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Decrease support for the athletics dept.         X X
I'd rather have less services and lower fees.           X
The fee should be less and the money better distributed. The fee increase should be minimal ranging anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars per semester and the money should be thoughtfully distributed. The students need to have a say to where the money will end up going. I think that it is not fair that those truly affected by this increase will be those who are in economic need. That is why the fee should not be as much. Perhaps decreasing the fee could be an alternative and also working out a payment plan for those not able to pay right away.           X
I would not mind if it is $12 or less each semester.           X
Instead of putting the burden on students with higher fees, university administrators should put pressure on the state government not to proceed with budget cuts...           X
Stop increasing the pay rate for high level administration. Make the campus greener; reduce amounts of electricity used, reduce amount of paper used, and put a limit as to how many flyers can be printed for an on-campus event. Invest in solar power. We are CSUN after all...           X
We're in a RECESSION. Gas is $4.00 a gallon and CSUN is a commuter school. How about some sensitivity for the "student experience" and have a fee DECREASE instead!!!!           X
There is NO reason for the fees of our school to go up. If i wanted to pay out the rear end, i would have gone to a private school. the only way i would accept it to go up is if we get a ta break on school, or the cost of books, dorms and food on campus goes down.           X
I feel that, as a minimum, restraint ought to be exercised, in terms of this specific fee proposal, until a budget is signed and said budget is reviewed for fiscal impact that the student must burden. Until this can be ascertained, increased fees should not be entertained.           X
An international student pays more fee for each credit.Apart from this if the proposed new student fee is added then it will be a very huge amount for a student to pay it.Please consider it and make changes to campus quality fee proposal           X
such an increase would, in essence, be a great solution to budget cuts to educational institutions. but, when taking into account the current economic situation as a nation and hardship factors the timing for such an initiative is off. Why don't we scrutinize the university vice presidents' salary instead and ask ourselves if the work and benefits they offer to our institution is worth what they are getting paid? Why not make admittance more stringent? not only would we be getting more dedicated students who are actually invested in getting a good education and enhancing our reputation, the costs associated with helping the stragglers would instead be used to fund good professors and student services. All students deserve an education, that is true. But not all are willing to put forth the effort intrinsic to receiving such an education.           X
Most of students at CSUN are working class, and I am one of them who do not have any financial aid and almost every year the fees were increased. If it is for ensuring the quality of students' experience, consider to have evening courses available for working class. Specifically during summer and winter sections class schedule is either in the morning, or middle of the day.           X
I honestly think that the fee increases we have continued to incur in our tuition over the last 3 years have not made it any easier to be a student at CSUN. We DO NOT need another fee increase, but rather an analysis of the way we distribute our funds. Any student would agree with me that instead of "free Matador Nights" students need additional classes because they fill up too quickly. Instead of taking away an Awards Ceremony in which student leaders receive honors that they can put on their grad school application, these important aspects (which contribute to "the spirit of the campus") should be retained. Instead of increasing funding, trim costs -- how about holding a forum on what the student values the most about CSUN?           X
There is one essential problem with the premise of this proposal, chiefly it overlooks the fact that CSUN is considered to be a commuter school. This is because well.. it is. We'll never be an active campus like UCLA or even Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Thus increases in funding for almost any campus services are not useful. While people may use them, the school will never be an environment like the other campuses. We should focus more money and funding to help the majority group at the school, the commuters. Thus we should facilitate parking and other services useful for students who don't have the time or inclination to stay on campus. Senior, Political Science           X
Decrease support for the athletics dept.           X
Instead of adding more fees, non-teaching administrators should take salary cuts. Budget crises such as this one never seem to affect them - it's time to change that.           X
Generally I support the fee proposal. I appreciate the need and demand for course-specific fees, technology, IRA's and student support services. I am less supportive of the campus spirit/athletics component of the proposal as are many others across campus. Should this proposal pass I think it is critical that accountability/reporting clearly identify that the 42% of the fees designated for "athletics" is benefitting a large enough percentage of our student population to justify our taking money from everyone. My initial instinct is that this is a fee to be paid by everyone that will ultimately benefit very few. I would be more comfortable if it wasn't 42% (14% campus spirit/athletics, 22% athletics scholarships and 6% athletics equipment and facilities) of the total revenues generated by the fee increase. Our students struggle daily with issues of food, transportation, etc. that fees for spirit and athletics just don't seem justified and could be perceived as frivolous in an environment where we are trying creatively to reduce the cost of attendance. I would also like the accountability/reporting for the fee increase to identify strategic ways in which the funds raised for student support services are to be used. How will the funds be distributed? How will we determine which areas have the greatest unmet demand for student services? X X X X X X
I think too much is being allocated to athletics. I too am an athletic person, but what is the percentage that represents the athletes amoung those that are persuing and education at Csun as well. If we are in an economic crisis, athletics should not out weigh categories like student support services or activites involving instruction.     X X X  
I believe that the proposed fee increase is going to benefits all students in a way or another. First of all we are all going to have more resources that are going to help us in our education such as technology. If the proposal is increased students are also going to have more advisement and they will take the right classes to graduate on time. Student athletes will also have benefits and they will represent the school better. Overall i believe that all students will be benefitted.   X   X X  
I am not happy with the increase in costs. I fill it is unnecessary for the mass student population to support activities that they do not use. For instance, I have never used the health services yet I must pay every semester. Fees if anything should be lowered, and those who use services should be the ones to pay for them. The amount going to student support services is far too great. I have not had one good experience with counselors during my time at CSUN. I have found them to give the wrong information, be incredibly rude and discouraging, and overall useless. I cannot justify more of my money to go to their salaries and services. As for campus athletics, I do not think CSUN needs to be more competitive. Donating millions to improve "Campus spirit" as provide athletic scholarships is utterly ridiculous to me. If CSUN wants to increase fees it should only be done to improve the current education or lower costs that actually matter to students like the cost of books. I much rather have "scholarships" give for academic ability than ones ability to play football or baseball.       X X  
Thank you for the opportunity to respond. 1. Perhaps the 33% ofundergraduate students paying "lab fee" and "supplies and material" fees are pre-med, science, or art majors. In that case those fees are standard additional fees for those majors and perhaps other majors. I believe that should be determined. If then, that is so, we can decide as a student body whether we would like to have all lab fees increased, knowing we are helping others on campus. 1. How much of the collected lab fees have been used for the increase in pay for the administrative level of the unviversity. I for one, would not like to support any further pay increases for administration at least until professors and lab fee costs are covered. 2. SOLAR needs to be as modern as possible. What kind of fee increases are you proposing to cover this? 3. Doubling the Instructionally Related Activities fee (IRA) to $30.00 would be acceptable to me. 4. What amount of an increase are you considering? 5. Certainly sports are important. X   X   X  
I think a fee increase would help those participating in athletics or classes that have activities related to the class. if this is what it would go towards then i would support a fee increase especially for CSUN athletics.     X   X  
what is the net balance will be used for? you put more fund for athletics than technology. I think we need to have more technology to catch up with other universities.   X     X  
I wouldn't be entirely against the fee if a majority of money went towards my major's department. I have nothing against athletics but I wish the students majoring kinesiology should be the ones footing the bill.         X  
The amount of fees is fine. I would be happy to pay the fee to improve and keep things going around campus, but I do not feel for athletic scholarship. CSUN should be about improving education not playing games.         X  
I fully support the amount of the fee increase in all areas with the following EXCEPTIONS: I do not support any increase in fees related to athletics of any kind. Would support the use of the proposed increase in the athl;etics related areas to be put toward the other areas if needed. The use of college athletics to further the growth and success of the university is a controversial issue. I for one do not support it.         X  
I am against it based on how the fees would be distributed. 42% of the fees go to athletics. If the fee use distribution was different, I would be for the fee increase.         X  
Fee increase for student's respective educational academic departments should deserve an tuition fee increase but CSUN sports teams need to prove they are worth supporting by performing better first.         X  
Our educational programs are being hit the most with all of the enforced budget cuts. This proposal will be giving too much money to the Athletics and not enough to the educational departments. Sports are not in as great of danger of being cut; the arts and technology are always the first to get cut so they need the biggest support. We need a proposal that responds to these issues not just the athletic issues.         X  
My complaint with the fee increase is in the way the money will be spent. It seems that the amount spent on "technology" is disproportionately high to the amount spent on student services. If the SOLAR system is an example of the technology that a future CSUN student can expect than the technology dollars will be a waste. Most students have their own email addresses and logging on to SOLAR's slow system becomes mainly a hassle. The focus should be on providing more classes, better instructors and more student services.   X   X    
After looking over the survey results, it seems that students would be willing to support fees if they were applied to services that are important to them. Very few students participate in instructional based activities, but many students feel that wireless access is highly important. Therefore applying money to the former makes more sense. Also, students seemed more likely to accept fee increases if they were able to vote for the activities in which they feel are essential to their campus experience.   X X      
Although fee increases are never popular, if the increases would truly benefit a majority of students I support the increases. The most important issue to me is the availability of full wireless coverage on campus   X        
I really feel that lab fees are the responsibility of students involved in lab classes. Otherwise I think increases in fees is warranted. X          
Where I believe it is time to pay more for lab fees I feel it is already a large financial burden for those who need this education There is no easy answer However I feel that the labs need attention desperately absolutely essential, no doubt. students must be shown what their fee monies are doing for them and how the increase will improve or benefit them directly. the university has to do a better of reframing this issue and selling it to the students and to faculty. one simply cannot say that new students fees 'should be considered to ensure the quality of students experience' - tell them what will happen with their increased fees and how it benefits each student directly. we suck in academia at selling ideas and convincing folks to move forward. furthermore, the colleges need to find ways to save students money by looking outside of the box. for instance textbook costs and expenses related to the classroom- hybrid courses to save gas costs for commuters..... with peace and light(NAME DELETED)            
If you are going to be charging us so much money, especially in the summer terms, it would be nice to see where this money is going. We have leaky deilings in classrooms, and horrible chairs/desks in most of the science buildings. So if you're going to charge us yet another fee, show us by providing us with a comfortable classrooms to learn in.            
Visiting lectures by professional artists are part of the art department's core curriculum for grad students and are funded in part by allocations from the painting guild. Other universities prioritize visiting artists-- many students may choose a school based on which artists are scheduled to visit. I don't understand why CSUN's art department gets the shaft here and has to supplement such an important program with club-allocated money. Upper-level art students attempt to organize events that will promote the department in an effort to gain a reputation that matches the strength of the program, but we are met frequently with an inability to get 'permission' or funding. I feel that CSUN art offers the same level of education that a person would get at any more highly regarded institution--the quality of its faculty and the output of the students is at a very high and comparable level--except at a price that is actually affordable for students. That's a big plus considering most working artists will not make enough income to pay off their student loan debt for decades after they graduate. The downside is a lack of prestige that comes from getting a CSUN MA/MFA as opposed to UCLA, Otis, Art Center, Claremont, etc. I think that CSUN faculty and students are deserving of that to change. If an additional fee would allow more money for the painting guild to supplement the art program, then maybe it would prove useful- however, I am wary of bureaucracy when it comes to actually implementing additional funds in productive ways and feel that it would be best to serve the the university's individual departments which are in need foremost and directly over its clubs.            
Pretty vague argument. I would gladly pay the fee if more film students could be granted a chance to make senior films. Currently, only 5 students (out of dozens who want to) are approved to make a final film. It's disgraceful that the majority of film students are denied a chance to make a final film, not because they don't have great, creative screenplays, but because the school is too cheap to allow them to fulfill their dreams. Sincerely, (name deleted) (Screenwriting Major) 3.92 gpa            
I feel that if it is a small amount then people should be able to pay a fee. however, in saying that school is already very expensive with class fees and books. Not to mention the price for parking. Books are ridiculously priced. If a small fee will assessed (i.e. 10-25$) then I think people will be able to afford the cost.            
THe fee in crease would be okay only if it goes to the students needs not to administrators.            
Anything labeled as a fee may not be paid for by an employer or finacial aid. I believe more money is needed because of the statewide budget cuts, but is should be incorporated into something that would be reimbursable for those who are eligable for that option.            
Anything labeled as a fee may not be paid for by an employer or finacial aid. I believe more money is needed because of the statewide budget cuts, but is should be incorporated into something that would be reimbursable for those who are eligable for that option.            
If the school was a bit more stringent on entry requirements, then the school could solve the two-fold problem of not having enough student support (less students to support), and problem of having students that graduate from CSUN who are unable to write or function in the real world thus degrading the schools reputation and diminishing the value of a CSUN degree. If less students mean that the price must rise a little to meet operating costs, then so be it.            
I think it is a good idea as long as it only cost between $20-$30.            
The forth part of the proposal says, "Sport links some students to the purposes of higher education." The same can be said about the Arts. Some of this money should be going to support student participation in the Arts so that we can draw more students to CSUN.            
I am not antithetical to the idea, however, I do have an issue w/raising the salary of the university president significantly while simultaneously proposing an increase in student fees.            
I think it is a good idea if the fee will benefit the students, as long as the fee is reasonable and affordable considering the cost of tuition, parking, and books already add up as is.            
In my opinion, it is best to keep tuition as low as possible without sacrificing educational assets such as professors, equipment etc. If fees are going towards improving non-educational assets such as exterior building structure, or non-essential campus projects that will not have any affect on whether a student earns a quality education, then I cannot support a fee increase or proposal. I will, however, support fees that will keep or increase the quality of education at CSUN.            
My take on the issue: 1) In grad school, working full time, and taking care of a fmily, I don't find much use for whatever opportunities are available. 2) I sense that a majority of students in the CSU system work, rather than have time to be on campus. Hence, I'd question why fees are being raised at this time. 3) Maybe the newscasts are just looking for sensation; they seem to present the picture that all students are poor, barely able to afford the classes, etc. But then I notice many students seem to have all the latest electronic goodies, from laptops to Ipods, and wonder what the complaint is about fee increases? If ypu Na ensure the funding increase goes to provide the education and not the admin over head, fine. But if it's going into a general fund, I don't approve of such fee hikes. Grad, Phys Dept            
I'd be okay with another fee if I get more financial aid. As it is, I'm broke. I really can't afford any more fees out of pocket. Or if you did charge me more, I'd be okay with it if I wasn't so disappointed as a customer of CSUN when I pay for two classes one of great quality and one of below average quality yet still pay the same price.            
You can increase tuition fees if you lower the cost of textbooks.            
I'm not opposed to an increase in fees, if it will improve the students academic status            
At one point in California's history, college was free. Now things have so obviously changed, but I wonder if the quality of education has increased as much as the fees have. If this money is being used as a genuine and real way to improve the quality of my education, then yes the fee is worth it. But if this becomes just another fee that students are forced to pay and we don't really see the benefits of in a real way, then no, we shouldn't be paying this. I am tired of living in a society that puts so much pressure to go to college, but the oppportunity to make it to college is not equal for all. The real question is, how many students will be forced to give up there college education, and their potential futures because this became one fee too many?            
My only concern is how much the fees are going to be because it seems that tuition just keeps increasing. I do not want to pay more money but it if it is insignificant amount such as $5 every semester than I think it is okay, but I do not think that is the case. Instead CSUN should try to raise money in another way.            
I favor a reasonable fee increase. The possibility of more user based fees should be investigated. Non-parkers don't pay for parking permits; should students not using, say, exercise facilities pay for them.            
If the student government approves it, it is a reasonable partial solution to the lack of funding from Sacramento.            
I don't mind the increase as long as everyone benefits from it. Unfortunately it doesn't.As a undergrad at CSUN, I had the pleasure of benefiting from what CSUN has to offer. As a grad sutdent, its very difficult to participate in many of the activities due to work and school. I dont feel that grad students have would their fair share. If you pass it, make sure it benefits us, even though we are a minority in the campus population, we do have a voice. We want to benefit from this too, not just undergrad classes and sports teams.            
More money allocated to clubs - specifically the CTVA LLC. More equipment needs to be purchased to offer students a better CTVA living experience.            
I think time would be better spent developing relationships and interaction with legislators and the governor to GET the money the CSU needs to provide these experiences for students.            
Aren't there other areas that can be cut - non-vital stuff - so as not to have an increase?            
Increase fees in specific areas where it's needed instead of having all students cover the cost for services only some of the students use.            
Increase the price on parking decals instead--help the school AND the environment, seriously!!            
I would rather see a decrease in related activities then an increase of fees.            
There is a wide range of activities that this fee supports with little, if any student control of how their money will be spent. Further, these are areas in which are traditional to university endeavors. Essentially, this then is a local increase in the general fees already paid by the students at a time when state fees are certain to increase. If more income is needed to cover the services the university provides, I believe that either charging student more for them or allowing the student body decide on more narrowly targeted fees offer better solutions.            
What's the experience? The only experience I'm concerned about is that if this fee takes place I want to see a wider range of food for students. 95% of things purchased from student stores like the abore grill,are processed foods. And the food made there (pizza and hamburgers) are high in fats. And the rest of the buffet is unappealing. I would also like to see this 'fee' go towards a RECYCLE bin in every classroom! If there has to be a fee I want it to be to that. There's so much waste of recyclable material it's sad. Otherwise, the equiptment in the rooms are, ok, they still function on some level.            
I am against the fee increase at CSUN. If there is to be an increase, then it should go hand in hand with a better quality classroom environment, more professional teaching, and more open classes when certain classes get full and there is no wait list. I have become disappointed in CSUN, because it's the most expensive Cal State.            
I believe that the student fees should not be raised, but instead expenditures should be cut.            
Perhaps the fairest way to do this is to create categories of fees-for-service:instructionally-related activities, support services, "spirit", as examples. This way a student could choose which categories to support. The needs of students differ greatly on this campus. What a commuting undergraduate needs is quite distinct from the needs of a residential student. Perhaps even more finely defined categories would help. Or, perhaps, breaking up the student population into service groups would be more viable. The point here is to get as close as possible to an actual pay-as-you-need system. This gets the fees under more control for the student and some additional cash for the programs in question.            
The fee increase, while not causing a burden on myself, seems excessive. Perhaps there is a way to make it more reasonable by lowering the target and changing the distribution of new funds. With a looming increase in tuition costs from the state government, increased cost of attendance (food, gas, etc.) we need to work to keep higher education open and available for those who wish to take advantage of it.            
You should give more money to student organizations and clubs, instead of taking money away from them!            
First of all, I believe that no students like fee increase. Second of all, there are many factors affect how much money a student should pay and I think students cannot figure out all the aspects that cause fee increase. Therefore, I think the A.S., USU, and associations that should gather together and make a reasonable plan. Then tell the students what kind of situation are they in. According to the plan, students can get a sense about what they should do or can do. Thank you!            
Our fees we pay are already being increased. shouldnt those extra money we are going to pay cover this proposed fee            

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