Social Media

CSUN faculty and staff may use the following form to request the addition of student-targeted content to the university's official social media pages. All requests must be submitted by a CSUN faculty or staff member five business days prior to the desired posting date. Student Marketing & Communications (SM&C) will do its best to accommodate urgent requests. 

If you have a request that is not meant for students but targeted at faculty, staff, alumni, community members, etc., please contact University Advancement.

Assuming SM&C and the requester meet their respective deadlines, other factors may impact the completion of a social media update, such as technical, server or production issues. If one of these problems occurs, SM&C will notify the requester as soon as possible. 

All social media requests go through a rigorous university approval process. The university and SM&C have the right to deny any content not suitable for the university's official social media accounts.

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