Photovoltaic Sites

The CSUN campus enjoys the benefits of multiple Photovoltaic installations, two of them covering busy parking lots where they also provide much-needed shade. The PV panels generate electricity as they absorb solar rays which are converted into alternating current and fed back to the campus power grid. Utilizing solar energy to keep campus buildings operational also reduces the reliance on electricity generated from non-renewable fossil fuels like natural gas or oil.

The first PV project was installed in 2003 and comprised more than 3,000 solar panels producing up to 225 kW of power, a $30,000 annual energy saving for the university. The second project was completed in 2005, and the electricity generated saves campus close to $70,000 annually. Other PV locations include the Student Recreation Center and the Boeing site.

Installing a solar farm in the back yard may be beyond the energy consumption of most people, but installing a few rooftop panels may be a great way to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels while shrinking your energy bill. There’s plenty of freely available information to help you decide if solar panels are right for you and your dwelling.