Natale Zappia, Ph.D.

Sustainability Program Analyst
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Sarah is the Sustainability Program Analyst for the Institute. She works with campus departments to implement sustainability initiatives, programs, and events. Sarah helped develop CSUN's 10-Year Sustainability Plan, which began in 2013 and serves on three working groups tasked with achieving the goals set forth in the plan.
She is also responsible for engaging students, employees, and the community in sustainability education while reducing the university's environmental impact. She oversees student assistants working on research, outreach, gardening, and event planning. She has worked for the Institute since its inception in 2009.


Gina Gerlich, BA
Research Assistant

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Yesenia Mateo
Garden Assistant
Gina is currently a research assistant for the Institute and is a graduate student in Geography and Environment Studies studying for her MS in Geographic Information Science/Systems. She received a BA in Psychology here at CSUN. She is passionate about taking pictures and creating videos of the world while traveling to different places.
Her interests in sustainability reside mostly in the environmental and social pillars of sustainability. As technology continues to dominant, she plans on using her skills in GIS in research and work environments to study the impacts humans have on the environment.
Yesenia is a sophomore majoring in Public Health and minoring in Sustainability. Yesenia uses she/her/hers pronouns and is excited to begin her journey as one of the student assistants at the Food Garden.
She is eager to learn and teach others how to create a sustainable garden because in the future she wants to make green spaces accessible to low-income communities in inner cities. She loves to thrift, listen to music, and late night munchies even though it’a not good for her.


Elline Deogracias
Research Assistant
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Samantha Lemus
Garden and Office Assistant
Elline is a sophomore double-majoring in Business Law and Business Honors. She is currently a research assistant at the Institute for Sustainability and manages the Institute's social media accounts. Elline loves indoor gardening, exploring new places, and writing. 
Her main interest is in corporate social responsibility and environmental law/policy. She hopes to go to law school after CSUN to study corporate or environmental law, and aims to leverage that experience to enforce corporate social responsibility. 
Samantha is a graduate student in the Communicative Disorders program. She currently works in the Food Garden and also works in the Institute for Sustainability office. She grew up with an interest in gardening and being outdoors. These interests led to a desire to better understand sustainability and learn ways to alter wasteful lifestyle practices.
She tries to make educated purchases and daily choices when given the chance, and is grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about sustainability through the Institute.
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Karina Jimenez
Garden Assistant
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