CSUN Sustainability 2020

  • Energy & Water Conservation

Energy and Water Conservation Program

The LADWP education partnership grant addresses outreach for energy and water conservation through five components.

Community Workshops

A series of workshops focusing on three areas – energy conservation and efficiency, water conservation, and LADWP’s community solar program will be held in the community for the public.


Outreach to Business Owners

Students participating in the Minor in Sustainability will reach out to local businesses in a consulting capacity. These students will identify high commercial users of energy and water. Then students will develop and present a business proposal to these commercial entities. 


Brochures and Educational Materials

Energy Saving Resource Guide

Commercial Resource Guide

Water Saving Resource Guide

Guia de Recursos para Ahorrar Agua y Energia (Spanish)


Outreach and Education to School children and Parents

The K-12 schools shown below will participate in problem-based learning on water and energy use. In collaboration with the Institute for Sustainability and the College of Education, participating schools will present showcases for families and communities on how residents can participate in LADWP water and energy conservation programs.

Community Events

The Institute for Sustainability will host an event in which students from participating k-12 schools will present their conservation projects and prizes will be awarded for competing projects.

LADWP hosts FREE CA Friendly Landscape workshops in Los Angeles. For more info, visit: www.ladwp.cafriendlylandscaping.com


Case Studies

The LADWP Case Study was written in partnership with the Director, Coordinator, and Project Coordinator.

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE): Community engagement and education on energy and water conservation (Free AASHE Registration with CSUN email)


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