Student Finance

Student Account FAQs

To view your Student Account information log in to myCSUN on the CSUN website and navigate to:

My Finances >Student Account Information

1. How do I know how much I owe and when it is due?

When you enroll in classes, your registration fees and due dates are calculated and posted to your student account.

2. What are the different ways I can make a payment to my account at CSUN?

University Cash Services accepts several different forms of payment in person and online.

3. How can I pay my fees?

Please review How to pay your fees on the Student Finance page.

4. How do I know if I qualify for Financial Aid?

All financial aid questions are handled by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Department.

5. Why was I disenrolled?

Tuition and other fees are due upon registration or by the established due date, based on the day you registered. If your tuition and other fees are not paid by the established due date and time, you may be disenrolled from some or all of your classes.

6. What is the form 1098-T for?

Please refer to the IRS Form 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions.