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If the increase is for sports, I do not feel that school spirit is something that my money should go to. Also, there is already sufficient access to technolgy around the campus. As someone who would not be going to college without financial aid, it would be nice to have other services to recieve even more financial aid. For me every semester is a financial struggle as a student. What would these services entail? If the benefits are applicable to students in a direct way that we will see in the next few years, then a small increase in fees should is worth the money.   X     X X
No. It seems to me that the issue, in regards to student fees, is abundant already. If "quality of students' experience" is to be sought, it is not the quantity of service or the quantity of the students' pocketbook is needed but the quality of the service, i.e., the service itself, program, organization, people behind the service, and et cetera. There's no point in allocating MORE funds to existing and indifferent services when students already feel like a cash cow, especially when there's no specific knowledge as to where the additional funds will be spent.       X    
The University has to keep up with changing times- which means a changing ecomony, and hence, rises in costs everywhere. It is important for us students to be able to afford a quality education, but at the same, we have to understand that there is certain funding that has to be met. HOPEFULLY, the government steps it up and is willing to continue to subsidize a large amount of the Cal State University tuitions; but it is also likely that student costs will be increased too. As a student with a very limited income, and borrowing the maximum amount of financial aid loans, of course I would like to pay as little as possible- but at the same time, I would not want my education, or the quality of the University to be sabotaged to achieve this.           X
I understand the reasoning or rationale behind the proposed fee; however, many students are already struggling financially to keep up with the tuition and fees that are already in place. Adding an additional fee at this time when there is already talk of the university fee being increased, when gas prices are hurting students who commute, would be a tremendous and discouraging blow to many students.           X
My primary concern is that this increase will likely ride on the back of a CSU-wide increase. It also represents a subsidy of certain areas (e.g., labs), which currently have user fees, which raises some equity issues; for other programs selected to benefit from this subsidy, such as athletics, do not seem a wise or appropriate choice in these harsh economic times. For only an introductory period students will have some increased funding and increased control of those funds; yet the distribution of those funds may not be equitable or manifest itself as hoped (the pie is pretty small and it's only on the table for a short time). The fee increase will give the university lots more flexibility with funds, plus cover other costs, so administratively it clearly has positives. I am not entirely convinced that the cost/benefit analysis works out for individual students, particularly with the money ear-marked for athletics. (I say this even as a big sports fan and former college athlete). X       X  
In review of the "Statements For and Against the Fee Proposal," I agree that lab fees should be the individual student's responsibility. However, the arguments that school spirit, school athletics, and the fact that many students only come for a degree and don't care about these "things" is very short-sighted and discounts an average student's experience at any school. We, students, are in a community and are (or should be) aware that our hallways, classrooms, gyms, campus culture, and experience with non-academic aspects of our campus affect us directly. This is true for State University, community college, and even high school. In addition, the idea that students only account for a small percentage of control is misplaced, as this is true for education at any level. Students do need more control, but we are transitory and more often than not, we are not affected after a relatively short campus life. I do believe the students must have a controlling interest in the outcome of this proposal, but the statements seem very narrow. X       X  
I can see where the amount that we pay and the amount it actually costs doesn't add up and isn't really the best thing, but I think that some of these labs that people are told they need are going to be less inclined to taking them if they are required to pay more, in addition to buying the books and sometimes required to buying some of their own equipment. X          
I think we need to consider whether the CSU will be raising fees as well. I support the fee increase IF students will be able to see a qualitative difference in the experiences on campus.            
This could be a good thing, but it depends on the fee amount.            
I am against the proposed fee for the following reasons: * Increasing campus-based fees at a time when there is the possibility of a state university fee increase may be a financial burden that some students may not be able to afford. * Not all students take courses with lab fees or instructionally related activity expenses; they do not receive benefits from a fee to offset individual costs. * The campus already has sufficient computing labs, wireless access, and access to help; adding more is just wasting money. * Students should be able to take care of themselves if they are in college. Emphasis should not be on increasing support services. * Some students only come to campus to attend class and earn a degree. They do not attend athletic events and do not care about campus spirit. * The students who will decide on the allocations may spend the money in ways in which other students disapprove. * Students only control a small proportion of the fee. * Many students will not directly benefit from the fee increase. Also the web based survey from March 13-19 showed that the majority of students who took the survey have been at CSUN for only 1-2 semesters, and therefore have the least experience and do not have the right to decide whether a fee should be imposed on all students. X X     X X
This is a terrible idea. Stop stealing our money. Especially for such useless things as athletic scholarships. And as for spending more on technology, I frankly don't TRUST the university to make proper decisions. I'm a sociology major. We used to have access to a REAL lab. Now we have to use failing (battery dying, improperly scheduled updating) laptops in the labs for our core classes. Laptops are more expensive than desktops. This was a stupid, stupid, stupid, move on the university's part. Furthermore, I don't trust fellow students to decide where certain funds should go either. This is a very bad idea. It sounds like a sloppy IRA-tax on everyone, including people who never use IRAs. I CAN'T AFFORD IT ANYMORE. THE ECONOMY IS A MESS AND THE UNIVERSITY IS MAKING IT HARDER AND HARDER FOR ME TO LIVE. MY FEES HAVE ALREADY INCREASED BY ALMOST $500.00 SINCE I STARTED ATTENDING CSUN. ROUGHLY A 40% INCREASE! STOP!!!   X     X X
We don't need any more fees. I personally don't take courses with lab fees, don't care about school activities, and feel like the university is already trying to squeeze every dime out of us possible. I'm irked enough that I have to pay $20 to take a writing exam to meet a requirement that other CSUs allow to be met with a required course. Let the students interested in athletics and activities pay for it themselves. All I want is a degree, and I'm broke enough as it is. X       X X
I am against the fee increase. It is already so hard for students, myself included, to finance school and books and housing... without adding increasing fees each year. All students would be responsible for contributing to this pool of money but not all students would benefit from it, not all students play sports or have a lab class. The fee increase just is not fair to all students working so hard to pay their fees as it is. X       X X
I am going to have to lean towards the statements against the fee proposal. For one, school spirit, like attending extra-curriculum activities on campus, for instance, is challenged due to the economic disparity we are facing. Students now have to work additional hours to make endd meet. Second, not all students take courses with lab fees. Thirdly, there are enough computer labs on campus already that some of the computer labs are nearly empty. X       X X
The only reason why they want us to pay this fee is to make a football team. I think if you want to make a football team and charge us fees for them tell us straight forward. I do not want to pay an extra $100 for a football team. I think that should come from donations and sponsers. Tuition is expensive as it is and it is going to go up even more, with this fee it won't let us finish our education.         X X
I'm don't receive financial aid, my dad is dead and my mom has little money. I work while going to school. I don't take summer sessions so that I can build up enough money to pay the tuition for the Fall semester. One of the reasons I chose CSUN was because it was less expensive while still well respected. By increasing how much students pay you hurt ME. I'm not some nameless, faceless bag of money, I'm a person who will have to work more hours to cover your increase and the more I work the less time I have for school. I know that a portion of this money is for sports. I don't care if we have a volleyball team and I could care less if the soccer team needs a bigger scholarship. If you do decide to increase tuition, at least spend it where it is truly needed! On more classes, this will increase the chance that people will get out of college faster and you'll have less "super seniors". I realize right now is a bad time in US economy, so stop making it harder on us who have the least to give! By the way, because of your LAST increase I've had to work extra hours to cover how much next semester will cost me. I was unable to attend ANY of your forums because I was working or in class for all of them. I'm glad I have an opinion, but because of rising costs which don't seem to better the school, I don't have an opportunity to express that opinion except through a small comment box.         X X
I believe we, as students should be able to vote on this as it affects us. Also as a student who is having trouble paying for tuition, this increase will greatly affect me despite the fact that I do not think it is necessary to add an extra 100 dollars charge to our already increasing tuition especially on something that does not interest me such as athletics. In addition upon reading the Presidents budget proposal I found that it does not say were about half of the money will go to. How will we as students be guaranteed that the money be used productively? Overall I mean to say that I oppose this proposal and feel that again, students should have the right to vote on it.         X X
To CSUN Administration, I am Political Science Major and this is my second year here at CSUN. As a Student I am AGAINST the proposed fee increase. I don't receive any sort of financial from the government meaning that my parents have to pay for everything, tuition and housing and books...adding 100 dollars more may not seem like a lot of money but it does when your constantly struggling to pay for housing, tuition and books. I don't feel that sports should be a big component of the university. I am strongly against the fee increase. Stephanie.         X X
This is an educational institution. Why would we give further funds to athletics? Sports should pay for themselves through ticket sales, otherwise they have no business pulling money from student fees. We students all have limited incomes and it doesn't need to end up in the pockets of jocks, who in general, are unduly glorified.         X X
I think that it is a shame that the school feels it appropriate to spend 42% of proposed newly acquired funds on athletics when they are cutting back on classes at the same time due to a budget crisis. I think if the school continues in this fashion it will be in danger of losing the reputation it worked so hard to get as an institution that ranks among the best in the state.         X X
I believe that the Fee should not be increased because not all students take courses with lab fees, and the campus already had sufficient computing labs, wireless access, so adding more is just wasting money. Students like myself attend classes to attain a degree, not for athletic events. Increasing the fee for me is a burden because I, as a commuter, can not afford it with the gas price going up. I am against the fee proposal. X   X     X
Why should there be a fee increase if tuition is already high. Not anyone will be capable of paying their way to college and will be forced to drop out. There's no need to stay up to date with technology if CSUN's technology is perfectly fine.   X       X
I don't think raising fees for all students is a fair solution. Considering education should be available for all, this will only penalize students that are already struggling to get by. While some students drive to school in BMWs and flaunt their wealth, others hold several jobs to survive. Also, not all students have courses that require labs. Therefore, charge those that use labs, extra-curricular, etc. and do it on a sliding scale. Students who come from wealthy families will see this as "pocket change" and those that are disadvantaged will be able to continue persuing their studies. Universities should not be run as businesses but rather as Institutions that are preparing our future citizens. Perpetuating economic differences may be an easy solution will only create resentment and greater polarized society based on haves and have-nots. As a learning Institution please try to do what is expected by creating a solution that is "outside the box". X         X
No fee increase. If the university needs more money, then the first thing they should do is cut unnecessary expenditures (is it REALLY necessary for deans to go to a $400/night resort to learn how to save money?) instead of placing more of a burden on the students.           X
There has to be a different way to improve the "quality of instruction" without raising fees. School is already very expensive and many students are in huge debt before they even graduate. I believe that we deserve a decrease in fees and not an increase. The government needs to do something about this problem because colleges everywhere in America are way too expensive for a working class family!           X
WHAT services??? This "proposal" is so vague as to be meaningless. My "quality of experience" at CSUN is just fine, thank you very much! Good Lord! There are a huge number of students that come to school, park their car, go to class, go to the library, go to their car, and go home. That is the extent of their service utilization. If they raise fees anymore I, and many others like me, are not going to be able to AFFORD to go to CSUN. If they must do something to generate income, how about charging user fees to the people that actually use the service? Oh, wait, I know! How about if they actually did some research to find out where their highest cost-centers are??? Finding ways of REDUCING COSTS           X
No, enough with attacking education and students. Many students can not afford fees now! and are barely making it. They work and go to school, this treneous schedule impacts their grades. If the fees for education continue to increase. Schools will find themselves with low enrollment numbers.           X
I think its terrible. I mean, yes its great that the university needs to sustain our quality opportunities, but at the same time, it's hard for us to afford everything too. We go to school to make a difference, and by raising prices, people might start dropping out of school. So, I say no to the increase in tuition; if people need money for other services in the school, then they should pay for it and not make the rest of the student body pay extra for them.           X
I think it's totally unnecessary to increase the fees because all we do is to help out the athletics but not any other areas. There aren't many people who care about athletic compare to the whole university. Beside , the cost of the books increasing. Instead of increasing fees, I think we should decrease the fees so that students won't have to work full time to pay for their fees and can actually concentrate more on their studies. we want to graduate from CSU without worrying about the cost and that way it would help many more students who have hard time paying for tuition. if the fees keep increasing, next thing we would notice, students are dropping off from university because they won't be able to pay for their tuition. I've already noticed some students' taking their semesters off to work and pay for their upcoming semesters. I wonder what 's next!           X
International Students hardly use any of the mentioned facilities, most of them graduate without even knowing such facilities exist. We are already paying four times the amount of fees for a regular student, a polished name given to an increase of fees will surely affect the number of students coming here. We wouldn't recommend future students to come here and transfer ourselves to other schools as well.           X
The proposed fee increase is outrageous and should be rejected. The State of California should raise taxes to fund education adequately. The whole state benefits from providing high quality education to our students who should not and in many cases cannot afford higher fees.           X
I am against there being a fee increase because the amount at this moment is already high and the quality of the education is not high at all.           X
I agree that the fees would provide a great value to the students, however, I am concerned that the additional $104 per semester may price some students out of being able to afford tuition. While it is not a lot of money, it is enough that it will hurt the pocketbook of students who are already financially struggling           X
Why put the burden on students since the Legislature budget should anticipate this increasing budget ahead of time accordingly.           X
I'm concerned that we keep passing the costs on to the students. As long as we feel free to do that, the state government has no accountability for the budget cuts they put in place. I would rather see us do without than keep raising the fees-- we are cutting many students out of the community by raising fees beyond their reach.           X
I am opposed to imposing a fee on all students that would essentially only benefit a few. Engagement may enhance the college experience, I have no doubt of that, but in this economy students are more often unengaged due to their need to work to pay what are already high education costs.           X
Speaking as a parent trying to pay my kid's education (3), I must say this is the worst possible idea I have ever heard. You should be working to reverse the de-funding of public higher education. Don't keep passing the cost off to working families.           X
Any increase in student fees, whether imposed by the state, the systemwide CSU, or an individual CSU campus, will restrict access to higher education because fewer students will attend - period. We will lose several thousand per lost student just because we sought to ask each student for about $100 more per semester.           X
I am having a hard time paying my fees as they are, I can't afford any fee increase.           X
A lot of students won't be able to pay for their education if the fees are increased.           X
Many students will have to drop out due to financial problems.           X
A lot of students are self-supporting. We won't be able to pay for our education.           X
I think the fee proposal will deter individuals from wanting to continue with higher education. It is hard for me as a commuter to pay $1,000 for transportation for per semester and then have the fees increase for tution that does not include books, supplies, lab fees, or any additional materials imposed by the staff. Most of the students are on fixed incomes and it hard to maintain a budget to ensure that we will be able to make it from point A to point B enroute to finish our education. I do not support the increase being proposed for it will mean that I will have to seek other financial means just to maintain. I understand that everyone should have the opportunity to attend college but at what expense will it cost the students if they cannot afford to finish their academia? If it were not for programs to help minorities get into the university such as myself, a lot of us (minorities) would not be at CSUN or being able to turn our dreams into realities. X         X
In this analysis, what is this "ability to sustain quality opportunities and services" that is being challenged? The COBE pays for itself. As an accounting major, there has been a wide variety of opportunities that have been given to the students to further enhance their careers with the help of AA and the BAY and alumni. My question or more comment is that alumni is the impacting force. I'm sure if the school asked for donations from alumni or even the places of business that the alumni work for, there would be many donating; if money is what the school needs. Please don't put these fees on the students because most of us are loaning it from the bank! Interest is low, but we're still paying for it! I'm sure your argument would be: Don't you want the best education? and the answer is yes, but at a low affordable cost! I chose to go to CSUN because of its prestigious diploma in accounting, but if student fees get any higher and what makes it worse, you're putting it on discriminating against a certain group of majors, it says 1) this is a really prestigious program, and 2) it raises the question to future students, do i really want to pay extra for this major? and in today's raises in cost of living, but no raise in pay, even little extra costs are being put into the equation of budgeting. This "small" raise in student fees affects people and their budget more than you think.           X
simply put, the campus quality fee is unnecessary that has sparked intense disagreement among students. no student wants the burden of yet another monetary increase coupled with the governor's budget cut.           X
Dear Sir I oppose the student fee increasement. The school fees are already high to pay and additional increase is not a good option. Student           X
itis not fair because i work and i support my self to pay the fees .. and that is basically putting extra money on me and every one ...thank you           X
I am opposed to this fee increase. Education is becoming more and more restrictive and we are already seeing its negative effects. This would only serve to further limit the number of low-income students that could afford a university education. I am also opposed to this method of deciding on a fee increase. Students should have the right to vote on this.           X
Given the poor state of affairs with today's economy, it is not surprising that University costs would fluctuate, but finding a way to deter increasing costs for students should be well exhausted. Students are incurring more costs just driving to school due to gasoline prices. The cost of books in the bookstore is ridiculous. The students have a lot to bear with tuition, parking, lodging, and books, etc. If the quality fee can be absorbed another way, it should be given the utmost consideration. I think the students are being stretched enough as it is. Let's not take the joy of attending college away because of monetary reasons. Remember they are here to get an education, not free of costs, but not to be so burdened that it causes a hardship.           X
Against it. How many fees can you impose on people trying to get an education? It is ridiculous.           X
I think that if there is a fee increase I will spend more time working than studying. I really think that it is a bad idea to increase the fee at this point because the economy is dropping and all the prices are going up. School should be the exeption because schools were created to teach not to make business. Sincerely (name deleted)           X
your fees have already increased outrageous percents over the last few years. No more fee increases!           X
We already pay enough to increase our fees anymore. Make classes available instead of increasing our fees.           X
The proposed fee increase is something that I am absolutely against because the prices are getting so expensive and it is no wonder the drop out rate is so high. If the school is committed to giving students a good education, they need to hire better professors instead of increasing the fees and the majority of students do not even need the things that they do with the extra money. The reason most people come to CSU's is because it is suppose to be less expensive than a UC.           X
We don't need any more added fees. Period.           X
There should be no reason for these fee increases to occur. If the University is looking to keep the less fortunate people from getting an education than by all means just state it already because that is what it seems like. STOP MAKING IT HARDER AND HARDED FOR THE WORKING CLASS TO MAKE IT!!!!           X
I would prefer not to pay anymore than I do, it is difficult enough. Maybe CSUN needs to learn to live within it's budget. Perhaps cut out frivolous items and concentrate on things that will actually affect services.           X
Everything is increasing. Gas especially. Many commute to their schools. With gas prices rising it is hard enough finding enough money to go to school Raising fees will make it harder on the average person to go to college. Everyone deserves a chance at an education. Don't take that away from people who can barely afford attending now.           X
If you increase the fee the students are already paying, then you already are losing the students are the price increases. Students will be leaving because they will not be able to afford the college cost, making the progress of the student at a complete hault. Why make a student pay so much more to lose the real value in education. I would rather study then go to the next Ne-Yo Concert or Big Show 8. Keep the price the same or maybe even lower it and take some of these expensive activities away.           X
it is already hard enough to get into a university with the fee's we have now. if they go up even more how does the government and rest of society expect their future to be educated and make this world a better place, if it is so hard to become well educated.           X
The promise of higher education continues to be limited for low income populations due to the pressure of economic realities. The current rising price of food, gasoline and medical services are requiring economically-challenged individuals and families to curtail important necessities such as the education of young adults. On the other hand, an argument can be made for excellent preparers of our citizenry, such as CSUN, who must meet their crucial mission. The matter of increasing campus fees and registrations fees will present barriers to many of our fellow citizens. I must defer this fiscal problem back to your committee for exploration of alternatives. I vote for NO increase of the campus quality fees.           X
Fees are constantly being increased. It seems like a type of "weeding out" process. It is quickly getting to the point where on those born into wealth can attain higher education. CSUN should find ways to reduce student fees to allow educational access to more people. Instead of increasing our fees, find ways to raise money and generate revenue from private sponsers.           X
This is ridiculous, why don't they cut their pay increases before making the students pay even more money. What I need more then useless things added to the campus, is money for college. My Cal Grant was taken from me for this upcoming year because of budget cuts, but yet tuition is increasing at a rate I can not even keep up with. How am I supposed to enjoy a campus that is having more things added to it, if I may be unable to pay to attend school. The CSU system was set up for middle class families, but with the constant fee increases, it seems as though the mission is changing to serve those who have the benefit of not needing assistance, those are the students that benefit from the increase of adding things to the campus because they do not have to work full time to put themselves through school!           X
I am a struggling student, wondering if I can even make my tuition payments. I can not go to my family to ask for money and I am not yet old enough to qualify as an independent. A fee increase may just push me past the point where I can no longer afford to attend school.           X
I think it is absolutely is hard enough for us to afford to go to school noe let alone if the prices are raised           X
We as parents do not want CSUN to increase fee. It is burden on the students and parents supporting students.           X
Please don't increase the fees. International students will be most severely affect.           X
I am an international student here and I pay more than $8000 a semester for approimately 14 units. I don't think it's fair to increase the fee and make such students lose more money than they already are.... For once, be considerate of the students from other countries..... Give them a reason to think they're making a good decision by coming here.....           X
As the economy tightens, it will be more difficult for students to fund their education, and therefore all efforts should be made to avoid fee increases, particularly those that benefit only some students and not all students.           X
fees should be based upon use, not just given to all students. rais the intermural fees to support the sports programs. rais the medical fees to support the student health center. there are many students who cannot afford school as it is, so when a fee increase is introduced they could just work more hours making their grades suffer. if there is not enough funding for a program the program should be forced to support itself not through a blanket fee that all students have to pay, but a specific fee that only the students who use the program should pay.           X
This is a sure fire way to keep minorities from assessing higher education. As you know, many minority students and families work over time to be able to pay the tuition every semester to raise the rate again would insure that our students/children receive higher learning.           X
of course as a full time student with 2 low paying jobs, i do not agree with this fee increase. the apirit of the school is going to put a damper on my wallet.           X
I believe tuition fees are already high enough. Higher fees will definitely not "enable students realize their educational goals". If the university's true mission is to "promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students" then a fee increase should not be an option. This will not only pose a greater obstacle for already struggling students, but for those at a disadvantage with low income as well. Education is the best way to better one's life and intellect and should be accessible to everyone. Higher university enrollments are expected in the coming years and this is a positive sign, but higher fees will be a great discourage for aspiring students. Increasing fees will jeopardize the path to a more educated society.           X
I think the pay increase is awful. Are rich kids going to be the only ones that will be able to attend college in the future?           X
I don't think it fair. Students come to Cal State Northridge because it is cheaper than other schools. Once we start these fee proposals, they will keep on bumping up and increasing each year.           X
If you want more college drop-outs then go on with a fee increase!           X
A fee increase means only the affluent having the opportunity for a higher education.           X
Increasing fees is discrimination to all of those lower and middle class individuals who want to better their society and future with an education!!!!           X
I believe that even though it may help the university in some needs, more than half the students who attend CSUN will no necessarily benefit from this fee. I think there should more incentives for students, rather burden them more with increase prices.           X
If the government and the university really cared about students pursuing a higher level of education and becoming somebody important and well educated, why would they make it so hard for us to achieve our goals?? Stop the increase now!!           X
I think that is a quite bad news for me. As an international student, we've already paying the huge amount of money. The more they increase fees, the more we struggle financially. I hope they are going to reconsider that.....           X
I understand the necessity of having quality services as college life can be stressful and take a toll on both entering and existing students, however, some students do not get finanacial aid, can't afford to buy books until the middle of the semester, and with gas prices soaring, and the University's budget at risk of being reduced, I don't anyone can afford higher fees. Perhaps some other type of fundraising efforts.           X
with increasing prices for courses, throwing in another fee does not seem fair. There is no spirit on campus, compared to other universities. So why would I have to pay a fee for that?           X
The cost is already expensive. From the price of books to the price of parking, many already have to take out students loans. We are trying to encourage more people to attend college and I feel by increase the price will only discourage many people from attending.           X
I disagree with fee increase for CSU student. I believe that fee increase can be a barrier for some students to continue their education and the challenge for other students to have the same quality of their studying (they have to work more to cover additional fee and will spend less time on their studying).           X
I'm very opposed to the fee increase for CSU students. Many choose to attend CSU schools because although they are qualified to attend to more expensive schools, the simply cannot afford it, so CSU's have provided high quality education for drastically reduced tuitions. An increase may further discourage people who cannot afford college. There's no reason higher education should be a privilege. It should be widely available and affordable for all.           X
In an institution that is supposed to cater to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged people, raising student fees at the outset of a recession is a bad idea. Many students struggle already to pay the constantly rising fees as it is. It is particularly foolish to place such a high emphasis on secondary issues like campus spirit and athletics. If improving access to IRA funding, technology, and counseling is a major aim of this proposal, then why is a full 1/3 to 1/4 of the funding going to activities that 3/4 of students surveyed did not attend and only a minority were interested in?           X
I think there are enough fees and we do not need more fees. This is a public school, not a private university.           X
I strongly disagree with the fee proposal. It's hard enough to pay for our tuition, books, and parking. This fee proposal will corner many to leave school and i don't think that's fair. Great people have graduated form csun, with what they have i don't think anything else is necessary.           X
I hate it! I am a full time student trying to pay my own way through college and these increases are making it impossible to stay in school. These fee increases are going to lead to more drop outs due to lack of money to pay for tuition. They are basically forcing us either to drop out or go into debt.           X
I believe it is absurd. Many of the students attend CSUN because its great educational programs along with the great costs. With the fee increase to the CSU students, not only will we be deprived of our education, but also of our dignity of being a part of the once 'ever-growing' community. How very sad.           X
no more fees please. can hardly afford it right now           X
it is horrible!!!!!!!! i do not understand why we are trying to make it hard for the students. it should not be like that!!!!!!           X
It's unrealistic. So many students that strive for a higher education will not be able to pursue their dream just because education is too expensive. The proposed fee increase is a way for the government to take away our right to learn and succeed in life.           X
I do not agree with the proposal of the new student fee costs. Every year the costs go up more and more making it even more difficult to afford to go to college. The point is going to come when a lot of student are just going to quit college because they are tired of all the fees that get added on and the cost of going to school increasing. We're all students who do not have a lot of money, so we cannot keep affording all the fees that go up.           X
please do NOT increase the fees anymore. We are CSUN students, we are not rich, anything extra can just kill those of us who are on the border of dropping school due to the high college tuitions. Thank you           X
I am against a fee increase for students. Many students are already being priced out of an education. Please don't punish the students for the Governor's and Legislature's mistakes. Please just continue to lobby for CSUN.           X
It is already too hard for most people to pay the fee's in place. Even though I am graduation this May I would not be happy with this if I was staying.           X
I'm strongly against the proposed fee increase. The quality of student experience can be enhanced without putting the burden on students.           X
The college fees are already too expensive. There shouldn't be anymore fees. Instead, why doesn't the school lessen the amount of activities they produce. Most of the students on campus do not even participate in them and many of the materials purchased for these events end up going to waste. Thank you.           X
No more fees! There are plenty already.           X
The University is providing all the resources and extra-activities that students need on campus. In my opinion, there is no need for an increase in fees. The school is wonderful how it is. For the record, most students if not all are not able to pay an increase in fees, due to over priced textbooks, increasing prices for gas, and living expenses.           X
I personally do not agree with this initiative that its happening at CSUN where they want to increase the tuition feeds. I'm currently among the students that have to pay the full tuition feed and I have a job in which I work up to 33 hours weekly and I'm a full time student at CSUN. At this point I'm just working to pay the tuition which is not good because this increase means that it going to make a large among of students to drop from college and this is going to increase the college drop rates that we have throughout the State. I'm against this new proposal which is only going to affect the school the most in years to come.           X
It's already hard enough to come up with the money. Given I am not eligible for financial aid. A fee increase would not only make it harder on me but on other people as well. I am totally against a fee increase.           X
I chose CSU especially for the affordable fees. I might be forced to leave the programs if the new fees are approved.           X
Because of the present economic crisis we are facing, due to increasing prices on gas, food, and other commodities, I believe it is convenient to stay with the staus quo for know, meaning we don't increase anything for the meantime. Any increase in tuition or whatever CSUN tries to implement increases, it will effect, if not enrage, CSUN students. Other alternatives exist, maybe they have been thought of or have not been taking into consideration. With a little more time and student participation, perhaps there can be other solutions.           X
I honestly don't understand why tuition keeps skyrocketing and yet the students get budget cuts. Where the heck is all the money going? I'm certainly not seeing it. Are the teachers? Doubtful. Oh wait, now I remember. I went to the Pub a while back and saw that FLAT SCREEN T.V.S replaced the normal billboard menus. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY, AND A WASTE OF ENERGY AT THAT. Until I see my tuition money being utilized in a USEFUL way, there is no way I would ever want to pay the school more. My tuition is going up, yet the department (Theatre) I am under is receiving budget cuts. I am infuriated by the way this school utilizes it's funds and still has the nerve to badger students for more and more of it when we are not benefiting from it. NO.           X
As much as I realize some kind of funding is necessary for the betterment of our campus, I do not agree with it. I am barely making it with the tuition I am currently paying. I have a college student and a senior High School son who will soon be heading to college too. Gas prices, inflation, mortgage, food and only a part-time job are making me stretch really thin, financially.           X
No way. It sucks. I hate CSU. They're big headed, and money greedy. How much more do you need? Parking fee's, books that you charge us an arm and leg for that get thrown onto you by the publishers/writers? While you're at it why don't you charge us a walking fee on some of the walkways on campus... like a toll bridge. Give it a rest, CSU are trying to take way more money than they are worth.           X
Whoever is thinking about increasing fees is on crack. This is a public school, people. International students are paying about six grand per semester already. Get your stuff together.           X
I don't think its fair to raise fees for student when most student don't want the fees to be increased regardless of the "better quality" i also don't feel its fair to have funds from the students that the students don't allocate to things.           X
A fee? So I have to pay more money to get what I should already be getting out of my education? Whose fault is this? The State, I bet!!!           X
We already pay enough as it is. If we keep increasing fees many of us will simply have to stop attending because we will not be able to afford school.           X
I don't like it at all. It's bad enough we have to pay so much as it is as for students who pay out of their own pockets, students who travel distances to come to school with the gas prices rising every day, and those who are barely getting by. It is ridiculous and unfair. I am against it whole heartedly.           X
Althogh, the idea behind this increase is well-meaning, with the yearly tuition increases and current economic status of our studnts, it is a highly inappropriat time to even consider this proposal.           X
i feel that this fee is a wrong decision. speaking for myself, i can not afford to pay another 100 dollars just for tuition. Not only is this a bad decision it is also bad timing. the 10% budget cut is making it worst for students even me. i think it is not a good idea because i think it will get people discourage of coming here or even paying. We pay so much now it has gone crazy. Not a lot of students will be able to pay for this fee ,let alone be willing to give it to all the athletic programs. i am against it.           X
The overall price to attend a public university, such as CSUN, is too high considering that it is supposed to be affordable to all residents not just the ones who can afforded. This proposed fee increase along with others, such as MBA prog., is a direct hit to the large portion of CA. residents who live on wages close to poverty.           X
i do not agree with the proposed fee increase because it is already hard enough to pay for college all alone. and this increase will make alot of students drop out because it will to expense for them to keep going and wont want to keep paying this high fee. if it increases now it is going to increase more in the future and this will most likely decrease the number of students that will want to come to school.           X
A new student fee should not be considered. The quality of my experience as a CSUN student has been great. An increase in student fees would create a negative attitude and force my student experience to become a negative one. It is already difficult to afford to be a student; an increase in student fees would worsen my financial status making it more difficult to remain a student.           X
i am a student that came from one of Los Angeles public housing projects. I can not believe CSUN is considering a proposal that would result in the end of my higher education. I am putting myself threw college and i could barely afford tuition as it is now. If CSUN increase tuition that i would not be able to continue college and would be forced to return back to the projects. I would return back to a life of gun shoot, violence and fear. Most likely I would continue to live in poverty and be forced to make money anyway i can.           X
We're poor. Please don't do this.           X
With the rising cost of living, transportation, and others, students simply cannot afford another tuition increase.           X
Enough is Enough better managing of the school budget is needed, NOT more money from students. Administration must get their act together and stop punishing students with more fees.           X
I think there should not be an increase added on to student fees. Many students choose CSUN for the education and the ability to afford the tuition and it seems that every semester there is always another reason to add more fees to what students have to pay.           X
i do not agree with another fee increase. With the cost of tution being as high as it is and some students not getting financial aid it will become impossible for some students to get a good education at a reasonable price.           X
With the way fees keep shooting up, I don't think it's fair to expect students to pay more.           X
we"re broke as it is! they shouldn't be charging us more money because we actually want a higher education. instead of increasing our fees, i believe they should be lowered! college students are the future; what kind of future will we have if none of us can afford to go to college?!           X
I'm a teacher finishing my credential program at CSUN. I'm already have $28,000 in student loan debt and still have one more year to go... The fees are already excessive; paying a health fee even if you have your own health insurance, $145 to park a car on campus. It needs to stop!           X
How much fee each student per semester are you charging? Also, with limited funding, should the security be provided more after dark than during the day? That is cut some security staffs when there is light to save some money. I don't mind paying up to $10 to $20 per semester. If it is over that amount, I oppose.           X
Its not right for the CSU to raise fees, poor students like my self who doesn't get financial aid suffers.           X
I am against this new fee. Other students like myself have to find ways of paying for school and it is expensive enough without extra fees. We have higher gas, living, and food expenses due to the U.S. economy at this point in time. Putting too high a price on education is going a little bit too far. We are in school for the purpose of being prepared for a career that will lead us to higher paying jobs, and to cut us off from that is total irony. Please don't take our education away from us.S           X
Personally, I think that CSUN already charges too much.           X
Students will not benefit from the fee increase because there are still many improvements on campus that are not finished yet it will a few more years to see the new developments. Many students are not elgible for financial aid or receive grants. Many are paying for college out of their own pocket. Text books continue to be expensive. Students may not be able to enroll because of the burden and that is what will be losed.           X
we already pay DOUBLE the parking permit fees than other local universities. making us pay even more fees is ridiculous.           X
I understand that in order to provide quality education to all students, it is necessary to raise fees, but at the same time, I do not think students need to have another expense to pay. It is hard for most students to attend already, especially myself. Not only do I have to pay lab fees for prerequisite classes, but I also have to pay for my transportation, books, and provide a living for myself and my child. I appreciate all of the programs that are in place to help me continue in my pursuit to obtain a degree, but I cannot afford to pay anymore fees. If fees continue to raise or take place, it will pose another financial burden upon my shoulders. I am barely making it as it is, and to propose another fee for students may deter many from pursuing their dreams. To me, having a college degree is so important so that I will be able to make my dreams become a reality. I am only one voice with an opinion. With that said, I am not in favor with another fee being added for students to pay.           X
The quality fee seems to be coming at a time when it is least helpful to students. With rising gas prices and high prices of living it is quite overzealous to expect students to shell out any extra money. Quite a large persentage of students are already on financial aid so I do not believe that the quality fee will directly increase the students going to CSUN at this present moment.           X
Please do not increase the fees anymore. It is already increasing every semester. eg. tuition, parking, and books costs keep increasing. I do not understand why dont anyone see that we are students and we barely have money to pay existing fees and support ourselves and by increasing fees you guys are making it hard for us to study and finish our education. Just because we dont have a choice, it doesnt give anyone right to keep increasing our fees. Please stop this, this is making it hard for us to focus on school and forces us to find ways to pay for all increasing school expenses. It only seems common sense that school is suppose to help us study not make it hard. Sincerely,           X
It seems incredibly ridiculous that the fees that we have to pay for higher education be again, increased. I recall a significant jump in tuition from one semester to another. I might also say that they were consecutive semesters! I don't recall being sent any information, or hearing or reading any information that would explain that fee hike. Is it suddenly okay to even "consider" a fee hike just because were are being told about it first?! Why don't we try cutting cost or finding funding by taking some cuts on the salaries of the administrators?! Do you HONESTLY need that SIX figure salary to do your job?! We have to close our wallets and crunch our budgets just to be able to attend this school, and you're going to tell me that $99,999 isn't enough to live your life?! Not everything you buy or eat must come from a brand name. Your stomach and intestines will not revolt in terror because it has been in contact with grocery store brand bread. Your skin will not break out in hives our separate from your body because it came into contact with something from the thrift store. We have to do it, so you may as well too. Before you come to us with another fee increase, i suggest you take a cut to your income first.           X
I wont be able to afford my education           X
The fee increase is simply unfair especially since not all of us could afford to pay any more. Some may be okay with paying the fee increase as long as the quality of education is still high. Unfortunately, this is not the case since more students are still being squeezed in classrooms, giving the teacher a more difficult time teaching. This is neither favorable for the teacher or the students. If this continues, sooner or later, there will be more students dropping out just because they can't afford the tuition. They say that children are the hope of the future... so why are we ruining our only hope?           X
The student body is a class in society that generally does not generate a self-sustaining income. Increasing fees is always a bad thing. God forbid it mean that it should prevent some individual from being able to meet the rent of life due to an increased tuition or worse if it should take us longer to repay these debts. In a perfect world education would be free. In a less perfect world the government would desire us educated and pay for our education. We should never feel like education is unaffordable.           X
I find it very uneducated that the University is doing this to their students what is next they are going to put a fee for walking on campus. The fees as they are already are very high and many people like my self can't afforded. I had to work for the whole summer last year in order to be able to pay for my classes this semester.           X
Many college students such as myself are struggling to make it these days. High food prices, high gas prices, affordable housing, all topped with city and state job layoffs taking a toll on our pocketbooks. Students like me rely on the Cal States to be affordable and accessible to us a fee increase would be a blow to the college community and its already struggling students.           X
It's unnecessary and already expensive on top of our tuition increase this September!           X
I believe that the fee should sustain itself at a level that everyone can feel comfortable paying for because it is not easy, although on paper the EFC says that you could do it, that is all lie.           X
All California state schools were once free (except for the cost of boarding and books). The Campus Quality Fee Proposal will only further jeopardize higher education accessibility. In today's world, we cannot afford to do this. Please do not pass this approval proposal!           X
we as students do not need another fee, we cannot afford it since they are cutting the budget. the fee increase is ridculous and absurd.           X
Frivolous fairs and random piNic days on campus is what is meant by "instructionally-related" activities, correct? I think that is preposterous! Why must we all pay more money for AS activities that benefit no one?! Why should we pay more for sororities and fraternities to promote their binge drinking activities? Parking fees went up this year to support construction on more lots and still we can't find parking! It is ridiculous. We're already paying enough money as it is! We have to pay for everything! "Oh you want your credits to count?.. please pay $10" or "You want us to ALLOW you to graduate?... please pay $47" is that NOT enough? Where IS all the money going to?!?! I hope this matter is very seriously considered with time, effort, and consequence..           X
I do not agree on the extra fee, we already pay enough in tuition and parking!           X
I'm against the fee increase because it will prevent thousands of students from achieving their goals. In addition, the quality of education is decreasing. Students are required to pay more fees and its taking a longer time to graduate because of the lack classes.           X
It's uncalled for. I would like to see the board regents take a pay cut and be better fiscally responsible for running the school system. WHY do you feel the incessant need to continue to make education less obtainable for people? I want to see hard core facts and justification for raising fees. It is more difficult to make other ends meet with gas at $4 a gallon, food prices skyrocketing and wages not increasing...except for the regents. NO MORE! Enough is enough.           X
It is really hard when fees keep going up but the available financial aid does not.           X
While I understand the need for money to support programs and services that will help a number of students, I still must speak against the proposed fee increase. I'm already struggling to come up with ever dollar necessary to attend CSUN. And even though I may be one of the students who might benefit from what is being proposed, what good will that be if I can no longer afford to attend this college at all. The costs keep rising, and aid seems to be harder and harder to obtain. Please don't make it more difficult for those of us who already struggle so much financially.           X
No more fees, please. It's hard enough as single mother being a full time student trying to pay for classes. Sometimes not being able to buy all the required books and materials. I can't afford any more. Its food for my son or school for a better job.           X
I do not support the proposed fee increase. I have heard talk that our governor would like to make more financial aid available if the fees do increase but I don't qualify for financial aid because my parents make too much money even though I pay for all my school. If the fees are increased, find a way for others to get financial aid.           X
I think it is really unfair to want to increase university fees when WE students are already struggling as it is to attend college.This will only dealy us from achieving our goals and graduatingon on time.           X
Adding a new student fee will render many students like me incapable of covering the tuition fees, which I have heard will also increase. I do not think is a good idea to add that student fee at this time. The economic situation in this country is already bad as it is. Raising oil prices, food, etc. This will soon become a crisis. PLEASE DO NOT ADD OR INCREASE ANY FEES. I REALLY WANT TO OBTAIN AN EDUCATION. I am a working adult and have been going to school for about SEVEN years because I can never find classes that fits my schedule and the ones I do find are already closed because now with the budget cuts, there are less classes.           X
Please do not impose this fee. It is already hard enough for students to pay for college.           X
I feel it will be extra burden to international students, as there is not enough on-campus jobs also, so please review the thought           X
I Oppose this fee increase! I am already struggling to get by college.(paying rent, food, Gas, expenses, BOOKS) There has already been many fee increases since 2002, and another 10 % or more fee increase from the governor's proposal, instead of asking money from the students, why not ask the governor and legislator to invest in us and RESTORE money in CSU budget, so CSUN will not need to raise fees. Please Dont raise our fees           X
The fee increases will only hurt the students who are already struggling with the current tuition cost. The fees collected will not be divided equally among the academic departments.           X
I think it's rediculous to increase our student fees. We already pay a whole lot of fees on top of tuition. For instance, health fees. That's something I absolutely do not need of use, but yet I have to pay for it. I do not qualify for financial aid and have to pay out of pocket for tuition, and an increase will be a lot harder on me financially than it already is.           X
I do not believe we have to have a fee increase for csu students comming from a first generation college student I believe that this takes alot from us I feel that maybe the money that the money is not being used correctly, and for the benefit of the students.           X
As life becomes increasingly expensive, students cannot afford to have yet another fee imposed upon them. A fee that the college seems to be running just fine without. After reading about this proposed fee, I don't think it would be fair to charge all students for something that they may or may not benefit from.           X
no fee. we have enough fees going up as it is. why don't the administrators donate some of their money??           X
CSUN students should not have to turn over more of their money. Tuition, books, rent, gas, etc is expensive enough as it is; the administration should consider this before they go building more building, cut the number of classes, and the number of professors to teach the required courses to graduate. We don't need any more fees imposed on the students, the adminstration should look elsewhere to raise funds.           X
The tuition's already been raised enough. So far, I haven't seen any "change" for the better even after the fees have been raised. Our school just lacks of professors with sincere ambitions to motivate students.           X
While under ordinary circumstances this new fee might be understandable and justifiable, the fact that it comes on top of proposed fee increases for classes due to state budget constraints places too heavy a financial burden on students. What the university vice-presidents should be doing is demanding that the Schwarzenegger administration and the legislature go through the hard work of determining which state programs need to be cut and which need greater support.           X
I think it is ridiculous! How can I be able to become somebody when you make it that much harder to schieve my goals? How can I afford to go to school? I may have to reconsider going back to get my masters!           X
CSUN is a great school but expensive for a great number of students. Loans are the only way I can go to school and raising tuition or adding fees is such a hardship and hundreds of other students who do not have familial support. Please do not raise or add fees that make education just that much harder to achieve.           X
i dont like the fact the tuition may be increased and on top of that a campus quality fee. i am against this just tooo much!!!           X
I have spent almost $4000 at CSUN in the last two semesters, plus the expense of books and other materials. I am supporting myself through school and will not be able to continue my studies if things get even more expensive.           X
In a time of soaring gas prices and high inflation rates, the one place we as students turn to for security is our school. So with every fee increase comes a decrease in the student's education satisfaction of CSUN and a resulting higher chance of inability to afford school and thus, drop out. School is the one place in the world for students, please don't increase fees that will disenable students from their life's goals.           X
i am not sure that this is appropriate at this time considering that everything else is going up, it will be a big burden for the student body to have the fees hiked up too.           X
NO MORE FEES! please.           X
I oppose the fee increases because I am barely getting by financialy as it is, and this is including loans. A fee would put more of a financial burden on me and my family. If the administrators really cared about the students they would try to get the government to stop the budget cuts.           X
Instead of spending more money on war, spend that money to lower our cost of education nation wide!!!!           X
It is hard enough for students to get the money to recieve higher education as it is without increasing the fees. I am sure 70% of the CSUN student population is unaware of how their money is being spent at this institute and taking more money from students will not increase student population at this campus but hinder it.           X
Though it might sound to the faculty that currect tuition and related expenses are much lower at CSUN compared to other schools such as USC, student who have to support themselves 100%, there is no room for more expenses. It is expensive enough to just pay the tuition, parking, books, gas and rent.           X
More Fees? This is why college students are either broke, in debt, or working full time jobs to be able to afford school. I don't believe and an extra fee is going to be helpful its just going to add to the pile of bills we already need to pay and its absolutely POINTLESS. Please don't add another burden on the shoulders of college students, we are broke enough as it is and do not desire and more juice to be squeezed out of our pockets!!!!           X
As a student on financial aid, any more increases will make my ability to survive, in the very expensive valley, that much harder. I understand needing to find the funds somewhere though, perhaps a pay-per-use. It's really bothersome that I already get charged fees for facilities I don't, or won't, use. Aren't there wealthy alumni that are truly greatful to the school that can donate enough to keep these programs going?!           X
Stop spending money to build unnecessary buildings and lower our tuition!           X
NO WAY!!! Why are you tryingto make it impossible for WORKING STUDENTS THAT PAY THEIR OWN TUITIONS go to college? It's too expensive and the class schedule for the working class SUCKS!!! The times are not fair. Have you considered the time it takes to sometimes find a parking space!!!!!? then having to run accross campus to get to class. I know and understand this is "real life"...that doesn't mean you have to put your two cents in and try to screw it more. No more fees please!!!           X
Pls. take into consideration the current economic recession we are facing. Gas prices are at a record high, the cost of living has increased, the housing market is slow and foreclosure is high. Students have many additional financial responsibilities and the economic crisis in California has affected our pockets too.           X
no more fees!!! we pay enough!!!!           X
No more fees or price increases. I'm poor enough, why do you have to rob me of my education too? All I want to do is get my education and get a (EXPLETIVE) job, not spend all my (EXPLETIVE) money here. How am I supposed to afford a car and place to live when I'm out of college? I need a way to get to my job and I'll need a place to live. CSU, you are ripping me off!           X
Its understandable that the university decided to increase fees (they always seek the easy way out). Many students may be increasely impacted by the fee increase. Students that are barely being able to pay their tuition may not be able to go to a four year institution and may have to be relegated to a community college. The universities should try to seek a different solution. For examnple, UCLA seeks funding through the community and through other private sources. THe CSU system should try to do the same.           X
I think costs are already too high to be adding another fee. I am against it.           X
I know that the fee proposal has pros but I am really against it. I know that while you are considering the benefits students will get, it would be really a bad idea. There are already so many high school graduates who can't go to college because of financial problems and almost all college students are strugling financially. I am 18 years old, I came to this country when I was 17 to continue my education. My family is in the Philippines, I am earning minimum wage as a Student Assistant here at CSUn which means I can only work 20 hours per week. It's not much but somehow I can make ends meet.If the fees increase, I might have to be forced to quit school or take less classes and graduate later. I am hopeing to graduate in 2009 and so I need to take summer and wintert classes. Because of finances, I am taking summer classes at a community college. I don't haev a car so I will be taking the bus but it's an easy sacrifice because I want to graduate soon. PLEASE DO NOT add to our fees. I am already stressed out over where I am going to get my tuition money for the coming Fall, plese make my graduation in 2009 possible by not letting tuition fees go up.           X
Please don;t increase our fees, we won't be able to afford education anymore!           X
Education is important to me but if the fees go up, I won't be able to afford it.           X
I think this fee increase is extreme. It will become a financial burden for many students to attend CSUN.           X
I Just feel that many students may feel discourged to continue school because of the fee increase. Students have always received quality education. I just don't understand why such a large increase is necessary. This will negatvely affect the students more than anyone on campus.           X
I don't believe we should get tuition fees raised because I feel I already a lot of money. I also have to take in consideration other things as well, like housing books, and parking permit. It's not fair!           X
I think that under no circumstances a fee increase should be added. I'm not too familiar with the purpose of a new building on Nordhoff but I feel it's not necessary. When i first started attending CSUN i was paying $3 for parking and now its $5, and the increase from $4 to $5 was within 1 semester. It would be of great interest to see where all the tuition money goes too. I have been very fortunate to be able to receive financial aid and scholarship awards, i would hate not be covered due to additional fees. Society is demanding a smarter community and individuals and the education system itsels is making it harder to achieve our goals, my goal.           X
I don't think we should have to pay an additional fee, attending CSUN let alone college is already costly enough. Another fee would just add to the amount of money we are going to have to struggle to pay.           X
I oppose the new student fee rate since cost of tuition is high. It is hard enough to keep up with student university costs in general with new expansions and changes that keep raising costs. I don't agree that new fee's on the side imposed help matters anymore. Costs overall for students are too high and students who are full time and don't have income because they don't work will suffer from these effects the worse. No on the new student fee.           X
I think we have enough fees to handle here at CSUN. More fees, higher tution, and not enough financial aid make it really hard for those who make the choice to do better and go to college, but do not have the money for all of the expenses. The University has money to help us out, becuase we are charged for every little thing but we get JUST enough financial aid to cover tution and dorm fees.           X
I am against the proposed fee increase. An increase in fees would further increase the gap between the haves and the have not; this in turn would rob students of their dreams to achieve their future goals. This can further amount to a threat to our survival as a nation. The powers need to not increase fees, what is needed is an increase in salaries for our instructors and more support for our overall educational system. If America is to survive as a powerful nation then she needs to support the educational system as other countries do. We need to wake up and think about the future. Decisions made today is going to impact tomorrow. Fueling money into education wisely and making it possible for all to receive an affordable education is what is needed.           X
NO! Fees are already too high, and higher fees will mean fewer people will be able to attend CSU at all, much less enjoy these "activities" and "services." Why are students endlessly gouged? Average student debt is already crushing. It's a disgrace.           X
I do not agree with the fee increase. There are already enough unnecessary fees that students are FORCED to pay, so NO THANKS.           X
I dont think tuition should increase anymore its high as it is. Many students cant pay that much money going full time to school and full time to work.           X
If the fees are increased, the end result will be less graduates, and graduates with debt that will prohibit them the quality of life that a degree is to give them.           X
1. Admit only students who are interested in learning and prepared to learn. I can't tell you how many classes I attend where students just don't care -- either they come to class unprepared, or they send text messages during class. Would this be allowed at UCLA or USC? So cut the student population by raising GPA and academic standards. 2. Fewer students = more students who care & more money per student. CSUN's prestige rises and it is better able to take care of its student population. 3. CSUN caters mainly to low- to mid- income students. And you know, if this year is any judge, that students can barely afford the current tuition and fees. $1000 for a single summer class??? You know that raising fees will add an additional burden, especially in a weakening economy. That's a cop-out to making hard decisions, such as what is listed above. If you know that no further student aid is forthcoming (I was funded at $2,000 under my budget this semester), and you know that raising fees will make it harder for students to attend CSUN, why does this seem like a viable option to you? 4. Whatever happened to campus leadership pursuing endowment campaigns? Isn't part of the job of a campus president to boost the campus endowment? 5. The campus president runs to get a photo-op with Hillary Clinton but she can't do basic things like make sure the campus is properly funded. The Hillary fundraiser was the first time, as a student, that I've ever seen the campus president ON CAMPUS. Where has she been while "Rome is burning?" I've certainly never seen her in a classroom, or meeting with students.           X
I am absolutely against this proposal, as if the students were not already being plastered by the high cost of being a college student. Not to mention that that almost everything else has gone up too, such as gas. I do not know exactly what the support services are but I can bet you that most students will not be taking advantage of it. Please do not increase the amount we have to pay! Please!           X
As we are international students...we have to face economical problems. Furthermore my other friends have to move from this university to other and my other friends have changed thier selection due to fee increment. As we are international student, we have hard time.           X
Fee increase will stop some people to go to school. As a single mohter is has being hard to go to school. I the fees are increase I would not be able to get my masters.           X
I came to CSUN to learn because I can afford it. One of CSUN's greatest aspects is the quality of education to fee ratio. Take away CSUN's fair pricing and CSUN will surely lose prospective freshman.           X
I do not agree with the campus fee proposal. Every year there is something new on the table to raise our fees, and the administration lies to students and makes empty promises. Students are tired of being lied to. Do not raise our fees because nothing beneficial is ever provided to students from raising our fees. isn't it enough that the governor is wanting to raise our tuition another 10% and still our quality of education suffers. The CSU system was designed to be affordable, and it isn't affordable. Most students are forced to work 40 hour a week jobs, and their academics suffer because they have to strive to afford their education. NO to the Campus Quality Fee Proposal!           X
The graduate fee increases threatens the ability for those already in the program to continue, which is unfortunate. My recommendation would be to impose the graduate fee increase upon those newly-entering into the program           X
I am an international student and I pay big amounts for my education at CSUN. If there is a fee hike, it will be a deathtrap for all the international students. Please help us.           X
I think with the economy in deficit, along with the multiple 6-10% tuition fee increases annually piled on top of fees that students cannot opt-out of, it's not in the best interest of students' financial situation. I shouldn't have to struggle more than I have just to increase 'campus quality.' As far as I'm concerned, the campus has an overall high aesthetics.           X
I don't believe a fee increase would be a good idea. I don't want to pay more than I already have to. Mabey instead of fee increases we can stop renovating and putting unnecessary high-tech equipment in the eating areas. Perhaps that money would be better spent on classrooms, tuition and upgrading the library.           X
How could it be possible to advocate for more fees! I already pay too much for classes, books, and transportation, why don't we ask those in government to lower the fees and provide more funding for the university? NOOO more FEES           X
Hello Jolene: I am against adding another fee increase! I know we are in a fiscal crisis that will require sacrifices, but students are already facing the 10% increase and if is too much to ask an additional close to 10%. There will be a tipping point where the fees stop students from attending and/or continuing college, I vote NO on the additional fees. Respectfully,           X
The increase in fees have been way too much this semester. Starting from the parking pass to the books. It is discouraging for anyone looking to attent CSUN.           X
I disagree with the fee increase. Paying the current tuition is a heavy burden on some students already. Raising the cost of tuition with make it impossible for those students to continue their education. A new fee is not necessary. Fees have been steadily increasing by 10% each year and they are supposed to increase next year. Are you trying to make it impossible to certain students to attend?           X
it wouldnt be fair for those who already have a hardtime paying for college. it'll be even harder on those with financial problems.           X
In this dire time of economy downfall and the following price inflations on everything, I am not willing to pay more money than I already have to for non-education related activities. I don't have the extra money right now to pay for something that I don't even participate in and don't believe in the cause it's going for. Also, I don't agree with the way the tuition is allocated, giving me an even more reason to object to the increase!           X
We pay enough in fees... no no no no           X
I think that the fee increase will just make it harder for students to be able to get a good education. Also, how many other CSU's are going to have a fee increase? I don't think it's necessary, we have been doing well without it. With gas prices going up and a budget cut in the process of being made, this is just adding to the difficulty some people have in paying for college. It's wrong, it's just plain wrong.           X
it seems like every semester our fees are going up. not to mention the price of text books. we have a governor who is constantly trying to figure out ways to raise money and could care less if it comes from students or not. gas is out of control ad rent is no better. for once it would be nice if someone actually took into consideration the students when they start talking about increasing fees that some of us can barely afford now. To sum it up NO MORE FEES!!!!           X
The cost of tuition and housing keeps going up every year regardless so why add on this extra fee. Use the extra money you're getting from increased tuition etc. If you keep adding fees then soon enough CSUN will be to expensive to afford and there will be a drop out rate and a decline in population at CSUN. The way it benefits the school in technology and athletics is fine but there are other ways to improve these things. Some of the money already here isn't being used wisely.           X
Why bother with these incremental fee increases? Just sell our public school system completely and privatize the whole thing, that way we can get all these poor, underprivileged students OUT and deny them the opportunity of an education once and for all. After all, privatization is what this is about, right? Let's stop lying and denying, and admit what is going on here: Those charged with the public interest, including the administrations of our public schools, are in the process of selling every last public interest to private holders. The quality of students' experience would be vastly increased and safeguarded if these vultures charged with protecting public interest (e.g., the university vice presidents) were ousted, and if we the people took charge of our own public interests and managed them accordingly. But that will not happen. What will happen is, our schools and all of our public services and interests will continue to be gutted so that private interests can swoop in and inaugurate a new great depression, and eradicate once and for all any illusion of democracy we might still have been clinging too.           X
Its too much! There is no way that I will be able to afford CSUN. I dont qualify for financial aid and i can barely afford to pay my bills, rent, and gas. Right now is a bad time to impliment this.           X
its not fair to students.... gas prices, increase cost of living hurts us... ur fee increase hurts as well... take care of the students.. book store prices are not fair as well...           X
At a time when budget cuts threaten the retention of CSU students, this fee will affect the school in terms of enrollment numbers. Some of the resources it seeks to provide is unecessary. We should not have to pay over 40 percent on athletics. This "campus quality" fee is not needed.           X
The CSU vice presidents are only further trapping many students into an endless cycle. Students cannot get through college because they can't afford the fees, books and living expenses (since 'business' minded entities come from far and wide to make profits off of youths' college experience). The CSU advisor boards propose fees, the state takes funding, and whatever other committees also raise fees. Students struggling to survive, and to study, results in worse-prepared career seekers, which results in a lower- wage earning person. Where is all of this fee money supposed to come from that students are expected to pay? The campus is fine. The services that exist at present are not all that conscientiously offered, with many administrative and advisory staff members and other campus affiliated personnel, really, even professors, treating students as though we were an accessory to the campus when it is the other way around, the campus exists for the purpose of educating students, who will then effect changes in society and the economy, who keep all productive. This country (via its legislations and corporations), let alone the CSU system, needs to remove their sticky fingers from the vicinity of the pockets of college students and allow us to innovate and grow with the resources that exist at present and those that we will create out if pure ingenuity. Anything less or other is to shortchange students, and by degrees, everyone else as well.           X
I'm a student that has four children, all under the age of 16 yrs. old. Students in my situation could not afford the proposed fee increase.           X
NO FEES!!! We have enough fees, I don't think the services they are talking about are that vital. Please, gas is $4 a gallon, we need a cut in tuition not an increase. I spend my whole two week's pay check on gas every month that's not an exageration.           X
i'm an international student, if you increase the fee further from one year how we gonna pay the fee. there are onley few financial aid available to international students and if you check the paid internships in the career center, all of them required citizenship or PR. it is almost impossible to find a job on campuse and this new increment will fill us up to the eye bow. i understand the U.S. economy is in troble and it is possible to expect increses and furthermore there are many new building constructions going on in campuse but i still think fee increment is not a good solution for the budget proplems. event though the administretion makea fee increment i expect it to be short term solution and it will take off soon. can't we encourage university co-oprations o create off-campuse profit orented firm. but i know its not a short term solution. in short i don't WANT a fee increment. it should consider as the last option.           X
I think that the fees are high enough and that the computer labs and wireless access is sufficient.           X
Don't raise the already inflated prices! CSUN is unlike UCLA by the fact that 80 percent of students here are employed part-time or full-time to make ends meet. If you raise the prices, you could risk the loss of students who can't afford to support themselves and a school tuition.           X
This proposal is absurd. We are already paying a lot of money for education, there is no need for increase the cost.           X
We can't afford this cost.           X
I think that we are being asked too much. We shouldn't increase the cost of our education.           X
Hello, I am a student at CSUN and I do not agree with the fee increase. There are a lot of students, like myself, who do not get any type of financial aide. If there is an increase, it will make paying for tuition much harder! I strongly believe the tuition should stay as is. The increase would only cause hardships for many students.           X
Not all students will be able to benefit from this proposal and it will be hard for some students because with the university budget cut and the possibility of the raise of tuition some students will not be able to afford it, i think it is not a good idea it sounds like the university is just trying to get money out of students knowing that students already have enough stress on their shoulders           X
I am againts the proposal fee for the CSU!! It is ridiculous how expensive school is getting!           X
Students already have enough debts to pay and enough fees. We have to spend so much money on books we can not afford to have another fee added.           X
Unbelievable! The students' experience will NOT be enhanced by raising the fees! It doesn't take a rocket science to figure that one out. Life is already way too expensive, increasing student fees will only increase anxiety, stress, and financial hardships for many hardworking students. The quality of students' experience can and should be enhanced by surrounding students with intelligent professors, and helpful people, which we already have on campus.           X
I am writing to share my opinion regarding the proposed student fee. Although there is a designated web-page in which to post comments, students are not able to post comments as they are forwarded to an additional page which will not allow the comment to be posted either. In order to side-step this technical oversight, and because I truly want our voices to be heard as students, I am listing my personal concerns with the proposed fee below: This new student enrichment fee may help to "promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students" as is claimed, but will not help all students. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, gasoline at $4 per gallon, with many students commuting long distances to school, raised fees for the fitness center (now some of us can't afford to exercise and be healthy either!), and possible budget cuts from the governor, many students will not reap the benefits of this proposal. Adding fees like these just marginalizes students who are already struggling financially to fund their education. I understand that more and more students are applying for classes, and that it is a significant logistical problem for the university; but weeding people out by who can pay or not pay for their education is not the way to address this. I strongly believe that the best interests of the students need to be a priority; in fact without us there would be no jobs for faculty, administrators, general staff, and a president and vice presidents at all. Please reflect inwardly on the motivations for yet again taxing students, and find it in your heart to find alternative and innovative strategies for enhancing the quality of life on campus. Alternative methods for addressing the issue are numerous, but could include adding required prerequisites for entry to University, or adding a tax to all food items sold on campus if need be; as those of us who can't afford to eat on campus can bring our own food. Another way would be to stop increasing wages for upper level staff members. Thank you.           X
Athletic scholarship are the only scholarships targeted for the fee. How about letting the athletes pay for their own education. Why should I have to subsidise a jock?           X
I find this very hypocritical. On March 13 the CSUN administration stood with students, faculty, staff, and a CSU Trustee arguing for support to stop the Governor's proposed budget cuts of $386 million dollars - a figure which includes $73 million dollars to stop the dramatic student fee increases in the Governor's proposed budget. Yet here we are just two weeks later and the campus administration is seeking to raise student fees by establishing this new campus fee. This is schizophrenic. Has anyone given any thought to how this undermines the work of the Alliance meeting from the campus meeting of just two weeks ago? This is outrageous. I oppose the fee and question an administration that would take such conflicting actions.           X
This proposal represents a distorted set of values for the campus. Between 400-500 student athletes will receive the vast majority of student funds, over $3 million by 2012. Other campus groups that are equally as vital to the quality of campus life will have to battle with athletics for $1 million that might be later available to the IRA committee. The needs of the thousands should out weigh the less than 2% of students who are athletes.           X
A fee increase may be useful to build new buildings and remodel the buildings already on campus. However, too many students have to start their life after college in debt. Increasing the fee of attending college will deter students who could have made a difference in this world. I disagree to increasing the fee (again). It's not a good idea!           X
The state government spends more money on jails than in schools....students should not be punished with higher fees for wanting an education!           X
Individuals should recognize that the more educated people there is, the world would be a better place to live in. An increase in fees will make us take a step backwards instead of forward!!!           X
Regarding the "issues" to be addressed: 1. I fail to see the malevolent nature of having students pay course-specific fees out-of-pocket. I DO however, see it in having the rest of the student body pay for fees covering courses they are not making use of. It makes just as much sense as taking issue with having to pay for course-specific textbooks--which is commonplace and accepted. I paid more than $25 in materials fees...for such small things as course readers. I take no issue with having to pay out-of-pocket whatsoever. 2. The latest and best isn't necessary when the older technology is getting the job done. WiFi coverage is sufficient and the labs are adequate. The average student uses the labs for web-browsing and word processing. They're not rendering HD film projects in Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro. As a technologically knowledgeable individual who works IT elsewhere, I know these "advancements" to be unnecessary. 3. This is nearly identical in nature to course-specific fees. If you want it, or are making use of it then YOU pay it. These activities are utterly and unequivocally irrelevant to the majority. 4. It seems that the problem is procrastination that creates a bottle-neck on the availability of services like academic advisement. I called my SSC a week or so ago and made an appointment for advisement quickly and at an opportune time. Last fall semester I waited too long to make an appointment and suffered the consequences of waiting two weeks for advisement. I still got the courses that I desired, regardless. 5. I couldn't possibly be more antipathetic to a fee increase for athletics. Placing an unwarranted burden on students for such an academically inconsequential program as athletics is egregious. First and foremost this is an academic institution; not an establishment that caters to fleeting sentiments of "campus spirit."   X X X X  
Please do not raise our fees. The instructionally-related activities, the availability of support services, and the spirit of the campus are great as they are at present and warrant no fee increase whatsoever. Do not raise our fees.     X X X  
I am not i favor of the increases related to athletics or student engagement activities in the current atmosphere where everyone is tightening their belts, and athletics benefits so few of the students. However, the increase in fee to support athletic activities just does not make sense. Also, "engagement" is very important, but it is not at all clear what exactly this money is for? A fairly inexpensive approach could be taken, such as that used by University of Maryland, where the university promotes the idea that there is an academic community (that studying is an OK activity, socially) and has chess boards, etc. at the student union.       X X  
I don't think it's a good idea. There is plenty of spirit and support services available already. Don't waste money.       X X  
I think the proposed increase in fees is ridiculous. Not all students use tutoring service or attend athletic events. We simply just want to get our degree and move on the next stage of higher learning. Instead of wasting money, why not spend it on something important, like cleanliness. Hire janitors to clean the bathrooms and the library. Make sure student tutors know what they are teaching. Screen tutors on their abilities. Stop wasting our money on silly events.       X X  
I never attend the activities or services, so I would rather not have a fee imposed.       X X  
I am definitely against the fee proposal. College is to learn, and I feel there are already sufficient extracurricular activities, events, and campus services.       X X  
I would like to base my comments on the issues to be addressed: 1. Course-Specific Fees - Course specific fees are a feature at more than a few schools. Why exactly are you trying to make the many pay for the few? With nearly 70% of undergraduate students taking a lab class, the numbers will average out. The only people paying less will be those who never use the facilities. I'm fine with that. 2. Several OpenSource products have been offered in place of SOLAR and the myNorthridge portal. SOLAR (in particular) has been more of a niusance than a benefit and whoever made the choice to keep throwing money into it instead of trying an alternative should be fired. All of the labs have been up for years their staffs are all static, and the costs of any machine equipment have probably long since been paid through amortization. 3. IRA - Last time I checked music performances charged. While I think that engineering projects and competitions are worthwhile endeavors I really can't say the same about things like the Model UN, and probably 50 of the other projects on that list. I would consider a raise in this fee. 4. Make these services pay per use if they're so in demand, they'll pay for themselves. 5. NO NO NO NO NO!!! CSUN charges for its games, and if people want to play then it's THEIR responsibility to pony up. We already spend way too much on sports as it is. We are an educational facility, not a sports franchise. X X X   X  
If the mission statement is true, helping students "realize their educational goals" and promoting the "intellectual progress" of students, then allocation of funds for athletics should have nothing to do with the fees, as they have no effect on anyone's intellectual progress. In the science program if a person takes a lab class, they pay a lab fee. If someone wants to be on a sports team for the school I see no reason why they shouldn't pay a sports fee. There are also plenty of competitive sports programs put on by the city and organized by individuals from within the community that can be enjoyed outside the intellectual environment. As sports have nothing to do with education I see no reason why it should be included in the university setting. The lack of emphasis on sports is one thing I have always admired about CSUN. It always seemed to me that CSUN was more concerned with the intellectual integrity of its students. Having gone to Cal State Los Angeles for a short time, I experienced a huge emphasis on sports, which severely detracted from educational importance. It seems like the university has many resources at its disposal to generate income in other ways than taxing students. Art galleries, music, and theater resources seem to be under utilized, as is the planetarium. Quite a few people go to the planetarium shows, but leave never wanting to go back because the presentations are outdated and the information is so old it is common knowledge. Many people go to the student art galleries, and many people would go (and pay) to see more popular artists installations. You should be thinking about how to stimulate the viable goals within the academic environment rather than pointless contests within athletics. By attempting to make CSUN a competitive sports school you are undermining the mindset of the student body. People that go to CSUN are more concerned with education than with recreation and school spirit. A large percentage of students are dedicated to their fields of study would much rather see improvements in facilities than to see 42% of their fee increases being splurged on something as trivial as athletics. College is about intellectual advancement, not about number one sports teams. X       X  
I do not think this campus quality fee proposal is the better way to improve or provide the needs identified. It was mentioned that not all students are invovled in specific class fees or school events; therefore, maybe the fees should be proposed specifically for those areas, which would include those that do participate in those classes or events. X       X  
I don't believe that funds should be allocated to the athletic department. I personally haven't heard of their national accomplishments and believe that an educational institution is for research and academics, not sports!         X  
If 42% of our increased tuition is going to be given to the sports department, I definitely would not want an increase in the tuition. I came to this school for an education, and I will not pay any of my money encouraging sports. Most people on campus do not even play sports, so it is unnecessary, illogical, and unfair. If the money will be given equally to the departments, than that would be understandable.         X  
I feel that Athletic equipment and facilities should be emphasized over Athletic scholarships. The entire student body has access to Athletic equipment and facilities, however only Athletes are eligible for any Athletic scholarships. Additionally, I feel that more scholarships should be available in other subjects, such as arts and science, which are somewhat lacking in scholarships right now. I don't feel that 42% of the increased income should be devoted to Athletic scholarships and Campus spirit/Athletics, and that the money for that should be generated by the athletics departments and the teams. As of right now, I am definitely against the current proposition.         X  
I am in my final semester of my Secondary Education Credential program. I have earned three degrees from schools other than CSUN prior to this. CSUN has been the worst university I have attended. Not one of my classes here had fewer than 20 students. This proposal does not set any specific goals or benchmarks on the number of courses that will have that student:teacher ratio after it is funded. Only a vague promise that things will improve. This is not good enough. More than half of my classes were taught by adjunct faculty. The quality of this instruction is widely accepted to be lower than from full-time faculty. (E.g. One of my instructors informed the class that she was in the final phase of her dissertation and, therefore, we would be "lucky" in not having much work expected from us in the course!) This faculty commitment issue is not addressed at all in this "Campus Quality" proposal. CSUN is not a sports/athletic university. Nor should it try and morph into such. I do not believe any generalized student fee should go towards sports programs. I DO NOT support this fee proposal.         X  
Athletics and academics are not related. How about instead of making me pay for athletic programs and athlete scholarships, make athletes pay for MY tuition!!!         X  
Requiring fees to support student athletes is probably the most disgusting thing about college.         X  
I don't pay to go to college to watch sports games - I can do that at home for free. Please DO NOT waste my hard earned cash on athletic scholarships.         X  
I strongly disagree to the fee increase since 42% of it is to support athletics in some form or other. I do not feel my money should be used to subsidize the athletics of others. Since athletics is an optional activity and not the primary focus of a university, it shouldn't take the bulk of a fee hike. Additionally, only a small part of the student body participates in the athletic programs. The majority of students shouldn't be forced to pay for the minority who elect to participate.         X  
I think this fee is a way of manipulating students into paying for things most will not benefit from at all. Also, this website is very biased and unfair. Even without the issue that some may not be able to pay, many would not want to support where the money is going. Athletes already get very substantial scholarships, and the athletic equipment is in better condition than many recourses on campus. While constantly being bombarded with different events around campus which I do not find at all relaxing, entertaining, or intellectually stimulating. I'm sure the money CSUN has could be put to better use, such as helping the quality of the important parts of campus.         X  
As a student who recieved my BA in History from CSUN and am currently in the MA for History program I am outraged at this proposed fee increase. In a year when the ASU has run out of money to provide scholarships for attending research symposiums and help with funding for travel to research MA thesis is down you want to raise costs to support acctivities that most of the students will never use. Once all of the acedemic needs are met, then and only then should we be concidering an increase to athletics. I am not opposed to athletics. I go to UCLA football and and basketball games quiet often, but unless CSUN is going to become a shcool were the athletic department makes enough to fund themselves and other functions of the school like UCLA or USC does then in this age of budget cuts and rising fees we need to make some tough decisions, and cut those programs that do not add to the acedemic progress of the student body.         X  
After looking at the proposal more deeply I realize the habitual irresponsibility inherent in this spending plan. One major feature stands out, chiefly that you'll use 22% of these added fees on athletic scholarships, 14% on athletic spirit, and 6% on athletic equipment. This means a total of 42% of the fees increases are going to athletics (at the minimum). Upon reviewing the survey that was taken, it seemed a vast majority (over 50%) were completely against giving more money to the athletics department under any circumstances. How would such allocations benefit the widest amount of students, or even please the majority constituency of people who care? CSUN is not an athletics school, or an active school environment. We can't force it to be no matter how much we try. Better athletes will always go to better schools anyway as their skill allows as much. I noticed also that you allocate NOTHING to help commuter students and make their experience better. This is something that needs to be addressed in order to help the majority student body. -Richard Wilk Senior, Political Science         X  
My gut feeling says that this money is going towards sports scholarships. I completely disagree with the fee increase.         X  
i don't agree with it seeing as 42% of it is all athletic related and i don't care one bit about that.         X  
I don't like how much money is going to be allocated to sports related programs. I don't know anyone who goes to any CSUN sports games or care to pay for their stuff when they're strapped for cash already.         X  
I do not like it, MOST goes to athletics department...WHY? I thought we were a community centered university. The fee increase goes agains out university mission.         X  
I definitely don't agree with this proposal. I didn't come to college to spend my hard earned money on school spirit. If the money were going to places I agreed with then I'd be all for a fee increase. CSUN isn't known for its athletics and that is probably because we are a commuter school. Until that changes I don't want any extra money being taken away from lab time and put into the athletics dept.         X  
I understand that fees increase, but the proposed increase is larger than necessary. It also does not go to the areas that would best serve the average student. For instance, I do not feel that campus spirit/athletics or athletic equipment and facilities is where my fee money should be going. I definitely do not think that it should be the students' responsibility to pay for athletic scholarships. Making school more expensive and unattainable for the average CSUN student so an athlete can get a scholarship is unjust. I have never even seen a sporting event at CSUN, why should I have to pay for it?         X  
I am not supporting earmarks concerning: Campus spirit/Athletics Athletic scholarships Athletic equipment & facilities. We're a school of academia, therefore, with raionale, students shouldn't bear costs for student atheletes, only educational costs. If the athelets need spirit, equipment, and anything else, tell them to privitize their own funding. They should bear those costs, not the student body. Why don't they try to receive donations? Or start some sort of fund-raising. CSUN should reject this proposal immediately.         X  
This is crazy, if students want extra services, want to play sports or feel more spirited that is their own business. We should not have to pay for it!         X  
As someone who earned a BS degree at Northridge and is now working on my MBA, I think you should focus on improving the quality of your instructors, before you place so much emphasis on sports and "student support". I'm locked into the MBA program, but your program stinks.         X  
There are many opportunities for students at CSUN when it comes to using campus services. I have not noticed any lack of services, in fact, there are more services than ever available. The idea that fees have to continually be added is a nightmare!!         X  
Students should know exactly what the fee will pay for since they are the ones who will pay if the proposal gets approved. I do not approve of this proposal because it is very vague. I do not want to pay for spirit activities, because I will not assist due to time. The campus should funraise. They should consider selling school materials that students purchase in stores. Make it more convinient. The campus can sell yummy treats and make a lot of money, this everyone will be satisfied.       X    
Instead of increasing wages for the university President and other university board members, maybe the funds should be untilized for the instructionally-related activities, and support services on campus.     X X    
No, no more student fees. I am an evening and weekend student and most of the student's services are shut down for us. Morning students depend on their parents or scholarships because they are a younger population. Stop wasting money in events that do not relate to intellectual activism.       X    
I think that increasing the fee will not make a difference in the quality of education. The campus and the services are fine, there is no need for an increase.       X    
I am against the proposed fee increase for CSU students and I am a BS Biology who pays specific course fees such as lab fees. I feel other students who do not take courses which include such fees do not need to carry that burden. My main concern is simply to have classes with highly qualified and motivating professors, maintain the great resources CSUN has now such as the library and computer labs, and keep the school clean and safe. I believe most students will not see a measureable direct benefit from this fee increase. X          
I don't understand how it is possible to impose a student fee on every student for activities they don't even participate in or for labs they will never take. Fees continually rise every year because of the lack of funding for the CSU system which is already a great burden for some to be able to afford every year. I don't just don't understand the logic behind telling students they have to pay yet another "student fee" because the administration wants to make it more affordable for a small number of students. The worst part is the University President will make this decision regardless if students speak out because for the small percentage that actually knows whats going will not have any impact on the decision thats going to be made, and thats the reason we are even at this point. X          
I have only had one course requiring me to do a lab. However, I have paid these additional fees every semester. Enough the fee charges that dont pertain to me and enough with increase the cost of our education, for more administration staff. X          
Definitely NO FEE INCREASE. The students that partake in the services offered or are in programs requiring lab fees should not place the financial burden on those of us who do not. I pay for my gym membership, art supplies, and concert tickets, as all students should. X          
I do not support this fee proposal. I believe that a student should pay for the activities or labs that he/she wishes to participate in. Making everyone pay a fee for something they may or may not benefit from is unreasonable and unfair. X          
I personally would not want to be forced to pay for services that I would not be involved in. I'd rather give money to services that I would utilize. There are already too many fees students have to pay each year; this should not be another. X          
The payment of course related fees and expenses is the responsibility of the student choosing a particular course of study. If college is preparation for 'real life', one must learn to pay for what they use. The world will not take care of us, we must learn to take care of our own individual needs. Put the fees where they are needed and let those who use the services pay for them! X          
i would like an itemized list for expenditures to see exactly where the money is going. if tuition fees are going to include services that i know i will not utilize, i do not feel i should pay for them.            
want student groups have the power to stop this fee increase and who monitors the budget?            
I think the fee is ridiculous. What guarantee do we have that the money would actually go to the areas it is "promised" to? I think the fee is completely unnecessary, and should not be implemented.            
No more fees, please.            
No MORE.            
CFA opposes the new student fee and will be sending out a letter on the issue. There is not enough room here.            
The tuition for this campus is already a high cost and strongly believed that the money we put in is a large amount therefore I believe that the school has enough money I just feel that it is not putting it in the proper places            
i think the proposed fee will discourage some students from taking certain classes.            
Completely unfair. Stop trying to put perfume on a pig and call it for what it is, student TAX proposal.            
Fees should not increase for education! The governor is treating education as if its a luxury not a necessity!            
This is not a bright idea all I can say, there are so many fees that are currently being chrages to students that are not even necessary, yet they made them mandatory and you have to pay. This increase is not supposed to happen. All those extremely gigantic police department buildings in reality do not need to be in a three storied building. And constan price increases are just terrible. They built a campus cafeteria and raised prices so that the food costs same as in a so so restaurant.            
I believe the fee should not increase. I will not vote for this proposal.            
Fees for students should not be increased, although some might indeed drive better cars then their faculty. There are a number of working class students, from working class families on our campus. Instead we might be asking why CSUN is building new structures on campus, especially the president's pet project--"Imagine the Arts"--which is probably going to be costing the campus money for years to come.            
No more fees! In other state universities outside of California, all students pay are the credit fees and there are no or very little of these "other" campus fees. I don't use the campus services so I am strongly opposed to fees. Perhaps you should consider not imposing fees for extended education students.            
Absolutely not. I'm sick of all of these added fees.            
I do not agree with the fee increase.            
I don't support the proposed fee because I don't think that my experience will be enhanced. Rather, I believe I will be paying for other people to have an enhanced experience. I know this sounds selfish, but I would prefer to keep my money, and have things stay as they are.            
NO MORE FEE INCREASES!!!            
This is not the time to increase costs, no matter how minor.            
I am against this fee proposal because it is very misleading. It does not specify exactly where the money is going.            
NO increase in fees. It can be done in other ways. NO INCREASE IN FEES.            
A fee increase should be used as the LAST resort, not the first. There are many executives that are overpaid while student fee increases have been rising.            
Why do we need to pay a fee for something like that? In no time the fees and tution will be so much that it will no longer be affordable for anyone to attend and if you want to increase the quality of a students experience then you should promote something that wil benefit students in the long run in a different way.            
I know that the current fiscal situation is dire thanks to a number of economic situations and a lack of understanding of the importance of education, especially in times of crisis, by our governer. Mismanagaed and misused funds is always an issue but critical at this time. We must know what these fees will be used for, and how they will bring the level of quality up above current standards. If this fee is to maintain what we have now, what's the point? If maintanance is the issue than this fee is no more than raising tuition - which I think was just done. I want to know that any fees collected by students is used for students and not on office furniture so that the students can be proud of their campus. By the way - who decides what a quality student experience is? And what is this quality experience supposed to encompass for each student?            
During my time at CSUN, facilities to me as a student have been reduced, tuition has increased, and more professors have been hired who are poor teachers or only do research. There should not be a new fee.            
Don't agree. More details on where the money is exactly going to go?            
students should not pay anymore for their education or related services. it is the governemnts responsibility because students have enough hardships as it is. we are waging an unjustified war against innocent people in the middle east but can not pay for the education of its own people. no more student fees!!!!            
I am completely against this fee increase. This is such a vague description of what the fee increase will do. I feel it will not improve any services and is just a way to get even more money out of students.            
Its hard enough to pay as it is. Why do we have to pay it so early on before we start classes. Can't we pay portions of the tuition as we go. Its to hard to pay so much all at once and our school doesn't even take visa. How lame is that!            
i personally think it is really unncessary. i think the school is really good right now.            
I do not agree with having to pay CSUN anymore money due to the fact t            
I do not agree with giving CSUN anymore money because the fees to attend school have been going up while overall education has been going down. Also, many of the buildings on campus are run-down and after about 11:00 on many days one must wait, sometimes, 30 min. for access to a computer in the lib.            
The chancellor of the CSU system makes well over 200K/year to sign papers. Meanwhile, TA's, GA's and SA's make less than $5/hr to do the "grunt" work of the university-- the work that keeps Chancellor Reid's paychecks coming. He's not the only one who makes exorbitant amounts of money-- most of the administration does as well. I completely discourage the fee increase. It's similar to the budget cuts for the education system in California: If we could manage our monies better, there would be no need to take away from education. Someone should be responsible for the mismanagement of funds at the CSU level-- and it definitely should NOT be the students.            
i think this proposal is unfair to the fullest extent. it is not a good way to encourage new students to enroll in our school. they pay their dues like everyone else. i understand the need to fund service cost but to take it out on the new students just because their new is really low.            
I am one of the many students who will not directly benefit from the fee increase but I will still have to pay into it, a prospect I don't look forward to. I agree with the statements against the fee proposal.            
i personally feel like its a waste. your trying to raise them because ofquality control thats a lie and we all know it. just say that the president and the dean want more money and maybe we will respect the idea. everyone knows our fees increase ever year because the president of the university feels the need to buy herself a house with our money. when in reality most of us can barely afford school as it i would vote no on dont even pay the teachers enough. maybe if the president and other administration people teach a class or two them maybe you could afford the so called "quality" without raising our fees.            
This does not make any real sense, rather vague. Seems like a tax that will pay for things we will not directly see. I oppose. If an extra opportunities arise, they should be examined in a case by case basis for the students they affect or pertain to. Do not charge students an increased fee in these troubled financial times            
Don't increase the fee. It is high enough!            
The proposed fee increase is unfair to current students. Why should current students have to pay for this? CSUN have plenty of money to build a new performance art building that most of the current student will never use. CSUN is building a new parking structure, new pond, new furniture, ect. These constructions don't need to happen at this moment. Why not wait and build when we have more resources? I am an art major in the field of graphic design and animation. My instructors tell us to print our own lecture notes and we are using webCT more so to save money. My question is, save money for whom? I'm spending more money for paper and ink! And I'm still paying for the lab fee. I vote for no fee increase. I vote for no fee increase.            
How about the board of fat cats takes a pay cut...            
I believe that if the University has been able to do all this advancement then the university does not need the funding. Plus budget cuts are on the rise and this is already going to affect students. I strongly believe that CSUN is a great institution but does not need the fee increase at all. NO TO THE FEE INCREASE!!!!!!!!            
In light of the Governors proposed budget, I do not feel that it is adequate that CSUN administration is proposing an additional fee. My student ID number (DELETED FOR PRIVACY), I do not support this new fee. I am very well versed in what this new fee would provide and I do not support it.            
I do not like it.            
I don't really know how another fee is going to benefit students.            
it is ridiculous,and there is no such quality of students' is a game and when you want to increase the tuition,they make some stupid thing to fool students.if they want the welfare for students why they want to increase is all game that unfortunatelly the principal and other people ruin the student life.when they want to do somethings first start with some B S.... and say about goals and quality .but it is all about money and make money . put money in their pocket and take care of their retirements as well.they think students are stupid and they believe all these silly things and b s.....            
I don't feel that this fee will benifit the entire csun student community. I don't see a point in everyone paying for just some peoples benifit.            
Another fee on top of everything else to make the campus look prettier!! No thanks.            
I think it is ridiculous. CSUN has gotten so much money from the earthquake in 1994 and I don't understand why they are increasing the tuition so much for all the projects they are doing around campus. Maybe CSUN should work at getting more grants.            
I do not agree with it one bit! I participated in the servey and I don't understand why they would send it out to mostly the first year and the second year. Its bad enough already that the gov. Wants to increase tuition and now this? From our own school? No I don't stand behind it!            
ANY fee increase would be onconscionable.            
don't you think college is expensive enough already?! Please - NO MORE FEES!            
So they are intersted in more money to miss-allocate and direct to flawed projects in the name of "infastructure". I say no. You should use what you have and devise a solution within your means. Raising the taxes- so to speak, doesn't work for the government and it won't work for CSUN.            
i dont agree with the proposed fee. the survey administered on behalf of the university was biased. The University keeps raising our fees but in four years (and each year my fees have increased) i have not seen an improvement in my classes, especially in regards to them being offered. everytime our fees are raised, you tell us that it will improve availability, make books affordable, improve our parking, decrease parking fees etc, and yet NONE of this happens. Not once in four years have I seen it happen. Students are still stuck on 5 to 6 year plans. Classes are not offered when students need to take them. If you're going to increase our fees, keep your promises. i am against this increase because everytime you raise our fees, students do not benefit.            
No! Don't increase what we pay, we're not at CSUN for the experience we're here the degree. If we wanted a certain college experience we would have gone to some place like Peperdine where you pay for the full college experience.            
I do not thinks fees should increase. I think less students should be admitted into CSUN. The campus is severely overcrowded and it is almost impossible for students ESPECIALLY in the upper divisions- juniors and seniors to obtain the classes they need. That is serious problem that needs addressing. It is unfair to have not only extra fees, but it seems like a lot of my fellow students are having to go extra semesters just because they can not get the classes needed in order to graduate.            
Its not the right time to do this. Their are several flaws in the proposed allocation of these funds. The University Vice-Presidents should work with AS to fix these flaws and then present the proposal to students next year.            
I don't agree or stand by it!            
this is not a necessity. Maybe we should cut the salary of the university vice president that is for the new fee.            
Fee Increases seem unnecessary as most people pay for what they do in each of their specific electives through fund raising and fees already in place            
Just say "No"! Everyone can cut back a little. There is no need to hike fees.            
Do not want another fee increase, each year whether it be tuition or for something else, there is always a fee increase. I am tired of paying more, especially for services I do not use, ex: health services, student union activities.            
the fee increase is uncalled for, we can afford to drop bombs in Iraq but we cant keep education affordable at home.            
The analysis given as an explanation of this curious fee is too broad! I could have gathered that much information from the title alone. I would like to know exactly where my dollars are going and how i am being benefiting by paying. There has been talk that this fee will no benefit me at all, but rather it benefits the sport teams. Further more, I expected that quality was guaranteed as part of my tuition.            
stop building extra parking lots and you won't have to start charging new fees for pointless things.            
I disagree with this proposal. I do not think that it is fair to charge the entire campus for resourses that not everyone utlizes. I do not want to pay extra for sports scholarships, athletics and so forth when those things are not impacting my quality of education. NO TO THIS PROPOSAL!            
This fee is unfair to non traditional student. Paying a fee for services I will never use is unfair. Please consider the evening and weekend students and find another way.            
I vote no, they concentrate on basic and most important things first, like actually affording more sessions and teachers for departments such as the Journalism dep, so students like me don't have to push their graduation date back.            
no please!            
I have seen no changes since the last time fees were raised. This won't make a difference.            
I am against this fee. The tuition is already going to increase every year and I think an extra fee is unnecessary. Thank you.            
No sir, I don't like it.            
It is simple. Fees should NOT be increased!            
I AM NOT HAPPY!!!            
A Budget cut by an obligated party should not instil a cost upon a burdened beneficiary. That being said, the students should always have a right to speak about where the funding they provide goes, as well as discuss and improve upon proposals that influence the campus as a whole.            
I am really against this fee. Not enough students are affected by this on the campus and it is an unjust amount to put on their tuiton fees. 100$ is ridiculous! Also, it is not fair for the STUDENTS to pay for services the UNIVERSITY should be providing already. I understand that the governer has proposed the budget cuts but notice how the STUDENTS have been lobbying the capital to change that yet our UNIVERSIY PRESIDENT has not. The CSU system has an obligation to provide quality education to US and WE should not have to pay additional on our tuition.            
I disapprove. We have enough fee's and I have a feeling that the money wont actually go to improving the quality of the services and instead go into the pockets of the higher-ups. What about more classes to accomidate students needs? Perhaps that is more of an issue then the exsisting University services that are adiquate for the most part.            
I do not feel that an additional fee, or an increase in fees of any sort would be something that I would support.            
Creating a new fee does not ensure that student will get good quality. Good quality is proven and afer proven possibly paid for. Everyone decideds to raise fees however, how will the fees benefit the current students? Most of the fees paid for today will benefit students in the future, however if there was more student interaction on campus and more effort put into those events, meetings or opportunitites for the students to interact with each other staff and faculty. These thigs will build to moral of the students and help csun become a capus community school and not a campus commuter school.            

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