The Associated Students on campus is in charge of handling recyclables from CSUN students, faculty and staff offices, and student housing via the extensive Campus Recycling Services program. Established in 1991, the program diverts recyclable products from landfills while also providing students with volunteer and leadership opportunities.

A wide variety of items can be recycled: bottles and cans, cell phones, laser and inkjet cartridges, office paper and cardboard, pallets, and recyclable waste from special events. To recycle batteries, visit the CSUN Environmental Health and Safety. The Associated Students provides a map that can help you locate your nearest recycling collection location. Students can also sell or donate their gently-used items to other CSUN students via the Matador Exchange website.

If you’re curious about recycling and would like to leave a smaller ecological footprint as you go about your business, then consider these easy options: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Simply reduce the amount of single-use items that you consume, find other ways to reuse items that you were about to discard, and either donate or recycle what you no longer want to keep.