Meeting Schedule 2017-2018

Green Core Team

Green Core Team meetings are held on an as-needed basis.

Sustainability Working Group Meetings

Chair: Austin Eriksson

Working groups are aligned with the 10 sections of the Campus Sustainability Plan and members work to implement strategies and meet campus sustainability goals. The groups meet four times a year to provide updates, discuss challenges, and ensure progress is being made.

Contact Austin Eriksson, Sustainability Program Manager, to join a working group.

Working Group





Administration09/22/20179:00 AM10:00 AMUN 320
Administration11/28/20173:00 PM4:00 PMSB 104
Administration02/15/20181:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Administration04/30/20183:00 PM4:00 PMSB 104
Dining Services09/26/20171:00 PM2:00 PMUN 325
Dining Services12/14/20171:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Dining Services02/15/20189:00 AM10:00 AMSB 104
Dining Services05/11/20189:00 AM10:00 AMSB 104
Education09/21/20173:00 PM4:00 PMUN 320
Education12/12/20173:00 PM4:00 PMSB 104
Education02/01/20183:00 PM4:00 PMSB 104
Education05/03/201810:00 AM11:00 AMSB 104
Energy and Buildings09/14/20172:00 PM3:00 PMUN 325
Energy and Buildings12/12/20171:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Energy and Buildings02/12/201811:00 AM12:00 PMSB 104
Energy and Buildings05/02/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Environmental Quality09/25/20172:15 PM3:15 PMUN 325
Environmental Quality12/13/20179:00 AM10:00 AMSB 104
Environmental Quality02/12/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Environmental Quality05/14/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Organics09/18/201711:00 AM12:00 PMUN 325
Organics12/18/201711:00 AM12:00 PMSB 104
Organics02/12/20183:30 PM4:30 PMSB 104
Organics05/03/20189:00 AM10:00 AMSB 104
Purchasing and Consumption09/21/20171:00 PM2:00 PMUN 320
Purchasing and Consumption12/11/20171:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Purchasing and Consumption02/12/20181:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Purchasing and Consumption05/08/20181:00 PM2:00 PMSB 104
Transportation09/14/2017 1:00 PM2:00 PM UN 320 
Transportation11/17/20172:00 PM 3:00 PMSB 104
Transportation02/16/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Transportation05/18/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Waste and Materials Management09/20/20173:00 PM4:00 PMUN 320
Waste and Materials Management12/14/20172:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Waste and Materials Management02/07/20189:00 AM10:00 AMSB 104
Waste and Materials Management05/01/20182:00 PM3:00 PMSB 104
Water09/26/201711:00 AM12:00 PMUN 325
Water12/11/201711:00 AM12:00 PMSB 104
Water02/08/1811:00 AM12:00 PMSB 104
Water05/03/201811:00 AM12:00 PMSB 104