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As a Business student, I would like to be updated and learn how to use the technology that companies are using today. For example, I am currently interning at Disney in which they are using SAP. I've ner heard of SAP until I came to intern here and little did I know that Many small, medium, and larg companies use it. I felt and I still feel that I am not getting the most updated information out there. Perhaps training courses or seminars that will give us a heads up in certain industries. I studied abroad 2 years ago, and really enjoyed going to seminars over the weekend where it was more hands on and they'd teach you about Business today. I wouldn't mind paying extra for it, and maybe getting some credit or having it required as a upper division course. I definatly would not mind spending extra hours over a weekend on the oppertunity to learn more about my industry.   X       X
"To ensure the quality of student's experience". What experience? We came here to study and of course there will always be irresponsible students that go to the University to waste their time and make a bachelor in 7 or 10 years. I believe this is ridiculous. I you really want to make out of this University a good experience for us then don't ask for more money because what that does is make us think about if our place is at CSUN or if going to CSUN was the worst decision we could've make in our lives. What this University needs to do is spend money on things that are neccesary for our education not on the structural look of the University. But like always California is full of ambitious people (in a negative way) that all they want is power and live in appearances. Please really think about the students and our education not in making our lives impossible.           X
I think we can still maintain quality with more then just money.           X
As Richard Pryor stated, (EXPLITIVE DELETED)           X
it sux           X
Mrs. President, Why don't you take some of the thousands upon thousands that you make in salary and put it towards the university? Afterall, it's not like you have to pay a mortgage payment, as your house was given to you by the state...           X
PS It is April 26th. Today I was sent the email regarding the fee increase. According to your "forum schedule" I have missed the chance to voice my opinions. Thanks for denying my voice.           X
If you'd like to complain about the recession, contact your country's execitive in the white house. Drop him a line that says Howdy and thanks!           X
In refernce to Gen. McAuliffe response at Bastogne: "Nuts!".           X
I got no idea what this is           X
i just wish we had more parking space.           X
When higher education is reserved for the wealthy, only the wealthy will be educated.           X
The school rips us off already, so i don't think it would make a difference. They will find a way one way or another to steal our money.           X
If my fees are going to pay for athlete scholarships, then they better have a better GPA than me, or I want my fee REFUNDED!!!!           X
I strongly believe education should be FREE for everyone to begin increase in fees is immoral.           X
A true travesty. The governor is reaching into the pockets of the students with these educational cut backs and it's the students who are expected to pick up the financial slack.           X
The top University administrators would not mind an increase- after all, what do they care? They already got through with college!!! Is a fee increase a way of helping the next generation to replace them? I DON'T THINK SO!!!           X
I believe the Governor needs to get his people to redo the whole budget, and ask themselves what really needs to be cut in order for a tax hike not to occur in the school systems. Often people who work hard and come to school are given less though than to those who do not work and are dependable on state ad federal help.           X
Campus quality should include how much tuition the chool is charging given their reputation, CSUN in this case unfortunately does not have a right to charge more, nor should they attempt to under false pretenses of campus quality.           X
lame           X
A University's need for new student fees is a symptom of poor money management on the part of the University. Tuition at CSUN, a state subsidized education, is already very high. The University should be able to work within their budget based on what they currently bring in.           X
tell them to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) themselves           X
They don't pay the fee so they can propose whatever they want. As a student who has been here for 4 years I can say I don't care for this. Campus is fine as is. This is just another way to make us students pay more money for stupid stupid things.           X
I don't understand why CSUN needs to raise fees.... The president of the school recently received a huge increase in his/her pay. I also heard that he/she has a driving stipend (this means he/she gets money for gas, etc)..The increase in the president's salary is more that what some of the full time staff at CSUN make....I think instead of asking students for more money, the school should think about how much its "leader" is making and if this is justified....Faculty received a 2 or 3 percent increase, nothing compared to the President. Seeing how students have more contact with faculty, this seems odd to me.           X
More fees?!? Heres an idea, try giving the inside of your classrooms their first paint job in twenty years before you go and start demanding MORE money form broke students! Or how about providing more student parking, rather than converting it into staff parking?!? Students can only park in student spots whereas staff can park in student or staff parking! If staff members cant find any emply spaces, then isnt it possible that more student spaces are needed? Students are charged inflated parking rates so the school can pay for parking enforcement...why not use that money to build a new parking structure with spaces big enough to fit a car that isn't sub-compact?!? I assume the people who run this school are college educated, but I really cant tell!           X
The problem is the legislature refuses to address issues of education on any level in California. They are so concerned about maintaining their positions, that they don't look at the bigger, ong-term picture. It's really term limits and the gerrymandered assembly and senate districts that cause this. Students must get involved in the political process, and hold the members of the legislature's feet to the fire!           X
After the last year's controversy about particular members of the school board being paid too much and the teachers not being paid enough, I no longer trust an financial statement from the school board. All I know is that I'm not going to pay EXTRA for what my tuition has covered.           X
I personally don't like this school. And it has nothing to do with on campus activites. It's directly related to professors, departments and the ways that this school chooses to spend my money which doesn't get returned to me in a sound education with up to date classrooms and so forth. (Sierra Hall needs an update) I'm one of the students who needs to come to class and has to leave right away for work and who does not live on campus. As it is, prices at school are astronomical and I don't think it is fair to lay that cost on everyone, especially those who won't reap the benefits of the fee. The proposal isn't even specific as to what services and activites would be benefitted by the fee. For all I know it means more leather chairs and televisions in Bayramian Hall instead of decent maps, paint, and facilities in Sierra Hall. There is a serious disconnect on this campus and it is disgusting.           X
I find this unnecessary. Sounds like a cry for help to fund the new building project on Nordhoff. We're doing fine without any classrooms over there now.           X
I believe money should be demanded from the State and not the students because the campus spends a lot of money on construction and other things that do not directly influence the students, instead of using the high fees already charged for the students.           X
I can tell you why we have no spirit, because no one cares. The schools with spirit have a team to rally around; that team is football. It is expensive, but it would bring some notoriety back to our school!         X  
You have given absolutely no details about the proposed fee. "The university vice presidents have studied this situation and propose a new student fee be considered to ensure the quality of students' experience." This is not a proposal. It is a proposal for a proposal. WHO ARE YOU? THE FEDERAL GOVT.!?!            
Need more data, such as the amount and what it will for.            
More info please. This doesn't say anything.            
Might as well make CSUN a UC.            
The state of California needs to spend less on prisions and more on education. I need more information on the fee increase, such as how much and what will it be used for before I can comment.            
I'm always disappointed a bit by fee increases, but I also understand them. I hope that the CSU system is doing everything that it can to encourage as much financial support as possible from the state and federal governments, and I am nonetheless thankful that our in-state student fees are reasonabe when compared to fees from other states' in-state student fees (see WA state's public universities). I am on a student budget though, so the less my education costs, the happier I am about paying student fees.            
I don't attend CSUN as a destination school. I attend it to get my masters in engineering while I work during the day. I want my fees spent on good instruction and good learning facilities.            
WASTEFUL SPENDING!!!!!            

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