, which we had a small turn out of 30 students and there was 1,089 pounds of oranges picked. Another orange pick was in April which had a much larger turn out with 375 volunteers who picked 18,554 pounds of oranges. the fruit that was picked during these events was donated to local food banks. These two events lasted for 7 hours each! The University's Sustainability Institute also employs several students who work on various projects, including developing the Campus Tree Inventory and map.


Number of Students Involved: 405



Service Learning Project 1

Service Learning Project 2

Service Learning Project 3

Service Learning Project 4


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