Department Welcome Video

CSUN faculty and staff may use the form below to request an academic department welcome video for incoming undergraduate students. Student Marketing & Communications (SM&C) will work with CSUN academic departments to develop a video welcoming students who have been admitted to a particular department. 

Videos are filmed each year in April and September at the SM&C office. A CSUN faculty or staff member must submit his or her request no later than Aug. 1 for the September filming or March 1 for the April filming.

Traditionally, department chairs appear in the videos, but we understand some may not feel comfortable in front of the camera. In this case, we encourage recruiting someone from your department (a professor, graduate student, honors undergraduate student, etc.) who is comfortable on screen.

Assuming SM&C and the requester meet their respective deadlines, other factors may impact the completion of a department welcome video, such as technical, server or production issues. If one of these problems occurs, SM&C will notify the requester as soon as possible.

Upon completion, all department welcome videos must go through a rigorous university approval process. The university and SM&C have the right to deny any video not suitable for the myNorthridge Portal.

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