CSUN App Content

Current CSUN faculty and staff may use the form below to request to add permanent or event-related temporary content to the CSUN app.

Permanent Content Additions

Proposals for permanent content additions must include documented evidence that the new content is necessary in providing CSUN students, faculty and staff critical information and services a user may need to access on a mobile device. Requests for permanent new content must be made at least 90 days prior to the requested content posting date.

Temporary Content Additions

Proposals for event-related temporary content additions must be shown to support official CSUN sanctioned events and must be made at least 60 days prior to content posting date.

All requests will go through a rigorous approval process; requests received are not guaranteed approval.

Assuming Strategic Communications and the requester meet their respective deadlines, other factors may impact the completion of a request. If a problem occurs that will delay the completion of a request, Strategic Communications will notify the requester as soon as possible.

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1. What type of content would you like added?
Please provide the name of the CSUN department you work for.