LED Project

CSUN continues to lead the way in sustainable energy practices by replacing inefficient light bulbs with light-emitting diode lights. LEDs have an average lifespan that is 25 times that of regular incandescent lights, while using 75% less energy in the process. That means a lower energy bill, fewer light bulbs in the trash, and no additional heat emitted from the bulb itself.

Several campus LED replacement projects are already completed, and pedestrians using Jacaranda, Cleary, and Lindley Walks enjoy the directional and crystal clear light overhead. The lighting along Cleary Walk is also “smart,” which means programmable, dimmable, and has motion and light sensors. Additional LEDs are installed in the B4 and B5 parking lots, outside University Hall, and next to Chicano House. Even swimmers using the campus pools enjoy the benefits of LEDs.

Implementing energy savings at home can be a costly affair, but it pays to start small by installing one LED light at a time. The higher upfront cost will be offset by the reduced energy consumption that follows.  And keep in mind that you can take your LED lights with you when you move, and re-install them in your new place of residence. There are many LED light bulb models to choose from, and most are available in hardware stores. Great places for LEDs include the kitchen, bathroom, hallways, and even holiday lights.