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CQF/IRA/STAR Comparison

Comparison of STAR, IRA and Campus Quality Fee
Comparison FactorSTARIRACQF
ApplicantIndividual students or small groups with faculty sponsor required.Academic course projects – faculty request with department chair and dean approval required.Individual faculty, staff, students on behalf of programs, services, activities, or instructional/operational units.
PurposeCosts related to the creation and/or presentation of original academic research or other scholarly / creative activity.Funding for course-required projects or activities that extend beyond those funded through the State University Fee and involves significant out-of-class activity which results in a planned product.Funding to ensure the quality of students’ experience through the elimination of most course fees, advancements in technology, instructionally related activities, access to student support services, and campus spirit/athletics
Faculty InvolvementSponsored and guided by a faculty memberSponsored by an instructional departmentNot required
Relationship to a specific courseNot necessarilyRequiredNo
Independent Study EligibilityYesNoNo
Conference TravelOnly if presentingRarelyNo
Competition TravelYesYesNo
Judgment of QualityPresumed by faculty sponsorship and, in the case of conference/competition acceptance, by the academic or professional association.YesYes
Scope of ImpactIndividual/small groupCourse enrolleesStudents at-large or large sub-grouping

Funding may be sought from more than one source providing the requirements of the source are met.


Campus Quality Fee
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