Energy & Water Resources

Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP)

Available to all DWP customers! An assessment of your home will be performed and efficiency improvements will be completed for free.  Work is performed on a first-come first-served basis, and there is currently a waitlist for this program.  Apply ASAP to reserve a spot in line!

Energy Savings Assistance Program

Make your home more energy efficient through no-cost energy-saving home improvement services offered to income qualified customers.


Middle Income Direct Install

Middle Income Direct Install

Provides no-cost energy home improvements for customers whose income just exceeds the upper threshold for Energy Savings Assistance Program eligibility.

To apply: Email

Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade

Choose from a variety of upgrades, pick a participating contractor to install them, and receive a rebate after the work is complete!

1. Home Upgrade- up to $3,000: Minimum of 3 upgrades required; See website for a list of eligible upgrades and more details.

2. Advanced Home Upgrade- up to $6,500:  Add additional upgrades to your Home Upgrade to receive a larger rebate. Rebate amount depends on the energy savings of your project.

Low-Flow Showerheads

Order low-flow showerheads through the SoCal Gas Online Storefront and receive your $15 rebate instantly!

Cash in your Lawn

Replace your turf grass with California Friendly® plants, mulch, and permeable pathways. Must get pre-approval of application before starting project.  Applications submitted are eligible to receive a rebate for turf replacement of $1.75 per square foot for 1,500 square feet maximum.

California Friendly® Landscaping

Get landscape designs by region, learn about low water use plants and trees, find workshops in your area and other helpful planting resources.

Save the Drop

Get water saving tips, find out your watering days, and find water rebate information at

Water-Energy-Climate Calculator

WECalc will ask you a series of questions about your water use habits. Based on your replies, WECalc estimates your water use and provides personalized recommendations for reducing that use.

LADWP FREE Water Conservation Items

If you own or rent a home within LADWP’s service area, you can receive showerheads and aerators for FREE!  Visit your nearest Customer Service Center to pick them up.

SoCal Gas FREE Water Conservation Items

SoCal Gas Customers can also receive a FREE Energy Efficiency Starter Kit (1 low-flow showerhead and 3 aerators).

FREE Trees from City Plants

City of Los Angeles residents can get 7 free shade trees delivered to their doors. Businesses can request shade trees too and may be eligible to receive even larger quantities.

City Plants also holds tree giveaway events around the City where residents can learn about and pick up a free fruit or shade tree.

If you agree to water parkway trees in front of your home or business, City Plants will do the planting work for you at no charge!

Apply online at or call (213) 473-9950 to get FREE trees.

Refrigerator Exchange Program

Older model refrigerators are replaced with new, energy-saving, ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerators, FREE of charge. Refrigerator and owner must meet certain requirements. Income requirements are the same as the Energy Savings Assistance Program.

REfrigerator Turn-In and REcycle (RETIRE) Program

Have your old refrigerator picked-up and recycled at no cost PLUS receive a $50 rebate!

Efficient Product Marketplace (EPM)

Research, locate, and purchase energy efficient products from a single website.  Submit receipts online and receive rebates for qualified purchases:

Home Energy Upgrade Financing

Under this program, you may qualify for $2,500 to $30,000 simple interest installment financing to purchase and install energy-efficient upgrades in your home.

Home Energy Saver Online Tool

Enter info about your house and this do-it-yourself home energy audit tool will give you a customized list of energy savings recommendations. See how making small changes at home will save you energy and money!

LADWP Rebates

LADWP offers a variety of water and energy efficiency rebates to help customers save energy, water, and money!   Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Limited to one rebate application per product category, per address.

Water saving rebates include: Low-flow toilets, high efficiency clothes washer, weather-based irrigation controllers, rotating nozzles, rain barrel/cistern, and soil moisture system.  Check product eligibility and apply for rebates

Energy saving rebates include: Energy Star® room air conditioner, HVAC system, whole house fan, variable speed/flow pool pumps, Energy Star® windows, cool roof installation, and pool pump replacement.   Apply for these rebates online or print and mail application:

SoCal Gas Rebates

SoCal Gas offers rebates for Energy Star® certified appliances and energy-efficient natural gas products such as water heaters, furnaces, washing machines and insulation. Check website to see what rebates are currently offered and to verify product eligibility: