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Campus Quality Fee Appendix O

Web Feedback: Questions Related to the Campus Quality Fee Proposal


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Gasoline is going up, fees is going up....whats next?           X
"$7,300,000 in direct benefit to students." Yeah right... How about saving me $100/semester, that's a direct benefit to this student.           X
with the massive tax cut proposed to the csu system, do we really need another stupid tuition increase?           X
Ridiculous, why are the students responsible for campus quality fees when tuition is already higher than normal.           X
Why are we funding sports when basic instruction is suffering from a lack of resoruces - teahcign shoudl be first, these other ego boasting activities last.         X  
If only students will pay the fee, and if only students will benefit from it, why shouldn't only students be able to decide?            
Why did I receive NOTHING about this prior to this e-mail. I am a 3rd semester, activly progressing grad student of the English department of the college of Humanities, and frankly I'm insulted. If there is one thing I am convinced of it is that the institutional and administrative decisions made over the last twenty years have been choking the life out of a discipline which I view as the connective tissue of all higher education. We might not be the muscle or the brain of the academy, but we are certainly intrinsic to the healthy functioning of the body of the institution. The inability of this institution to address, even defend, what is so precious and intrinsic to its functioning is appalling. I view it personally as yet another nail of ignorance in the coffin America has been building since 1980.And I don't see how any person who has dedicated their lives in service to the academy can stand for this, it needs to be addressed, not thrown on the pile of "to do" lists. I received my BA from CSUN in '06 in English CW, I plan on graduating in '09, but it is with a heavy heart.If there is anything I can do to reverse this horrible trend please let me know. Leon Khachooni            
I would like to know why we are informed by email about these important forums, 4 days AFTER the last forum has taken place. If students were informed about these forums in a more timely fashion, more of them would likely participate. Why don't professors ever mention anything about activities taking place on the campus? That would be a sure-fire way of getting the word out to students.            
Too vague... What are some specific examples of these things are to "ensure the quality of students' experience."?            
there is not enough information to make a decision. What will the fee increase be used for?            
This is a very broad statement. Please explain what the additional money will actually pay for..."quality"? Please be specific so that responses are not based on uninformed guesses as to what are quality opportunities and services.            
How about some substantial data? How much of an increase? For what programs? You know people don't have money these days. How about cutting some expenses elsewhere?            
How much?            
I would like to more clearly see where this fee is going. This proposal makes it very unclear. Is it going for new pom poms for the cheerleading squad, more pointless anorexia awareness mazes with facts so common knowledge they are insulting, or something that will actually enhance the average students day to day experience like shuttles from parking lots, or class related expenses?            
Your not really going into detail as to what the fee will encompass. What will the money be used for exactly?            
This proposal does not specify how exactly the quality of the students'experience at csun will be changed. What will be done with the money gained from this fee, and how will that benefit the students of csun?            
As much as I would love to comment, this analysis tells us nothing about the proposed increase. How much money? Where will the funds be allocated and how? Can we see some statistics backing up these claims?            
students contend that they are having difficulty meeting current fees. I don't know how true this is because many seem to be receiving Pell Grants with which they buy the latest electronics. I don't know how these new funds will be used. Which support services are in jeopardy?            
How much?            
this analysis is vague. for example, what is the amount of the proposed fee?            
"Hence, the student experience and the quality of instruction are greatly influenced by...the spirit of the campus." Will it fund the new pep band? That will enhance the spirit at games, pep rallies, and various other events.            
Those who proposed the fee increase should place themselves in the shoes of the students....if they were the students themselves would they still support the increase? I highly doubt it.            
How much are we looking at?            
A large percentage of this fee (38%?) will be going toward athletic concerns, which many are not involved with. Why can't that portion of the fee be spread around more equitably?            
instead of raising fees, why don't department chairs and deans teach classes. This way you can cut down on the # of part time instructors.            
must there be a fee for everything?            
Why is there such a high percentage related to athletics? What about the arts and more university-wide scholarships?            
Why not cut out the middle man and make the school less political and more about the students?            
You guys will probably raise the prices anyway right? You raise them pretty much every year...sign of the times!            
Additional scholarships only for the P.E. department? This will improve CSUN's image?            
can u elaborate the definition of "quality of student's experiance"?            
How will this fee be a benefit to us as CSUN students?            

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